Thursday, 29 March 2012

Milton (Japan, 1985)

Japanese punk zine from 1984.

Salahcetax #8-11 (Indonesia, 2010s)

hey... this my zine, from indonesia

salahcetax #11
salahcetax #10
salahcetax #9 (english)
salahcetax #8

Slam & Enjoy (USA, 1980s)

Here are scans from Philadelphia PA punk zine entitled "Slame and Enjoy" put out in the summer of 1983. Highlights within are several Philadelphia Hardcore show reviews including: Rosemarie's Babies, Informed Sources, Toxic Reasons, and Scream June 4 1983 at the Love Hall. YIA and Decontrol in New Jersey May 22 1983. Jerry's Kids, DYS, SS Decontrol May 28 1983 at the Love Hall. FOD, Urban Waste, Murphy's Law, Heart Attack, Y Di, Iron Cross, Fang, and Flipper May 21 at the Love Hall.


Maximum Rock N Raoul (USA, 1986)

download first half and download second half

Posseur Punk Zine (USA, 1980s)

Download, you trendie.

Dead Milkmen Party Book (USA, 1984)


Monday, 19 March 2012

Mouth Of The rat #15 (Usa, August 1980)

New York hardcore zine published in August 1980.

ps. i accidentally placed the last two pages as pages 2 and 3 respectively, if you download the zine you should move those pages to the very last. sorry about that. ds

Monday, 12 March 2012

Anti Anti Issue 3 (USA, 1983)

Attached are scans from a Philadelphia PA hardcore punk zine entitled "Anti Anti". This is issue #3 which came out in the Spring of 1983. Within there is a feature on local band "Y Di" (pronounced Why Die) as well as several show reviews.

download part one

download part two

Skatecore Punk Zine Issue 3 (USA, 1983)

Here are scans of a punk and skateboard zine put out in Philadelphia PA back in early 1983. Highlights within include: a review of a November 20 1982 show at Buff Hall in Camden New Jersey which featured Minor Threat, S.S. Decontrol, Crib Death, Flag of Democracy and Agnostic Front. Also included are photos of the Bad Brains and reviews of "recent" Bad Brains and Meat Puppets performances. The Rat Music for Rat People (Go! Records) compilation is also reviewed.

part one
part two
part three

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

"Plus" (USA, 1980s)


Labor Omnia Vincit - Hard Work Conquers All (USA, 1984)

Labor Omnia Vincit - Hard Work Conquers All #1

Here are scans of the first issue of a punk zine entitled "Labor Omnia Vincit" which is Latin for "Hard Work Conquers All." This zine was created by Reverend J. Ivy and distributed out of Philadelphia PA. This came out in April 1984.

download part one
download part two