Tuesday, 28 February 2012

No Exit #4 (Greece, 2011)


Interviews with French stadium crust stalewarts WARNING//WARNING, trall punk maniacs Lebenden Toten and speed metal pron-grind slayers Go Filth Go.


Law & Order #3 (Sweden, 2011)

Law and Order #3:
Print run 800 copies in two presses, March-April 2011.
100 A4 pages.
Coverart: xOMx
Interviews with Anchor, Terror, Bane and Coke Bust.
A big "30 years of STRAIGHT EDGE" feature.
Loads of reviews.
The usual book report.
And much more.
Made by:
Marcus Källman (words)
Staffan Snitting (words)
Fredrik Karlberg (layout)

Download it here.

Monday, 27 February 2012

Alcoholic Tendencies 1 (USA, 1985)

Here are scans of a Philadelphia PA punk zine entitled Alcoholic Tendencies. It appears as though they misspelled the title "Tendencise." This is issue Number 1 from February 1985.


Surplus Volume 1 (USA, 1982)

Here are pdf scans of a Trenton, New Jersey zine called "Surplus Volume." This is the first issue from November 1982. Highlights within the zine include reviews of the Public Image LTD (October 29 1982) and Iggy Pop concerts at City Gardens.


Wednesday, 22 February 2012

New Jersey Punk zine Die Young (USA, 1982)

Attached are pdf scans of a punk zine which was printed in Cherry Hill New Jersey back in August of 1982. It features material on the Bad Brains, Saccharine Trust, Black Flag, plus an interview with Henry Rollins.


Games of War Issue 1 (USA, 1984)

Here are scans of a punk zine entitled "Games of War" Issue 1. It was put out in Philadelphia PA (1984) and appears to have a mix of poetry and club scene critique.


Heaven Down Here Issue #1 (USA, 1984)

Here is another series of scans: The name of this zine is Heaven Down Here Issue #1 from June 1984 printed in New York, NY


Wednesday, 15 February 2012

U.N.K.O - 2 (JAPAN 1985)

Lip Cream, The Clay, Laughing Nose, uk scene report by Dig, german and swiss reports plus zouo, ghoul, no lip, outo . edited by roger armstrong who's name i remember from mrr scene reports 'back in the day' before you were fucking born

U.N.K.O 2


Meanwhile in another area of newcastle 1983 , the debut of mr richard edible . Alternative, subhumans, Omega Tribe and a load of rants and poems that make this a great read

Under the Net 1


outta the west end of the toon, printed on Benwell resource centres duplicator, 10p! punk ! inc riot/clone , destructors, renegade , dogsbody, skeptix, various reviews and news , this zine went on to shorten its name to 'protest' and did a couple more issues, with better printing ( armstrongs photocopier i think )

Total protest 1

TOTAL BLAST 4 (1990)

Inc Rectify, Disarm, Doom, Filthkick, Rhys and his time travelling skateboard, more adventures of the Thrashoholics , and more .

Total Blast 4

TOTAL BLAST 3 (1989)

The continued adventures of the Thrashoholics comic strip among other things like ints w / Culture Shock and 4Q. tidy!

Total Blast 3

TOTAL BLAST 2 - (1988)

Outta Cardiff , cartoon strips 'thrashaholics' the 'thrash bros' and 'deaf metal' . Interviews with The Disturbed and t' Instigators among other goodness. smart

Total blast 2