Sunday, 25 December 2011

Mouth of the Rat 2 (USA, 1979)

This a pdf of the second issue of Mouth of the Rat - created back in 1979 (put out by Dave Parsons) in Boca Raton FL.

"D O W N L o A D"

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

HAZ, Manchas Y Ruido Zines (Spain, 2011)

Hi there!

I'm Jose, from Madrid, Spain. I run the tiny DIY label Afeite Al Perro ( and make two zines. HAZ (drawings zine) and a little newsletter called Manchas Y Ruido (spots and noise). I send you the four issues, maybe you are interested.

Thanks and congratulations for the amazing blog,

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Upheaval #14 (USA, 2011)

Dear friends,
I have finally begun putting Upheaval Fanzine online. Please check out this blog which features Upheaval #14.
Expect Upheaval #15 out soon on paper and more posts from previous issues on this site soon.
Bands/labels/fanzine/friendshippers people etc. please contact me to have your stuff reviewed. Also, to potentially trade ads, correspond etc.
Thank you very much,
Upheaval Fanzine
Boston USA

New York City 1980s Hardcore Zines Bonanza!!! (USA, 1980s)

Here's a barrage of NYC punk & HC zines! Awesome! Yes!!! Very!!

Bone Hunter issue 5 (September 1982)

Flesh and Bones 2 New York Hardcore Zine
Cover was signed by Henry Rollins (Black Flag) in 2010

Guillotine issue 1
Guillotine issue 2
Guillotine issue 4
Guillotine issue 5

DESTROY LA Magazine issue 2

Mouth of the Rat issue 10
Mouth of the Rat was a punk zine that started out in Boca Raton FL by Dave Parsons and then when he moved to New York city - it became more of a NYHC zine.
For more on Parsons click here.

T H A N X ! ! !

Short Newz 39, 41 and 44 (NYC, Summer 1980, USA)

Jim Short's Short Newz was a one page New York NY punk 'zine. Issue 39 from July 1980, 41 from August 1980 and 44 from some time later...

"Right-click and save as" to download or click here!

Friday, 2 December 2011


Straight outta Upton on Severn, Worcs so of course Decadence Within are withing, along w Deviated Instinct, The Next World, Ripcord, Snapping Bogseats, Legion of Parasites and Reprisal, plus ads and reviews etc



Yes! this arrived just now in a batch of loaned 'welsh' zines. SM5D was in fact from sunny Bristol, anyone got issue 1 or 5 to complete the set ?? how do you describe this?-all the chaos is here - ramp violence Special inc: Graphic LSD, Simulated Skate Agression, rip Offs, Aidsfree naughties, men in shorts, yo ho ho and a lot of fun ! oh and those bloody kids.