Monday, 31 January 2011

UNTIMES #1 (Belorussia, 2010)

my name is Zhenya, I'm from Belorussia.
I like your blogspot, had downloading of many fanzines.
thank you for it.
and make fanzine too, called UNTIMES.
I have just #1 but now #2 in process.
unfortunately #1 just on Russian language, but #2 will be on Russian and English.
if you can - post UNTIMES on your blog. that's link for the downloading:
and how do you do? where are you from?
thank you and keep in touch!

Ps. Check out my band KAWAKAMI NIGHTMARE

I am doing well thank you.
I am in London, UK, but I am Swedish (hence the fake-Slovakian alias).

Monday, 24 January 2011

Repugnancia #28 (Mexico, 2010)

sup fellows, here i send you a cool zine from mexico

Repugnancia #28, 2010. A zine from Xochimilco, south of Mexico City (D.F.) with articles about a squat done there (more or less) recently, the problematic situation of a "vaso regulador" (dam) in the zone (San Mateo Xalpa, San Lucas Xochimanca), interview with Reprezion Zocial, reviews of other fanzines, and recommendations...... an article about Rattus in mexico... an editorial about old punk bands still playing.........

contacto: repugnanciadf (at)

download here

Cryptas #20 (Mexico, 2002)

sup fellows, here i send you a cool zine from mexico

Cryptas #20, from 2002, mostly includes interviews with bands from latin america, for example the one with Coprofilia (from here, mexico) talking about their "tour" through some countries of latin america and other stuff, that is way cool. and the ones in the cover. also reviews, vegan recipes, some rants (columns). it originally also includes a compilatory cd with bands from here (like Genocide, Hydrofobia, Madriza Salvaje, Trauma, Dovermann, Stress (interviewed in the zine), Hog, Conviccion...), has 42 pages full of cool read. cryptas records is also a record label...

download is here

Monday, 17 January 2011

The Rise of Punk in Argentine (Compiled 2010, various)

HOLA DARLING PÈOPLE,HERE SEND IN PDF ONE HISTORY ABOUT PUNK ESCENE IN ARGENTINE,ONE PART WAS PART OF THE NUMBER 48 OF THE PROFANE EXISTENCE(very thanks friends,dan and crew to profane),but now I write more and have more photos and images,all this is for difusse and sharing with all people.Now work in the second part from 1990 at today.remember also what I work in the collective work of name GARABATOS EN LOS MUROS DEL IMPERIO with support of many people,latino punks,from brasil,from chile,from italy,from spain and more places of this world,think finnishing to end of december but I wait for other support and article from the other escenes and people,remember too THIS BOOK MAKE WITH ALL OUR LOVE FOR THE IDEAS WORLD FOR OTHER TYPE OF WORLD FOR ONE WORLD FOR ALL WORLD........

one great embrace


Punks Is Hippies supports and hugs you back.

Punk in Pernambuco Zine (Brazil, 2010)

How are things goin´? I hope you´re well
Am sending to ya a stuff called "Punk in pernambuco (state)"
It´s a comment of mine about the Punk in my state and
others cities around, some sources I got through old zines of the 80´s,9o´s
and also some punks of these decades gave their contribution speaking about
Sorry! ´cos is in portuguese but there are some photos,ads,punk photos,bands..
Mazaropi Punk

Schizo #5 (Sweden, 2010)

"Det har kommit ut ett gäng nya Schizo Fanzine sen det senast upplagda på punk is hippies. Ta en titt på Schizo fanzine blogg och gör vad du vill med dom.
Ha det bra
micke schizo"

(Yes, Micke, you're right, we did forget to post you latest issues. Sorry for that, mate.)

Without futher ado, here all ye readers of PUNKSISHIPPIES, are the latest issues of Swedish (but in English language) DIY hardcore & punk e-zine SCHIZO!!!!

ISSUE 5 (2010, print ready)
ISSUE 6 (2010, suitable for printing)

MUTILADOR eZine XII (Mexico, 2010)


Después de mucho esperar por fin esta listo MUTILADOR eZine XII, en este número que es el último del año tenemos a:

LAMIA (guapisima modelo mexicana con una gran actitud), Yasya Yanine, Handful of hate, Ad Aeternum, Sara Ballini (guapisima modelo, una de las mejores entrevista que he tenido), Death Bearer Project, Winter of silence, Naty Metal (mi hermanita Tica), Upon shadows (una obra de arte de verdad), Leper Messiah, Demetrius (gran proyecto frances), Diva Satanica (espectacular modelo española, gran amiga), Gore Back, Old Kingdom, Faustino sin cuello, Irreverant Soul, Nocturnal Amentia, Prostitute Disfigurement, Michi Sixx (modelo alemana, muy rockera), Black Sun (Relato de Gwen, muy bueno, gran estilo de escritura), Amors Et Bello (el regreso), Ars Macabra, Cadaveria (Col), Cold Night (frío proyecto black), Comparative Anatomy, Death Bearer Project, Hacavitz, Necromanteion, Servus Obscurus, Shadowdream (todo un viaje astral), Suicide Deppresion, Tirano, Unholy Hecatomb, Café de La Parroquia, Cuento "Necrofilia", Alter Imago (proyecto fotográfico), Framferd, Aftermath, Emalyth (agencia de modelos)

Muchisimas cosas, bajenlo ya que es gratis!!! CLic en.

"lot of diy zines of 90's spain"

Here's another one from one of our ubiquitous readers:

i see your blog, and i send you the link for the scan of lot of diy zines of 90's spain [HERE]
cheers, UP THE PUNKS

Thanks friend.

Ploppy Pants #1 & #2 (Scotland, 2000s)

The premier Scottish do-it-yourself HC zine Ploppy Pants on PunksIsHippies! Scans straight from the source!
Click here to download issue one and two today!

Puker Nation Zine #1-4 (Canada, 2010)

Puker Nation zine issues 1-4:
Issue 1 (September 2010) - Lunachicks, 50 Other Ways To Play Century Club, D.I.Y Stencil Time, Rocky Horror Picture Show. (Read online here)

Issue 2 (October 2010) -Semi Precious Weapons, Mofo the Muffin, Crybaby, Top 10 Things That Irk Me. (Read online here).

Issue 3 (November 2010) - The Germs, Troll 2, The In-My-Pants Game, Big Bliss - A Rant. (read it here yeh).

Issue 4 (December 2010) - The New York Issue! The Cramps, Paris Is Burning, I Hate N.Y Shirts, Getting Lost in Soho, Where To Go, Mofo the Muffin. (read as loud as you can here man)


And look here, a new issue already! ---> Issue 5 (January 2011) - Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Le Tigre, Ottawa Community Radio Guide. It can be read by clicking here.

Meanwhile, to contact the zine and find out more etc clickoz here kompis.

Advert: Brazilian zine info blog

Froma reader:
"Meet Fanzinoteca Mutação [Mutation], the largest collection of zines from Brazil. A space forreading, creation and preservation of zines from around the world. Over 3,000 titles cataloged. Plus: graffiti, streetart, performances, videos, comix, events!"

Write to
Law Tissot
Fanzinoteca Mutação
Avenida Itália 2111, bloco 19B / 103
96.203-000 Rio Grande RS BRAZIL

Thursday, 13 January 2011


Wasted Brains 1

Glasgow mid 80's - Civilised Society, State Control, Danbert Nobacon, Exit /Stance..

Wasted Brains 3
glasgow about 1986 ? - 'dedicated to all fuckhead narrow minded bastards all over th country - you know who you are! Ints w Sic Boy Federation and Dan, letters too, all in 12 a5 pages!


Wasted Brains 4

glasgow - Conscience, Lost Cause, Nox Mortis, Spermbirds, Karma Sutra and Def Jam!


Total Beal 3

aberdeen shire 1985 - 40 pages crammed w/ the abuse, thomas schmuck, red brigade, bob beals pop yap page, political asylum, lots of tabloid style expose' letters n reviews, societies victims, screaming dead, it’s a beast this one.


Tirade 2

glasgow 1986 - Depraved, Generic, State of Decay, Stalg 17 and articles etc, gig reviews, tape reviews, protest reviews..


Tirade 1

glasgow - Disruptive Influence, AOA, Chumbawamba, Exit-Stance, Culture Shock and articles, articles!


Skull and Crossbones 3

edinburgh late 80's - Maximum Security, Disrupters, Depraved, State of Decay and numerous articles, ('rock against mortarhate' haha ) thanks charlie for the scans


Skull and Crossbones 8

edinburgh late 80's ( the era of 'britcore ') inc Active minds , Libido Boyz, Raped Teenagers, Alan Knotts, Captain Chaos comic too!


Skinny Doggy 1

from glasgow late 80's - Maximum Security, Caustic filth, Civilised Society, Articles ,poems and reviews


Radical Jobbie 1

edinburgh mid 80's loads of typing and cartoons here ,sik o war interview, ivor the anarchist , snotty globule, genesis p.orridge, tv guide and old firm on the backpage!


Northern Spikes 3

ints w/ Kulturkampf, Acid Attack, Poppies, Death in June , Youth in Asia , Bauhaus , reviews, and charts too!


Northern Spikes 2

from up near aberdeen circa 1983 - Lost Cherees, Twisted Nerve, 3d Scream, Mutual Fear, UK Anarchists, Heretix BC, bits on tapes, zines etc..

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Accept The Darkness 4 1/2 (USA, 2010)

what a better way to start the new year than reading a zine, here's a newbie that is recommended by pounx ist hippy blog. recommended january 2011 listening for YOU for TODAY here and here too.

original source.

tons of zines are in the queue, thanks everyone for getting in touch, stay tuned for more anti-journalism and more reports from the real world.