Monday, 6 December 2010


fat 60 pager from the valleys of Wales - inc Doom, HDQ, The Fixtures, Heresy , Instigators, Rectify, Bad Beach, Yugoslavia Scene Report, Recipes, Hellbastard, and a few pages of twisted visions graphic by Andy C.
Life Sentence 2


a staple of the newcastle area punk scene late 80's - inc Hellbastard, Mortal Terror, Encouraging the Challenge, Dirt and Deviated Instinct, and a ton of articles, rants and moans! Good lad was Tommy , good lad .

Hope 2


not requested but on topic as I submitted some old napalm death pics and a story to 'home of metal' ( yes, Brum) - and I dug this out , most likely bought at the mermaid - - inc: Sacrilege, Concrete Sox, Dirge , Fall of Because, Napalm Death. the editor justin went on to play in some bands i believe. cool shit for only 10p !

Evilspeak 1


a5 stencil duplicated job from late 80's pontefract, hi nick if you're out there ! - this has both kinds of music, punk and heavy! - inc Concrete Sox, Anihilated, Cowboy Killers, Lord Crucifier ! , Cerebral Fix and the ubiquitous Decadence Within!

Activate 1

Friday, 3 December 2010

Nuova Fahrenheit #4 (Italy, 1982)

Here's another Italian fanzine from the I DONT CARE ZINE ARCHIVE. Zine comes from Udine, Italy, and came out in April 1982. A lot of cool stuff here. Including a piece on the VIRUS squat with some cool rare photos of the best hardcore band from ever (see below). To read the zine please click preview ISSUU reader below.