Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Goldorak Fuckin-Art #2 (France, 1989)

Hi Tony,
I've been rummaging in my old archives lately and took the opportunity to scan copies of the zine i was doing in 1989. If you're interested, don't hesitate to include it in your Punk is Hippies blog. Only problem is the whole thing is written in French but there's lots of visuals to watch.


Thanks and have a nice day,

Monday, 25 October 2010

Wool City Rocker 1-14 (UK, 1979-1981), Apathy 1-3 (UK, 1980) etc

Hanging Around #6 - #7, Gabba Gabba Hey (UK, 1980s)

Here's three zines from YOU ARE A DISEASE blog. Sorry for copy and paste job. Life and fanzine archiving are permanently at odds, it seems.

Hanging Around # 6

My favourite bit is the Valves doing single reviews. Not sure if the Scars whose gig is reviewed is the same band that did a post-punk single on Fast records, but as the début gig described took place near Edinburgh, I'm guessing they are. Download here.

Hanging Around # 7

This issue features pre-Nightingales punks the Prefects! Download here

Gabba Gabba Hey #3

Middlesborough punk fanzine featuring interviews with such big names as the Sex Pistols, Buzzcocks and SLF. Also features an interview with punk cash-ins the Radio Stars. Download here.

Monkeybite #1 (USA, 1997)

Power violence zine. Download here. This is from the blog here.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Disforia #1 (Italy, 1983)

Disforia #1 from Torino, Italy, from November 1983. Anarchist writings, punk and hardcore reviews, Poison Idea page, adverts for records that today are worth millions. Uploaded by VANDALO.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Evil Minded #5 (USA, 2010)

Evil Minded #5
Now sold out, but available for you via Punks Is Hippies. This issue has interviews with Sudor (Spain) Aghast (US), Assassinators (Denmark) and UBR (ex-Yugoslavia) + photos, scene reports, reviews, etc.


Meanwhile please show your support by buying Evil MInded #6 which is just out now. It will set you back $1 + stamp in US, or $2 world. Total info & address will be found here.

Finally, Evil Minded back issues are to be read here.