Friday, 24 September 2010

Not without A Fight CD booklet (USA, 1999)

Here's a CD booklet that "has articles like a fanzine", usually we try to avoid stuff that's not precisely fanzines but who cares? It's Friday // Slobodan

"hey this is the booklet to the not without a fight double cd, it has articles like a zine. // RaySS"


Mentes Kaoticas # 1 (Argentina, 2010)

"Esta es la primer edicion de fanzine mentes kaoticas desde malos aires editado totalmente de manera autogestionada conteniendo: textos, poesias, arte punk, reseñas de discos, biografia de doom, cd compilatorio con bandas crust under latinoamericanas, etc.

tambien trae entrevistas a: Nuclear Death Terror,Raised by Drunks, Apoya y difunde! se alienta a la re-edicion y distribicion de este material

descarga o muere [fanzine]
[cd compilatorio]

From Crust or Die blog.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Sika Äpärä #5 (2010, Sweden)

"Sika Äpärä #5" in 2010. Bet you never expected this did you. Unless you read this. And this. Etc.

THE most infamous and best Swedish hardcore fanzine ever oddly returns with a fifth issue that is admittedly the zine's "Grave New World" moment. 90 pages of Hormy Hogs, Stoodes & Deep Torkel, Swedish cult comic writer Joakim Lindengren, Right Brothers, some sleaze rock band called Nasty Idols and all the other well known hardcore punk names as are stated on the cover. In addition you get a couple of boobs, Reagan-punks, conservative-right US politics (the cover says it all really, and yes it's to be taken literally), Swedish tory party literature, some of it crudly slapped together on a computer, some of it pasted up in the style we all adore from issues #1-4.

Best left for the Swedes? Best left alone?

Read at Issuu by clicking anywhere below (if you register you can download the pdf).

Previous issues are on Punks Is Hippies, some really shitty scans, others links have died, fuck who cares. Click here.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Ruido Crudo #4 (Argentina, 2010)

Ruido Crudo #4 interviews LEBENDEN TOTEN as well as Saira Huff, there's a scene report from Brazil, and a lot more.


To get the paper version just get in touch via zine website here.

Quality Control #1 & 2 (UK, late 2000s?)

Quality Control No. 1 - Nationalism and Sound
Featuring: 10 UK Hardcore Punk Records You Should Know, Light in the Darkness by Citizens Arrest Song Rumination, Grass Roots vs Globalised hardcore punk discussion. Interviews with Invasion (Spain), The Sceptres (UK), Out Come the Wolves (Spain), Thee Vicars (UK), Jack from Frightener, Max 625, Adam Malik (Pain Runs Deep). Cover art by Tommyrot.

Quality Control No. 2 - Individuality
Featuring: Moving Targets (80s Boston Post-punk), Cold World (90s Vienna powerviolence), Nowhere Fast (00s Liverpool BMX Bandits), Boston Scene Report by Liz Libyans, various rants/articles including one on the state of the EDGE featuring various international contributors, and another about the Impossible Individual. Cover art by Glenn Smith.

All the above comes from the fanzine's website.