Monday, 24 May 2010

Ciutat Podrida zine # 9 (Spain, 2009)


Here's Jaume from Zaragoza (spanish state). I send you the link from our last issue edited in december 2009 with a edition of 500 (printed).

Now we are working in the next issue (# 10), this will be out at summer and we have a lot of stuff to include it.

Mail contact: ciutatpodrida (at)

Download link
Viewer Issuu link

Take care and keep in contact!!!


CIUTAT PODRIDA radioshow & (printed) fanzine and blog

Todos los martes escúchanos en Radio Topo (101.8 FM, Zaragoza) de 19:00 a 21:00 h o los jueves de 20:00 a 22:00 h en Radio Bronka (104.5 FM, Barcelona).

¡¡Ya disponible el # 9 del fanzine!!

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Exilio Interior Fanzine" No. 3 (Venezuela, 2010)

Hi! I send the issue 3 from "Exilio Interior Fanzine" from Venezuela. Interviews with Punkora (Chile), Marzo del 76 (Argentina), Desacato (Colombia), comics, reviews, articles and more!


Zine Blog.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Germfree Adolescence #2 (2010)

Hi, I've finally finished the second issue of my art zine Germfree Adolescence. You were kind enough to feature my first issue on your blog, so I figured I'd send you this one.



DELUX REPOST: Barabbas # 1 (1984) - Translated!

Here's English translations of Finnish hardcore zine Barabbas #1 from 1984.

You will find translated sections relating to Varaus, Destrucktions, Rattus, Tampereella tapahtuu I, Aivoproteesi, IKBALS, Letter from Gerry...

Also summarised is sections relating to Ulkoministeriö vakoilee?, Tampereella tapahtuu II, Maho Neitsyt; Kansan Uutiset...

Translators notes:
If you see [...], that part of the text was blurry or missing. If you see people talk arbitrary shit, a part of their head was blurry or missing.

I didn't do the entire Burroughs article, and I had to do some translations of translations there because I couldn't find all the original quotes. I did find the original quotes from "Wichita Vortex Sutra" and "The Journal of Albion Moonlight".


Many many thanks!!!!

Monday, 10 May 2010

Rebellion Rock #1 &La Furia II # 3 (Argentine, 1980s)

The Argentinan DIY zine convervatory project continues...

Here's two recent zines added:

Find the zines here (Issuu)

And a little advertising from the people who scanned the zines...

Aki les envio una propaganda del DEKADENCIA HUMANA para ke la difundan por donde ustedes krean propicio y desde ya pueden eskribir o aportar kon otas o lo ke kieran eskribir,esto tambien es de ustedes y para tod@s,estoy trabajando en el nuevo numero,no akostumbro a hacer notas,ke kada kual eskriba libremente lo ke desee expresar o dinfundir,desde ya muchas gracias kompa por su apoyo.
un gran abrazo DEKADENCIA G"

Reptil # 1 (Spain, 1991) & Underground Scene #1 (Spain, 1989-1990)

Here Miguel again writing form Spain. I’m sending link to two “new” fanzines, that I scanned a few days ago.
Its REPTIL #1 circa 1991 and UNDERGROUND SCENE #1 circa 1989-90. Please leve the links in your blog for people interested in them ( if you want, of course).
I would like asking if you know some webpage into trading old metal magazines in pdf, you know Kerrang, Aardshock, Metal Hammer, Circus… 70’s 80’s … you know that kind of stuff…
Well, thanks in advance. I leve the adrees of a website that I just starting .
See you

Cool looking Spanish magazine/fanzine with surprising broad coverage. Includes Poison Idea interview, Verbal Abuse poster, IDENTITY (Sweden) interview, Fugazi interview, stuff on Roger Miret, Gorilla Biscuits, reviews of a lot of varied international hardcore records and videos, and in the middle of all this a Janes addiction interview (!). Awesome! (Slobodan B)

Here's another super cool Spanish zine with quite varied content ranging from thrash metal to hardcore and punk via bands like Negazione, UK Subs and Verbal Assault.


Hi Tonny
Excuse me, I made a mistake to send you some links. My intention was to send a link to UNDERGROUND SCENE # 1, and instead I sent the link to UNDERGROUND SCENE # 3 Part 1.

To try to remedy that by sending you the link now UNDERGROUND SCENE # 1:

and the link to UNDERGROUND SCENE # 3 part2, that those who downloaded the first part, to complete. Again, please forgive me, I hope that now there is no problem.

Finally, and to complete the collection also give you the link to the UNDERGROUND SCENE # 2 and so is the entire collection of this fanzine. I notice that # 2 is in pdf and weights 120 MB.

thanks for all.

Please, leave this website address at the end of the meassage

Thank you Tonny.


Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Sick of Talk #1 (Australia, 1994)

Here is the first issue of an Australian fanzine that came out in March 1994. Titled after the Siege song zine's got a bunch of HC bands and related. Download. Thanks Chris for scans!