Monday, 25 January 2010

Barabbas #1, Finland 1984

Hi PunksIsHippies,

I just got an issue of Barrabas from 1984, it looks pretty cool...there's interviews with Appendix, Riistetyt, Vaurio, Destrucktions, Kaaos (with pull out poster!), CRASS and a lot more. I can't read a word of it but I'd be happy to scan it for the blog. It took me a few days to scan 'cause its newspaper size and I'd had to scan the pages twice and stitch them together blah blah blah.

Here's the link!

Take care,

Sample page #1: The amazing and underrated VAURIO!!!!!

Sample page # 2: Kaaos fold-out poster. How many days until someone steals the jpg and prints it on a t-shirt and sells it on eBay? There has already been a number of eBay auctions based on stuff from this fanzine archive, ha ha ha...

Further notes:
The people that did the Barabbas fanzine also released records as Barabbas Records. The first KAAOS LP for example. The world famous compilation LP called Yalta Hi-Life (also in 1984). Terveet Kadet's fabolous THE HORSE LP. A cool compilation tape in 1986. Etc.

Now if anyone would like to help by TRANSLATING some of the contents in this fanzine into ENGLISH please do so!


Terska said...

I'll do it. If anyone else hasn't volunteered.

rayss said...

if each page is two scans how did you put it together.
ray ss