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The only issue to my knowledge, Digger previously did IQ32 zine, this one got more into anarcho- political stuff, interviews with Chumbawamba, Anarka and Poppy, No Ones Property, stuff on Burtonwood Peace Camp, Stop the City, The Miners Strike, Free Festivals ( plus sex and drugs!)



all killer, no filler - mellakka, depression, inferno, disattack, metallica, dirge, seats of piss and all sorts of reviews delivered with that witty scouse wit, anyone got earlier issues ? pek (discharge buckle belt legend) is a luddite and needs to get a scanner i reckon ! cmon soft lad.


SO WHAT ? 4 - 1981 / 2

Wessex gold ! - Dick Lucas' zine from 81 / 82 - a window into the world of village hall punk scene of the south west. apallingly printed, ive done my best to make it legible all the same, bought this at listen ear (later to be volume) records in newcastle, no idea how it got there but it stood out from the crowd, most enjoyable, covered are subhumans , wild youth, organised chaos , adam and the ants(!) , exit m. and various bits and pieces. magic.


Wednesday, 23 December 2009

glomp 2

well, its in Finnish & its like cartoons n stuff (number 3 may follow soon). oops this zine is bigger than A5 size but smaller than A4...afraid the scanning has cut a bit of the pages off - sorry, if you need it done again just ask...

Saturday, 19 December 2009

No Exit #2

Bak of Into the Pit and Scull Crasher distro is back and this is the follow up to No Future zine. It came out sometime in 2009 and comes in 47 xeroxed photocopied pages and once again delivers mostly D-beat crusty stuff including interviews with Rajahtaa, Fall of Effrafa,Insect Warfare, Los Rezios and Antimaster, NY scene report, Greek scene report, food recipes for non meat eaters,the usual record reviews and some texts with personal thoughts. Articles are greek and english and the lay out is just like the firt issue (copy and paste and the typical gloomy black-and-white). Nice effort done with much D-beat love, wish only this wasn't a photocopied issue.


Wednesday, 16 December 2009

CODEYE 1 - 1990

Here's the first issue of Codeye. w/ Charlie Harper, Red London, HDQ, Disarm ( no not the Swedish band)

R.I.P Rob Codeye who died 2 days ago of a massive heart attack .Rob was a boro legend, my thoughts go out to his partner Dee, nephew Glen and his family and friends, all feeling much sadness and shock.

Codeye 1


Paralax, Deformed, The Sears, Criminal Justice, Abductors, Lockjaw, Bastard Squad, Poison Idea, Negative Earth, No Remorse (no, not the nazi band! this one was from the north east, like most of the bands in here, even though the zine was from down south)

Final Curtain 9


Dirge, Red Brigade, Onslaught, Ivor the Anarchist (cartoon strip that featured in quite a lot of zines of the time , i would love to see a comp of all the strips) Post Mortem, Nottingham scene report, Death Zone, Outrage, Daily Terror, Last Rights, Devoid, Scapegoats.

Final Curtain 11


includes: Lunatic Fringe, Seats of Piss, Picture Frame Seduction, Sacrilege, Concrete Sox, and a load of reviews too!

Final Curtain 13


This is the only other complete issue i have besides the 1st one, help! ints with : Courage, CKN, Regiment, Raped Teenagers, Means of Coercion, Wind of Change, Jello Biafra, columns poems and lots more

Definite Choice 6

EDITION 5 - 1984

Out of the depths of Forest Hall, Newcastle, I think this was the last edition of 'edition' (i could be wrong) the zine had always covered a variety of punk / alternative music- this zine has a more gothic content than previous issues, a little outside the pih parameters perhaps but true to the times. inc Bone Orchard, Alternative, Joolz, Saigon, Lydia Lunch, Mass of Black, Balaam and the Angel, Banshees, Velvet Underground and much more

Edition 5

DEFUSED 3- 1979

Thanks to Nelly for this early zine out of Cumbria from the brothers who went on to be Psycho Faction, Sean went on to edit rock n reel, a large folk music magazine and is still active today with the anarcho punk compilation cd's . anyway back to 79, an interview with Blitz (no, different Blitz) a Penrith scene write up, Whitehavens finest - Anit-climax, gig reports of Buzzcocks / Ludus, The Limps, some reviews and its over, classic.

Defused 3


an early edition of the 'young womens magazine' , a radical take on the girls magazine format back then of fashion page, letters page, comic strips etc

Shocking Pink 2

Sunday, 13 December 2009

blyth power - wicked women, wicked men and wicket keepers

blyth powers' booklet of art & lyrics from their 1st LP (i think it was) - following on from the demo tape 'a little touch of harry in the night' amazing then and now! lots of live gigs & early stuff on kill your pet puppy site:
or blyth power website:

chumbawamba - slap!

booklet that accompanied chumbas lp - slap!

Saturday, 12 December 2009


DEFINITE CHOICE 1 - Amersfoort, Holland 1986, international hardcore zine from the people of LARM and friends - an absolute monster - 60 pages A4 reduced type, so
big i had to break it into 2 parts! Skeezics, Rapt, Heresy,Sons of Ishamel, Loud Warning, Straight Ahead, Nog Watt, Nikoteens, Enola Gay, Royal Vomit, BTD, Death in Action, Stanic Malfunctions, articles on Straight Edge and the Red Brigades, tons of reviews. killer.

Definite Choice 1 - part 1
Definite Choice 1 - part 2


1981 / 82 - Gateshead. short and sweet , this came out from people involved with 'the garage' ( predecessor to 'the station' collective punk venue )gateshead music collective and the bands Total Chaos and the Reptiles, these were people we looked up to for sure when becoming involved over the following years.

No Comment 1

No Comment 5

Friday, 11 December 2009


Legendary zine out of Sunderland, this takes me back to us young punkers risking the wrath of weekend idiots of Newcastle/Sunderland town centres in order to get to the Bunker, the collectively run venue there where our new friends made us welcome, AOD was a big inspiration for our early zine making efforts, and most north east zines that came afterwards. i think they ended it on issue 7 , i could be wrong. (the inevitable request goes out to anyone who may have issues 1 and 2 also... )

3. Summer 1982 - Au Pairs, Outrage, Crass, Sussed, Dub Warrioirs, Activist, articles, ramts, collages, gig reviews.


4. Oct 1982 - Paralax, Dirt, The System, Reality Control, Alternative, gig reviews, zine reviews and an article on the bunker, the collectively run space that AoD folk were involved in.


5. early 1983 - Rubella Ballet, Meteors, Potential Threat, Side Effects, Napalm Death (!), articles on glue sniffing, nuclear power, the education system, collages, and the 1st comic strip of the 'grangetown anarcho punk gang' !


6. summer 1983 - Thatcher cover! Off, Sears, Southern Death Cult, Hagar the Womb and the ususal load of articles, revies reviews and collages.


7. late 83 ? - Faction, Poison Girls, Famous Imposters, also Annie Anxiety int ) and a load more articles on a variety of topics


Thursday, 10 December 2009

Razorcake #1-4 (USA 2001-2002)

A lot of zines and magazines have put back issues and archives online in the past 2 years or so since Punks Is hippies begun. Here's one I just saw this case you're into that sorta US punk and did not know yet...

All four first issues can be downloaded in Pdfs by clicking on appropiate links here.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Vapaus # 4 / More Noize # 2 (Croatia/UK, 2009)

Vapaus! is hardcore punk fanzine from Osijek, Croatia. Fanzine started as the idea of promoting Finnish raw hardcore punk from 80s, was extended to other raw hardcore punk bands. Some content from the zine has been published online at the Kaaos Ja Vapaus! blog. This fourth issue has interviews with Zudas Krust (Indonesia), Kääska (Brasil), Derriba Tus Muros (Brasil) and Chaos Destroy (USA) plus reviews and hard-opinions.

More Noize is a newsletter-cum-fanzine retardation from London, UK, which aims to promote noize, as opposed to pedestrian crust. The first issue can be read here. The second issue has a Schizophasia (Canada) interview, tons of reviews, and a retrospective-interview with German noise-UK82-heros Vorkriegsphase.


You can also read the zines online:

The zine is not entirely soldout yet, so if you rather hold your copy in your hand than bring a big bulky computer with you to the toilet well then you may get a copy for £1/$2 post-paid worldwide (PayPal). Email to confirm your shit here: slobodanburgher(a)

now fuck off!

Skvaller #2, #3 (Sweden, 1982, 1983)

First posted at Turist I Tillvaron blogg (in Swedish)

Sirling wrote:

Perhaps you don't download fanzines that I post here. If you were to make an exception nows the time. Published in the town of Jönköping Skvaller was something special and I read these old issues even today with a lot of pleasure. Stefan Lagrell and Fredrik Johansson (did he play in Pöbel Möbel?) made the zine with a lot of passion - resulting in a fanzine that was as much nice looking as luxurious reading.

The second issue contains amongst other things an interview with Ebba Grön, where Thåström tells how they got offered to play with the Damned, UK Subs and Exploited on a England tour - but declined the offer!

Skvaller #2 is from 1982: interviews with DNA, Ebba Grön, Asta Kask and Exploited, reviews of live shows with Anti-Pasti, Action Pact, Adicts, article on the Rockslagsfestivalen in Karlshamn 1982 and a lot of reviews.

Issue #3 from 1983 contains: interviews with TST, The Alternative, Arabens Anus, Special Duties, The Adicts, Unter den Linden and Upright Citizens, article on Kloakens alternative "antistudio" as well as reviews.

(Both zines in one download)

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NEW CRIMES 7 (1983)

as requested by the author - a duplicated zine out of southend on sea, essex 1983, simple and sparse graphics as its hellish on the gestetner to have too much ink coming through! articles and interviews abound, neal harmer, the commitee, rebel takeover, poems, lots of tape reviews, rapped uptight, recipes , and a report on punk in italy, lots to read here, and a lot of variety within the content, too.

new crimes 7


This is the bomb, a dazzling display of rants and poems and collages in a variety of duplicator colours, quite a few bits missing where ive cut stuff out to use in other collages of the time ( duh!) - in depth interviews with POISON GIRLS and THE FALL too, magic.

protesting children


Loved the mix of collages and rants, this telford area zine and the north easts 'protesting children' ( see next post) were 2 of the most influential zines for me at the time , would love to see other editions.

Joy of Propaganda 2


This Bristol based zine had a good mix of political rants, graphics and contacts, Tim then went on to start / run C.O.R records which was the most groundbreaking and best uk record label of the times.

children of the revolution 5

children of the revolution 6

Service Update: To Fanzine editors that find their "work" on this blog

PIH recieved this email a few weeks ago:

Don't kow who you are or what your intention is but 'way-back-when' people asked first id it was OK to reproduce something. Common courtesy...
Take care
Brob Tilt! (himself)

This being in reference to this PIH post from way back in 2008.

This raises a few points that while expected from day one, miraculaously have not surfaced until now, so here's a few points to bear in mind, for contributors and visitors alike.

1. PUNKSISHIPPIES is an online archive of international DIY punk & hardcore fanzines, new and old.
2. It is obviously a non-commercial project and as such it is published collectively by several contributors and readers. To get involved email "administrator" - see email contact in sidebar.
3. The basics of PIH are broadly:
A. To help provide a resource to help people read old zines without having to buy zines on eBay for muchos $$$.
B. To stop the onslaught of the many idiotic punk analogies and histories by providing access to fanzines (the primary sources of punk history if you like).
C. To show a generation brought up in a world where fanzines are no longer that fanzines are INTEGRIAL to DIY underground music; and perhaps somehow help influence people to continue to write zines.
D. Above all, showing gratitude for all the great fanzines read and hopefully inspire further reading of zines.
4. Fanzines are provided as wholes, scanned by by contibutors or readers for publishing at PIH, or else found on the internet and reposted here in hope it will help bring attention to more people.
5. Perhaps naively, it is assumed that fanzines are in the PUBLIC DOMAIN, more so older ones than newer ones, and obviously more relating to zines that were printed in few copies and less so those zines that have future "famous" authors that have made it in the "alternative" world and who have published fanzine anthologies and coffe table books based on their earlier DIY stuff.
6. The current format is that of a blogspot, for good and bad. Positives: It is easy and quick to use both for contributors and visitors. Negatives: There are a million blogs about, and blogs are usually quite idiotic.
7. There are longer-term plans for PIH, namely to find a permanent online presence that retains ease of use for both contributors and readers, but which would not have to rely on fast-host upload sites and template design of a blogspot. The only thing stopping this from happening right now is volunteer time and technical knowhow.

If you don't want your zine at PIH then please do get in touch. If on the other hand you want your zine at PIH then please do get in touch. Drop a comment, use the message board, or if you have to (ha ha ha) write directly to administrator (email in sidebar).

Respectfully bluuuurgh, enjoy!
Slobodan Burgher

Ecuadorian zine blog by PIH contributor Maria Isabel

Hey Tony

Check my site, where I'm going to upload Ecuadorian zines only. Would you link Fanzines Ecuatorianos, -I'd love it.


María Isabel

Of course! Good luck with the blog from PunksIsHippies!

Doksagwa #1-2, South Korea, 2007

Hi punk,

My name is Geonhui and I am from Seoul, South Korea. I have been a regular visitor to your blog since almost two years ago.

Attached are the scanned images of the first two issues of Doksagwa, the single-sheet newsletter that I did back in 2007, mostly of personal writings about my frustration in and with the local punk rock scene, complete with a couple of "compulsory" music reviews.

Doksagwa is the Romanization as well as the transliteration of the Korean word, 독사과, meaning a "poisoned apple." I put out three issues in total, but by the time the third one was ready, I was so in a hurry preparing to fly to Southeast Asia (where I lived until the end of the year) that I lost the master copy. Hence, yes, just the other two.

I hope and believe that their exclusive availability in the Korean language will lead to disqualification from Punks Is Hippies, given that you already have publications written in Indonesian, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, and many others in your archive. :P



Note: Click on images below to see larger size, right-click and "save as" to download. THANKS!



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Welcome to the Digital Fanzine Preservation Society!

the Digital Fanzine Preservation Society offers you tons of zines to d/l! click the pic!

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not typical punks is hippies fare but this fine zine id scanned for the uk 80s blog anyway, interviews with CTI and Psychic TV, Chris and Cosey, the various offshoots of Throbbing Gristle !and a bit on SPK.


1982 zine by Rob Chalice ( 96 tapes, faction etc) , contributions from Rudimentary Peni and Part 1, rants about punk and so on! bit of a classic, would love to see any other issues of this.


Thursday, 3 December 2009


the first request (kjelli!) from the archive at:

all requests will be added to punks is hippies first and foremost!

Raising Hell to me was the best, simply the best, one day all the issues will be here, anyone got issue 1 ?

Raising Hell 12 here

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international anthem 1

from Gee vaucher & CRASS...Allison (from Southern) has said: I did ask Gee and she said she's okay with a pdf copy being distributed. She would draw the line at someone printing it or selling it in any way.

so please respect her wishes