Monday, 30 November 2009


issue 24 of Australia's DISTORT zine. as I consider DISTORT to be one of the best zines around right now and this was a subscriber only issue I decided to end my absence from PIH by scanning and posting it. click on the cover!

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Spectacular Times Animals

amazing booklet, probably available other places on the net. Think it was larry Lamb who did these situationist booklets, well worth a read! & think...its all about the society of the spectacle - or something

poetry of the class war

what it says on the cover! artwork/pictures by Boff
refreshing & honest & compelling..."behold your future executioners", "we have found new homes for the rich", are not actually in it instead its other stuff

my mouth is a hole in my face by lorri jackson

from Lainie's publishing diy zine empire...straight talking some fun some scary poems, stories & art by Lorri jackson - an impressive read

Lost Dreams 1

have i uploaded this already? if not here it is - if i have will delete it soon...

long way home

a short poem/story've guessed it Lainie, don't know if its her story or someone elses...d/load it & find out - no no no, thats not fair is it! the Story is by John Porcellino...notes on the last page tell you stuff about him. art work in it also. Its amazing what you can do with zines!

lime green bulldozers 13

I love the cover art on this, another of Lainie the Oysters amazing powerhouse of publishing!!!!! featuring many contributors doing their art poems - whatever! she has & always will be an inspiration to me

gibbering madness 1

weirdness art, storys, poems all done by Evan from Sheffield. I mean Evan put the zine together with loads of contrubutors, ok sorry for any confusion - thats my fault...

christian laporte epilogue
poem zine by christian laporte - en francais - basically all relating to Jim Morrison & the Doors & personal life within those much as my poor reading translation of french to english goes!

a riot of emotions 4

don't know what happened to issue 3 of this zine...

a riot of emotions 2

more fun & frivolity...not! I'm uploading these cos there's only strictly come dancing or X factor on tv...nowt else to do before its back to work or do the washing up or tidy up after the chaos of kids playing, etc.

a riot of emotions 1

done by Andy C, who also did Dark Diamonds...excellent gothic, dark, punk, art, poems, stories, reviews

grate country by Edward Mycue

2nd story of the same book

a murdered eternity by Lainie Druro

is this a chapbook? anyway its one half of 2 storys contained within one book/zine.

Friday, 6 November 2009

peace of mind 6

peace of mind 6 - a departure from previous zines with only John Womble doing the editing - still as good as ever!

peace of mind 5
made, done by jon Womble & Ravenheart - the cover tells you whats in it! Printed by Bob print in Blackburn Lancashire. fantastic zine

mutated viruses
a weird & wonderfully colourful & interactive zine this - containing art prose & poems & fucking mentalists stuff (possibly). ok I'm not sure who did this...I'm thinking it may've been a Lainie the Oyster publication but it could've been a Drublood production....if i read all the pages again maybe it may say somewhere (but I'm basically just u/loading as quick as poss) as Drublood was acool person I wrote to as well as Lainie & i think she was into the publishing other people's stuff also. this is a lovely zine, feels very thick & will last for 1,000 years if kept away from alcohol weilding punks! about a week otherwize

in media res
Marko from Zagrebs' A6 zine: shell, zagreb, israel, reviews, HUMAN DISaSTER i/view, and more....ha ha but I quite like the Psychadelic Nutmeg Butter Mescaline pages mmmmm interesting!

wonderful zine, hand printed cover on this zine - made in salem church Leeds on a gov't scheme during the Thatchula years...i was making Lost Dreams 3 at the same time... Ant had already done a shed loads of zine before & after & always helping out the scene! last I heard from him was on profane Existence message board when I uploaded Indian Dreams LP for him. He's been involved in so many punk projects. This is an excellent example of his creativity & wicked wit! enjoy

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

flatline imperium

when i was doing Lost Dreams 4 during 1998-99 I got into zine culture...this is a zine i received from germany - which is more a review/contact zine - still, its interesting I guess

zine - don't know who did it but its more on female rights, explotation, etc cool read!

punk is non-macho dancing, tape booklet
pablo's compilation tape booklet - cool bands of a world view

born to be free - not hunted comp booklet
tape comp booklet for the Hunt Sabatoeurs association! with many bands - still got this tape on annual rotational playing!!!!!! when i find it! wow, done by charlie - i seem to remember writing to him occasionally - wonder what he's up to now.

buying cooking carving comp booklet

again a tape comp booklet though this is more like a zine. as you can see its very pro veggie vegan! & why bloody not! strive to survive causing least suffering possible!!!!!

bradford anarchist black cross, comp tape booklet
yeah, this is/was a compilation tape booklet - I may still have the tape somewhere but its doubtful! done by a really nice dude, used to live in Leeds & re-located to Bradford. I remember when my band, Tree, was going to the 2 Trees festival in Doncaster & Jez said 'oh he doesn't care about the world' some random conversation...well a few years later on the dude (????name???) put this together & did some voluntary work at the 1 in 12 club - so I guess he got 'involved'. & a bloody good way to get involved! 80's maybe 90's probably 90's

bAnal pRobe 15
'the rectal thermometer of a dying planet'
long time friend lainie the oyster, from austin tx - brought this zine into existence...with many others. this might be along the lines of art, poems, stories, thoughts, articles, weirdness & more.

curios dog
a strange, little zine - A6 size or something, basically about dogs, dogs & more dogs. hand made & probably from Stoke on Trent but don't quote me on that!

woodhouse community news 1988
a newsletter designed by our squatting community in Leeds to make our neighbourhood aware of who, what & why we were doing this squatting thing. And to highlight some recent illegal police activity against us, scum!

Monday, 2 November 2009

hit me with a flower
classic zine of Leeds of the time when zines were made by no one/everyone......

no sanctuary #3

what more can I say - whilst publishing this Pablo was doing euro compilation tapes & trying to get all the artwork & lyrics for the booklets he put out...i have one called PUNK iS NON MAChO DaNcING - which i may upload (the booklet) later/soon...but not the music (if i do the music - check out my blog page & fucking ask for it! er otherwise it ain't gonna ever happen alright) & i believe he's still punk as fuck! lol (then again I'm only 23.23% punk as fuck anymore - so there) har de har


no sanctuary #2

pablo, the prophet (ha ha) helped me realise there was a scene outside of the warm womb void i had encased myself within. his zine, is this the one with a photo of his daughter? made me happy to be alive & aware within this planet that we've borrowed from our future generations sanctuary

DEBT CRISIS factsheet
Done by Neil 'Orange Peel' a fan of that anti fascist football team St Pauli & a Leeds squatter, its weird in this time now that then we were so bothered by the debt that the then so called 3rd world its the developing world & who has a debt crisis...yes the so called 1st world!!!!! it's patently obvious that this system does not work! capitalism, a chronicle of its despair & wrongdoings put into anarcho? punk language. yet it still endures, can you imagine those rich bastards are not still starving the 'developing' nations for their obscene profits? no, nor can i

times of crisis

Gaynor from Preston Lancs. UK - a wonderful woman! wowzers & what a zine she made!!!!

'open up its the police' to a tin of that picture...anyways she was friends with Jon Womble & Raven heart cos they was all from Preston & she was...dare I say this???? helping shape the way the FUCK E.M.I. lp came about...have you got it in your record collection? (yes, chumbawamba are on it, lol, lol) - love this zine. its not my appreciation its just a statement of fact.

(btw that black silhouette of a cat on a mat is my logo...on the last-ish page...ego overload)

Sunday, 1 November 2009

dark diamonds 3 & 4
(this image is the front & back cover together - cos it looks like a single picture) awesome zine done by awesome, inspirational artist, unique personality & all round genius. there is sooo much information in this zine!!!!! Andy C where are you now! this was a great time for amazing zines

men, sexism & the class struggle
there's more pages in this one & a few more pictures...guess cos of relating it to the 'class struggle' probably relating to quite a few people being fans of Class War at the time...& how to relate it to the pacifist stance initially espoused by crass - maybe I dunno. Oh yeah this is done by M.A.S.S.

love and men
another booklet by M.A.S.S. = men against sexist shit!, this may actually be the first one, i don't know anymore which one goes where....arrrggghhhh!

men speaking out on men and sexism
this says 'number two' but really the number is quite arbitary. similar to sex & men...the title says it all... abit before being PC became so old-hat. So right-on it hurts, yet still interesting & insightful in these days where post feminist, new man, post modern irony makes it ok to be a sexist knobhead again...or does it? Its a bloody minefield full of depleted uranium cluster bombs if you ask me...anyway probs by the same folk as the last one & the next couple.

sex and men
not a punk band zine more a political critique - about sex & men! says it all, there's about 4 booklets in this set & later on I was asked to some of the! I thought , at last I'm getting to the political edge of activism with these scene's...I'm really with the political elite, etc etc. actually none of my suggestions were used, i felt pretty ignored & these still seem a little confused. but I like what they are trying to discuss, even if my feelings were a little hurt ha ha ha
1980's from Leeds, Bradford & around