Monday, 28 September 2009

lost dreams 3

lost dreams 1

Tijolada cônscio No. 5 (Brazil, 2000?)

am a brazilian hardcore punk,and this is a zine i write; i always visit the punk is hippies blog, and here go my contribution to punk press, if possible put this into the blog,right? The cover of the zine is that! Tijolada cônscio means"concious brickbat" and soon i will make,other zine i write called"punx attack", in english preparing the punx attack,and i will send to ya sure!
Cheers! Cheers!!!!"


NO FLAG #1 (Spain, 1990-1993)


Here Miguel Angel writing from Spain. I just started a blog devoted to old music magazines, and in it I have enclosed the first issue of NO FLAG, a zine that I made between 1990 and 1993. We publish three copies, the others I have not scanned yet, but I will. I thought you might want to use and included in "PUNKS IS HIPPIES" so I leave you the link where I have uploaded. If not the best way of doing things but the only one I can think of. Thank you very much for your work.

[Cheeky Google translation from original blogspot in Spanish]

It was long ago, back in '91, when I got to 'edit' a fanzine. It was a time when I got into punk and especially hardcore roll as could be, was in a group. It had a radio show with a colleague and good, since I had nothing better to do (sweet twenty years ...) then why not publish a fanzine?.

The truth is that NO FLAG I did not do it alone, if not Uge, a colleague who played guitar with me and had some experience with another 'zine that has published long ago called "Ostia in the bar" (not bad ...). Together we share the work and postponed to work: most of the interviews he gave, as was more or less familiar with English and could write something to the bands and get along with them. The good news was that how are you were mostly Belgian, Netherlands and German (ie were not English) were at a level close in language.

As regards the design and so it was me who practically started the engine. The truth is that while it may sin of immodest, I must say that I seem to be anything wrong. Well, it was 1991 and the most we had was the electric typewriter Uge, I did not even have that, if not a second-hand Olivetti, the word Pentium simply did not exist, and some things we get print with a needle were a luxury. All headlines were made transferable, those sheets that came with adhesive letters and you had to switch to paper to write over them, all photos, funds and anything you see was done in a completely handmade, to go to base copy shop and ask for increases and decreases. You have my word that if you apply the amount of work (I will not go into the quality) that we put in this fanzine to a magazine with the media today, we had left badly METAL HAMMER, SOUNDS and CLASSIC ROCK together.

Well, now it's time to start seeing this issue of the fanzine, which will have much presence in this your blog. I leave the first track to the number descarguéis, there are three that ire up later, but this is 44 pages in black and white DINA4 in which the writer put a lot of illusion, so do not laugh!.
Miguel. Asturias

Ah! my blog address is HERE and the ‘zine address for downloading is HERE. (26 mb)



Ps. Check out Sex Pistols in Spanish music magazine here! ds

Friday, 25 September 2009

Mutilador # 8 (Mexico, 2009)

Hi there

Im here again with the new Mutilador Issue, hope you can publish in Punk is hippies blog like the past issue!!!

Heres the download link.

Thanks a lot for your help!!!!

José Luis
Mutilador Zine

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Balacera Fanzine #2 and #3 ("America", 2000s, 2009)

Here is another zine from the IB blog , Balacera appears to hail from Los Angeles but I am not sure. Either way Balacera has (inevitably) a blog, here, where the following two issues were uploaded: No. 2
and No. 3 (direct links). Check it out if you know how to read...

Error Humano 'zine # 3 (Peru, 2000s)

Error Humano 'zine # 3, a cool looking DIY hardcore from Lima, Peru. Get in touch through clickin here. The zine was uploaded on this blog.

'La Sentencia' #1 and #2 (Chile, 2008 & 2009)

"Hello i want share it my two numbers of my zine 'La Sentencia' (from Chile)"

Issue 1 from 2008 (Pdf)
Issue 2 from 2009 (Pdf)

Zine website and contact here.
Also blog here.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

BE BAD BE GLAD #3 & #4 (UK, 1980s, Issuu Repost)

"hello tony, can I read be bad be glad online? TAF"
Yes, Taf, you can.

1. Via ISSUU (online PDF reader):
Click here to read BE BAD BE GLAD # 3.

Click here to read BE BAD BE GLAD #4.

Click here to read BE BAD BE GLAD #5.

2. Download PIH scans of fanzines (JPG format, if you want to print or have better resolution):

Click here to see all Be Bad Be Glad zines posted at PunksIsHippies.

Note that you can also download PDF files of every zine uploaded from PIH on Issuu (at Issuu pages click "Download" option).

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

random access memory raids

you and me 2 and me

you and me #2 is an excellent zine with a great 'feeling' . After being out of the scene for a few years (art college) I found this and a few other zines a brilliant way to found out whats been happening & such stuff! I was inspired to ask cover artist Claudio to send me some art work for my 'unfinished...(not even started)' lost dreams #5 zine...which she did, still got it somewhere. Bands, articles, stories, artwork, info on sex, readers contributions - its got loads of info inside!