Monday, 31 August 2009

Lost Dreams 4

mostly a cut n paste zine with numerous contributors from around the planet. I made & arranged the zine with co-editor Claire Leaper. It had been about 10 years since i had done a zine so this is what happened when i got back into it. think Andy Bald Cactus did the printing. i was a student nurse at the time so i used to do it after my shifts finished & on the rare days when i wasn't doing agency work (so i could afford to live!). I think its the most punky of the Lost Dreams zines.

Saturday, 29 August 2009

Fade to Black
cool zine featuring interview/artwork by the dude who did SUBHUMANS artwork...Nick Lant. I/views with SANCTION, with Phil Hedgehog, TOXIC SHOCK & Andy T

You and Me March 2002

the sex issue! I had read previous you and me zines & found them thought provoking & inspiring. imagine my surprise when this issue was based around sex...informative articles, etc.

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Art Strike 1990 - 1993

not quite a zine...more a manifesto! it arrived in my hands as I was just about to embark on the next 5 year plan....go to art college. yet it was saying 'i should strike' WOW what a dilemma. i went to Jacob Kramer art college then on a wednesday evening after voluntary work at west yorks peace centre. I remember i DID go on strike - which meant not drawing in life class....ignoring the 'still life' & discussing with the tutors what being on strike meant, why i was doing it, what i hoped to achieve. after a week maybe 2 it was back to the a.r.t.

Sunday, 23 August 2009

?????? - UK - 1983

I cannot make out the name of this zine from the cover but I remember ordering it as it was 5 pence and you got a free ANTISECT patch, which is long gone , it was a badly spray painted affair and I got a gnarly letter from the editor about how I only wanted the zine for the patch! thus began a correspondance and tape copying / trading, editor Dig had a record player with variable speed so he'd play fast records even faster , then tape them, anyway back to this zine , which is bitter and angry yet funny at the same time, with the handwritten comments and all. Out of Nottingham - 1983.


PROTEST 3 - UK 1983

previously known as 'total protest' i think this was the final and better printed of the issues of this Newcastle zine from the early 80's with interviews from INSTANT AGONY, REALITY CONTROL, INSANE, DEVOID, ANTIBODY, NEGATIVE EARTH, ANTISYSTEM, STATE OF EMERGENCY, this was a peer to the likes of 'Have a Good Laugh' and 'Still Dying' , and very very punk!



Calm down, calm down - sadly the only issue that was produced, editor Pete C (along with Pek who did 'phoenix militia' zine with bill steer) were the brains behind many classic noisy gigs in Liverpools 'Planet X' venue, how often do you get SIEGE and Geoffrey Hayes from Tv Show 'Rainbow' in the same publication ?? Sludge Confrontations were ex-NEOS too, another rare interview. stuff of legend!



Late 1986, The address is down south but the editor Mark was living in Leeds around this time. I believe (could be wrong) that this was the final issue, an interesting mix of politics with noisy and not so noisy music in some seriously indepth interviews with AYS, CHUMBAWAMBA, COMMITTEE, POLITICAL ASYLUM and the SHOP ASSISTANTS!


Thursday, 20 August 2009

Distort Hackney (UK, 2009)

Distort Hackney was the precursor to More Noize . The zine never got printed (except for 25 hand made copies of first issue) so instead the three issues were put online in a customised blogformat. A lot of people thought Distort Hackney was a complete cop-out for not being on paper so a Ltd Ed paper version has finally been edited. It doesn't contain anything new, in fact it's minus all photos of the online version and it does not include the Dave Moon photo essay of Disorder and Amebix at the squat shows, but otherwise it's everything from Distort Hackney the webzine converted into a paper fanzine. Well to be honest there were also three other band interviews that were intended for Distort Hackney but they have since ended up in other zines so they're not included here. Anyway, the reason for this hitting PunksIsHippies is less for you to be able to read it online (which you can, issu below, or download pdf) but for you to be able to print it (no copyright shit here). I've made a bunch of these myself and will sell/trade through my distro (and perhaps include as surprise present to people that order More Noize # 2 / Vapuas # 4 split-zine, which will be out this weekend). Leave a comment if you care to get in touch.

PunksIsHippies was never intended as a static one-way communication channel where zines are brought to anonymous surfers, but as a tool for the international D.I.Y. punk and hardcore scenes to use in addition to established means of communication and distribution. So use it!

Download The Printable Pdf Here

Schizofrehn Fanzine #2 (Sweden, 2009)

"Right in is Schizo Fanzine #2. Right now is it just possible to read as a magazine on the net, but I will soon fix a document where you can download and print as a paperfanzine. And oh! It's possible to download this version too. Schizo Fanzine #2 : <---- Click there, Cheers to all of you!"

Saturday, 15 August 2009

In Memory of.. #2 (1989,USA)

The # 2 of this NJ based zine from 1989, done by David Koenig, who would go on to be half of Hardware Fanzine. 10 pages with the usual stuff, tape, vinyl , fanzine and show reviews plus some cool articles in Opinions and Facts page and an interview w/ Ray Cappo from Youth of Today.


Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Mans-grisen #5 (Sweden, 1980)

Mikael Sörling:
Jag skulle vilja läsa fler nummer av gamla Växjö-fanzinet Mans-grisen. Nummer 5 (fast i ledaren säger redaktör Svensson att detta är nummer 2) är ett gansk tunt men kul nummer. Von Gam intervjuas, Nina Hagen och Beatles (!) hyllas. Och så snackar redaktör Svensson med Ebba Grön efter en spelning i Växjö, där Thåström bland annat säger "Jag har aldrig riktigt hajjat vad punk är, så jag kan inte kalla mig punkare"...

Rough and ready quick translation to English:
'I would like to read more issues of this old zine dcalled "Mans-grisen" (~ The Male Pig) from Växjö, Sweden. Issue 5(though in the editorial the editor says this is actually issue 2) is a pretty thin but fun number. Von Gam are interviewed, Nina Hagen and the Beatles (!) are celebrated. And the editor Svensson talks with Ebba Grön after a concert in Växjö, with singer Thåström saying among other things "I never really understood what punk is, so I can call myself a punkrocker"

Download: Mans-grisen #5 (Sweden, 1980)

Friday, 7 August 2009

Not Very Nice #5 (USA, 2009)

Not Very Nice # 5 was published in first quarter of 2009. Bands interviews include Active Minds & See You In Hell. Also the "Swankys History" inner from that cassette tape is translated, and so is Kawakami from Disclose's The Shit Lickers article from Crust War #5. Plus reviews etc.



Contact etc via NVN Distro.

Not Very Nice #3 & Not Very Nice # 4 were previously posted at PUNKSISHIPPIES.

Annihilation # 7 (Indonesia, 2009)

Here's the latest installement of Indonesia's raw d-beat noise crust fanzine ANNIHILIATION, issue 7 no less. Australia's SCUM SYSTEM KILL are interviewed, Russia d-beat scene profiled (!!!). Plus, a doublespread homage to DISCLOSE poster!!! Awesome shit!!!!

PUNKSISHIPPIES also have issue #5 here. Issue 8 is on its way...

DOWNLOAD. {Printer-friendly version!]

Hey what happened to issue # 6??? :)

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Punks Lives! on Issuu.

We were first! Ha ha ha, here is the direct link to download all 11 issues of Punk Lives magazine [but it is a big 228 mb folder, all in jpegs] so you might want to just read each individual issue direct on the internet. Well now you can, for someone posted all of them there. Here's a few of them:

Discharge and Sid:

She is so not hot:

Chaotic Dischord:

oi for PM:

THE MOB!!!!:

more here like

BS AS DESORDEN # 18 (Buenos Aires Disorder), Argentina, 2002

BA AS DESORDEN (Buenos Aires Disorder) is a comic and punk culture zine from Argentina. In print since 1993, BA AS DESORDEN is one of the most authentic and creative zines in the local DIY punk scene. These images are taken from issue #18, 2002. Includes drawings, comics and some text.

BA AS DESORDEN es un fanzine de comics y cultura punk de argentina. Esta activo desde 1993 y es uno de los mas autenticos y creativos en la escena punk diy local. Este es el numero 18, editado en el 2002, incluye algunos dibujos, comics y textos

More Noize # 1 (UK, 2009)

Here is the first issue of More Noize, a free newsletter that seeks to promote noisy punk. Interviewed are Exithippies and Reality Crisis, tapes, records and fanzines are reviewed. Also author favoruite lists and a reading suggestion plus advert for PUNKS IS HIPPIES! As you can see the zine is text only. But you get a lot of it - 10,000 words no less! Issue #2 will be out shortly. Leave a comment if you're interested or if you like what you've read. Punks Is Hippies is an interactive vehicle for zines did you not know?