Thursday, 30 July 2009

SALAHCETAX # 9 (2009)

english version featuring interview with

mark “the unseen”
state of urgency (uk punks)
bleuaaargh!! (balikpapan pv)
kaos kutang (samarinda melodic punks)
obsesif kompulsif (depok thrashcore)

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fanzine blog and contact info here

older issues of SALAHCETAX at punksishippies here

LA FUERZA DE LOS DE ABAJO FANZINE # 25 (Buenos Aires, 2009)

hi Tony

How are you? here is Luciano from Buenos Aires. This is the link for the new issue of LA FUERZA DE LOS DE ABAJO FANZINE # 25, good luck and cheers!!!


EqualizingxDistort (Canada, 2000s)

Toronto, Canada, scene newsletter with the great name has a blog and from there you can download selections from their archive in pdf format. Here's what's there today:

ED Vol. 9#3, interviews with In Time, Molested Youth, and Death is Easy plus reviews and a flyers.
ED Vol. 3#5, from May 2003, featured interview with War Squad, Head Hits Concrete and reviews.
ED Vol. 3#6, from June 2003, featured Knuckle Brain, the G-Men plus reviews.
ED Vol. 9#2.
ED Vol.2 #8 features an interview with R.A.M.B.O., plus some reviews. From October 2002.
ED Vol. 2#10, from December 2002, features interview with Robot Has Werewolf Hand, an unpublished interview with DRI done originally in 1981. Daragh Hayes caught up with them in Germany while touring Europe and this was right when DRI was blowing up.
ED Vol. 3#2, interview with Negazione, from the first date of their "Little Drummer" tour in 1987. Plus other shit. From February 2003.
ED Vol 3#4, April 2003, interviews with No Time Left, the Skinjobs, etc.
ED Vol. 2#6 with Destined For Asssimilation & Ugly Pop Records, from July 2002.

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

From Venezuela: Exilio Interior Issue 2

Hi Punks Is Hippies!

Here the second issue of Exilio Interior. Interviews with Apatía No (Venezuela), Alice Bag (USA), Escondermicara (Chile), Horror Vacuii (Spain), reviews, comics, articles, and more!

Spanish language (Sorry!)

Visit our blog:

Hasta la vista baby!


Monday, 13 July 2009

EVIL MINDED # 1, # 2 & # 3 (USA, 2008-2009)

Here's my (Slobodan)'s review of EVIL MINDED from my newsletter MORE NOIZE #1 (due on PunksIsHippies end of summer, email me for a free paper copy):

"Evil Minded # 1 (USA, 2008) - This first issue has a D-Clone interview in English which makes it absolutely necessary for you to go out of your way to get hold of. That said, it's perhaps only a shade better than the one I did with D-Clone for Distort Hackney because D-Clone really don’t understand much English ha ha ha. Anyway, this is a really nice & short zine that looks absolutely super-cool with its heavy-ink splatter design. Also has reviews, "rants" & photos.And it is for free!

Evil Minded # 2 (USA, 2008) - Tom's second issue has Anguish interview that interested me & I really should try to find out how they sound. There is also a the Wankys interview that is particularly good & informative about what the band is all about. This issue is yet another brief issue that also has reviews & rants all decorated in ultra-punk D.I.Y. bleeding black ink. And it is for free!

Evil Minded # 3 (USA, 2009) - Holy shit. This is the best looking fanzine I have seen in years, with the passion for black-ink-heavy evident from earlier issues (see above) perfected to an art form. But more importantly Evil Minded # 3 is written with such passion that it is difficult not to be completely swept away by it. The Atrocious Madness retrospective interview made me want to force myself to get into a band that previously I have only half-tolerated. I seriously spend like a day listening to Atrocious Madness after reading this zine (but I still can’t get into them). The Japanese metal article (nearly) converted me (I am still flirting with Loudness, X Japan, Mein Kampf etc) . The best thing though is the four-way real time conversation between Mike from Chaos Destroy (see 7" reviews, above), Zach from Merciless Game & Dan from Lotus Fucker (see tape reviews, above) talking about the three bands & their scene. There are also reviews & stuff thrown around the zine. I hear only 6 people bothered to order this FANTASTIC zine, which is ironic in that the first 50 or so would receive a free surprise pro-cassette tape to go with the Japanese metal article, a tape housed in a beautiful hand-made fold-out colour cover no less! Meanwhile, Tom is sitting on about half the zine's print-run. If you are reading this you better fucking write & order one today (be sure to ask for the back-issues, they're for free!). Write Tom for details (vtomtomv(a)hotmail(dot)com). "

Evil Minded #1 (2008, Pdf, 3MB)
Evil Minded #2 (2008, Pdf, 80MB)
Evil Minded #3 (Jan 2009, Pdf, 30mb)

Or read online, via issue (Click on embedded versions below):

Banan #5 (1986, Sweden) & Banan #8 (1988, Sweden)

This is the second batch of Banan issues on PunksIsHippies. Click here for earlier issues of Banan Zine. Ok this is amazing. Check out the bands on the covers. Totalitar! Black Uniforms! Concrete Sox! Martial Mosh! Wow. Second-half of 1980s hardly was such a bad time for punk afterall.

Sorry in Swedish language only, translations may be provided by me if you ask nicely.

DOWNLOAD #5 (pdf).
DOWNLOAD #8 (pdf)

Thanks to Calle for scans/uploads!

Sorry for delay in getting the older BANAN issues on to online pdf readers, if anyone care to download all of them and make the pdfs and send me the links it will help! I can't unpack .rar files on this computer so it's a case of downloading at home, unpacking then bringing to another computer somehow to make pdfs and then upload. I keep forgetting...arghghghg

DISTORT 14 & 16 (Australia, 2000s)

Here's a little compensation to you people responsible for the email shit storm that I've got lately because Distort links are currently down. We're working on it, so hold on. Read the above ones while you're waiting. You should be able to download pdf from there too...jeez!

SKATE MUTIES # 7 (UK, 1980s)

In case people missed this (which looks to be the case, with only 8 views - compared to the 5,000 views other issues got).

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Protestzine//D-Beat Beater split (Ireland, 2009)

Protestzine//D-Beat Beater split zine containing interviews with Bacchus, Cut The Reins, Lentil Disorder, Meinhof, The Restarts, Seomra Spraoi, Warzone Collective, and a Tour Diary with Project Hopeless as well as lots of reviews!!!!!

Download a printing-quality version of the zine (12mb)

If you want a paper copy of the zine you can get it off Distro-y Records

Thursday, 2 July 2009

ruido crudo 2 (argentina, 2009)

ruido crudo is a d-beat raw punk zine from argentina. issue 2 come with interviews (all systems fail, barricada discos, and menos validos). also includes records, cds, and zines reviews, vegan//vegetarian recipes and more!! if you want the paper version, get in touch.

ruido crudo es un zine de argentina dedicado al d-beat raw punk. el numero 2 viene con entrevistas (all systems fail, barricada discos y menos validos) tambien incluye revisiones de discos, cds y zines, recetas veganas//vegetarianas y mas!! si queres conseguir el zine en papel ponete en contacto