Thursday, 25 June 2009

DisAgreed # 1 (Serbia, 2009)

Serbian zine's first issue from 2009, read now:

Schizofrehn Fanzine # 1 (Sweden, June 2009)

"Schizofrehn Fanzine # 1 June 2009
Interviews: Besthöven, Disagreed Fanzine, Barra Brava,
Sangre, Burnt Cross, Pipes and Pints and Harrington Saints

1. Download page 1-24 [PDF]
2. Download to print as a real fanzine [PDF]
3. Read on your computer [issuu, embedded below]

(this will just be able as a pdf fanzine right now, but you can print it out
by your self. NO Copyrights! But please tell me if you gonna steal, want
to suggest or have any ideas for trading or if you want me to review anything
for next issues.

You have 3 choices:
1. Download the PDF-file page 1-24
2. Download the PDF-file so you can print it out like a real fanzine. 24 pages (A5) = 6 papers with print on both sides
[page 24 - page 1] - [page 2 - page 23]...etc. Do you understand? =)
3. Read on your computer (It's also possible to download as a PDF on that site)

Link zine blog
Link distro
Link zine

Sunday, 21 June 2009

DISTORT no. 22 (Australia, World, 2009)

Distort # 22 (Australia, 2009).

Australian heavy-weight, quick follow-up to douchebag acclaimed split-zine with Rat Charge from France. There's no interviews in this issue, focus is more on writing on records and zines. If you live any where close to down there under you should get in touch to subscribe to this zine. I know postage rates probably makes it redundant if you're in the States or in Europe or Iceland but hey, perhaps your girlfriend is rich huh?

New! Zoho Online reader version

Download jpg version.

Distort Blog Here.
Distort Website Here.

Heavens thanks to Dave for getting in touch to send the zine for PUNKSISHIPPIES.

Ps. Slobodan's editorial note: Dave DANIEL Distort sent me printers master version which I had to rescale, if you people hate the low resolution or finds it hard to read drop a comment and I'll post a better resolution for you. Fucking internet kept logingout last night which disrupteed any large file uploads. Ds

Friday, 19 June 2009

Distad #1 & #2 (Sweden, 1984)

Sirling writes:

"Håkan Aspnäs and Mats Svensson did not only 'mangla' their råpunk in the bands Distrust and Asocial, they also published the fanzinet Distad (as well as release cassettes under the alias Dis-Cassettes). The first issue of this zine from Hedemora, Sweden, came out in 1984 and contained interviews with bands including Krixhjälters, Subhumans, Missbrukarna, Terror Pop, Kramp (which had Peter Hirseland, more known from Svart Snö, who is taking the piss out of Crude SS. Seriously. "We hate bands such as Crude SS who are promoting violence in their lyrics.")

Issue two also came out in 1984 and here Crude S.S. is talking about Crude SS (notice the dots) and what people really should think about Crass:-). In addition very interesting names such as: Varukers, DNA, Skam (with Crash Mag-zine/records Mange in the line up), Chaotic Dischord, Mob 47, Kurt i Kuvös and Bedrövlerz.

Most of it is very worthwhile reading. "


Sunday, 14 June 2009

Statement #1 (UK, 1980s)

Here's another obscure English fanzine from the 1980s. Heavily on animal liberation. Have a look. Download.

Ambassador or Infiltrator (UK)

Obscure partly hand-written and fraile old UK zine. Good luck finding this anywhere else.

Across The Great Divide 6 (UK)

6ths issue of this great UK punk and hardcore zine. Great writing as usual. Check it out. Download.

Across the Great Divide 5 (UK)

Very pro made UK zine from late 1980s. Don;t miss this.

4 Minute War (UK, 1980s)

Another zine I scanned a few weeks ago but managed to lose the text I wrote for it. Sorry I don't have time to rewrite anything but I am posting this as it was already uploaded so...From the UK, late 1980s...pretty cool!


More issues of 4 MINUTE WAR FANZINE here.

Disgust 2 (USA 1986)

First of a bunch of fresh scanned zines that I did. Unfortunately I lost the texts for the mini-essays I wrote for each of them so you'll have to go with judging these zines by the covers! This is a US zine from Ohio or Cleveland or somewhere. From 1986. Kind of cool. Check it out.

Download the scans.

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Direct Action 1 (Sweden, 1985)

Sirling blogs:

"Direct Action was made by Micke Petersson from Asarum, Sweden. First issue came out in 1985 and contained rather short interviews with among others Rejectors (interview by Mats Bodenmalm), Slam, Ernst and The Edsholm Rebels (E.A.T.E.R.), Terveet Kädet, Ingron Hutlös and Neos. The zine also came witha 40 minutes long cassette tape with the bands interviewed."


First bloged here.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

In Memory of.. #1 (1989,USA)

New Jersey, USA, 1989: this is the first issue of In memory of zine, created by David Koenig, who would go on to be half of Hardware Fanzine.... .10 pages with the usual record reviews and trade lists, want lists, photos, an article about collecting records, etc. the guy did 3 more issues, the final #4 was in 1990, i will post them soon (thanks to William for the correction)

Here it is

Thursday, 4 June 2009

El Llamado de la Realidad # 1 (Ecuador, 2004)

Here is the first issue of El Llamado de la Realidad, a hardcore zine from Quito, Ecuador. It came out in 2004. [direct download link] This and the subsequent issues are also available to download from the following website

Ciutat Podr # 8 (Spain, 2009)

"Ciutat Podrida zine

This is the new publication from rises of Intelectual Punx zine (from 1995). Now the zine is most dedicated to all underground genres and not only to punk music.
Ciutat Podrida zine nº 8 is out. 44 pag / Din A5 / 1000 cop. / copied / spanish language

Interviews with Vice Squad, Insomnio, Asalto 54, Gerogerigegege, Prap's, Seqzion demenziados, info bands, articles and more than 100 reviews. Ciutat Podrida zine nº 9 will be out at summer!! Your promo stuff is welcome to will be reviewed at zine and at our every week radioshow too.

More info at:"

Download Pdf here.

Click below for issuu online pdf version:

Salah Cetax # 8 (2009, Indonesia)

"hell oi here is the brand new fukkin issue of salahcetax zine this is my latest zine edition there’re a lot of article , opinion , scene report also featuring chaos r.i , discolony , rentenir , and hantamrata on interview sesion and profile band : protes keras , chaos hitam , and begundal lowokwaru not forget for review zine and audio okay just download it and enjoy it you also can print , copy and sell it

click here for the link salahcetax#8

ohya you also can check my blog

and for info : my next zine issue is writen in english!

/tom vicious