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Future Now! Zine, Issue 1, 1987, UK, 32 Pages.

This was originally posted at SPASTIC FURY - A THRASH SILLY MAGAZINE, this is a straight-up rippoff post based on the original one here (direct link):

Future Now! Zine, Issue 1, 1987, UK, 32 Pages.

"A rare treat for you here, the UK version of Maximum Rock and Roll! OK, well it's not actually a UK version of Maximum RnR, but back in the day this is what this zine aimed for. Unfortuantly, only 1 Issue was produced, and here it is, all scanned to .jpeg format and zipped in a handy WinRAR file [and, with a mirror link, below, for those that prefer zip files].

The zine was put together back in 1987 by various Nottingham 'Scenesters' of the day, most notably John March and Kalv from Heresy, Digby Pearson of Earache Records fame, at that rather scary looking bald geezer called Trev, who I believe used to drive Heresy around and is in loads of their photos from that era. Like Maximum RnR, it aimed not just to cover hardcore punk, but associated politics and interests. That's why amongst the interviews with BGK, Head of David and Visions Of Change/Depraved you will find a dairy from Dave Ross, the drummer of Australian band Civil Dissident, a scene report from the Netherlands, a rather random report on life in Japan, articles on horror movies and serial killers and a photo montage of gnarly old skateboarding dudes!

Probably my favourite pieces of the zines are the documents of lates 80's hardcore - old record reviews (some classic Japanese hardcore next to LL Cool J!), scene news, adverts, tour dates, live photos and columns. There's a good transcript of a general meeting of the magazine staff where they all just sit round discussing various topics.

The zine itself is printed on some weird type of glossy paper. I've never seen anything like it - it's the feel of PVC! It came with a 3 track 7" flexi discs featuring unreleased tracks by the Depraved, Stupids and Heresy. The Heresy track is a still unreleased version of 'Make The Connection.'

I believe it's now quite hard to come by, and would command good money on ebay. If you're interested in more old punk zines, please see PunksIsHippies [Hey! You're here already!]."

DOWNLOAD LINK FOR RAR (rapidshare, 100mb+).
DOWNLOAD LINK FOR ZIP (megaupload, 100mb+)

Sunday, 26 April 2009


Sunday March 3, 2009. London, somewhere close to Bricklane. ---> Read all about it...

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SYURA ("Scene of Carnage") vol 1

SYURA vol 1 (Japan, 1980s)
Translates as "Scene of Carnage" (?). Awesome looking Japanese fanzine from the mid 1980s (I think), I wonder if it reads as cool as it looks. Who cares? Check out that Star Club "SS" flag!

Download pdf.


Crust War Vol. 2 (Japan)



This Issuu may or may not work very well, can't remember if you can flip sideways (at least if you're on a laptop you can tilt the computer heh?) eitherway here it is:

Previous Crust War issues here.


The Chapter # 1 (Spain, 2009)

Here is a new Hard core fanzine from Spain sent in by zine editor Carlos. It is called The Chapter and this is the first issue. It is in Spanish. Contact details will be found at the Myspace page.

Click to download Pdf.

Read the zine online via Punks Is Hippies Issuu:

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Kangnave 1 & 2 (France, 2003)

KANGNAVE newsletter 1 & 2! From France. In English. Onepager issues! In the style of Game of the Arsehole and Damaging Noise! Crust go!

Check out Luc Kangnave's current stuff here.

Download pdf (both issues in one)


Gore Lunatic 3 & 4

GORE LUNATIC was an amazing noise core fanzine from the "dark" 1990s when no one knew any thing.

Zach writes:
"This was published in Japan, by a girl named Rumi Iwamoto. If anyone knows her whereabouts currently, please contact me asap."

Some further info from this website:
"Very famous grind/noise zine from Japan! Rumi Iwamoto published 5 issues of GORE LUNATIC, [...] #3 is paper back, almost 80 pages and included very good selection of bands of that era. Female editor Rumi has very personal way of doing zine, she adores many european bands (WBI, UGB, Tumor, U.Phlegm, Hiatus, etc) but also always remembers to praice [sic] AC/DC and pornography ! This must be one of the best sources of addressies [sic] and short demo reviews of various grind/noise bands."

Download the Pdfs:


Chaotic Noise 4

CHAOTIC NOISE #4 (USA, 2000s?).
Nice cover. Noise core fanzine craziness.


More Chaotic Noise zine and noise zines here.

Questionable use of issuu on this one, admnittedly. My fault entirely. Still though, click:


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"Service information"

Check out the Punks Is Hippies mention by Martin Ferro-Thomsen who works at Issuu, in an interview over at Zine Arcade ("a website and zine, dedicated to promoting zines from all over the world").

I just had a look at Punks Is Hippies @ Issuu statistics and the exact number of document views is as of 17 April 2009 no less than 359,823.

Have YOU considered contributing to Punks Is Hippies? Drop a comment.

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Never Surrender, 4, Sweden, 1984

Mikael Sörling writes on his blog, Turist i tillvaron:

"Never Surrender was a punk magazine from Karlshamn, Sweden, made by Magnus Fridh and Johan Lindqvist. The fourth issue came out 1984 and did not have a bad content at all, look at the names: Riistetyt, Moderat Likvidation, Arroganta Agitatorer, Kaaos, UK Subs, Asta Kask, Terveet Kädet, Disarm and Existenz to name just a few. However the questions are rather boring and does not really provoke informative answers. That said, what marks this zine within the confines of the interesting is the interviews with oi-band "Oi Division" as well as the near-mythical band "Zå Nåra" (the first I have ever seen with them) plus the review from the Blekinge-rock festival in 1984."

Download: Never Surrender #4 (1984)