Monday, 30 March 2009

UPSET DISCHORD (Sweden, 1985)

Turist i Tillvaron blog writes:

"In 1985 Patrik Ytterholm and Peter Danielsson from Gävle, Sweden, threw together this debute issue of Upset Discord. It is a fantastic first issue containing tough Swedish names such as Anti-Cimex, SOD, Raped Teenagers, Disarm, Agoni, Crude S.S., Fear Of War and Existenz. But Patrik and Peter were not happy enough with that. In addition they also interviewed Dutch bands such as Stanx, BGK, Bloedbad and Lärm. American The Descendents are also interviewed as are War of Destruction from Denmark, and Anti-System from England and UBR from Yguoslavia - with death metal-band Onslaught also interviewed! This is what I would call phenomenial fanzine content! It also includes a whole bunch of reviews. I can;t remember whther there were any more issues of Upset Discord."

Download: Upset Discord #1 (1985)

[NB. Issuu online version to come later today]

Norwegian zines

Here's links to two Norwegian zines:

Gal manns verk #1
Gatas(t)røst #1

Two other Norwegian zines were posted in messageboard but links are dead - Panic #5 & Ztritzpiker #1 - if there is a reup and I'll make sure it gets posted properly. Apologies to the person who left the message in the messageboard!

Friday, 27 March 2009

Mutilador (Updated)

Hi Tony,

Heres the latest issue of my zine Mutilador

Issue 7.
Issuu (Online Version)
Or download PDF version with audio

And here are the two preceeding issues:

Issue 6
Download Pdf.
Issue 5
Download Pdf.

The pdf versions contains audio in every interview and review and video in the movies section. Hope you can review it in Punkishippies. Thanks for all your help and supporta and congratulations for your great work!!!!

Jose Pelaez, Mexico

Sunday, 15 March 2009

TIME BOMB Complete. 1 -3 (1984-6)

This is Sunderland not L.A! By Sime Bomb and Dickie - ex Stand 13 and 2MTOS fame! Covers transition from anarcho through to hardcore of the mid 80's with a healthy skateboarding content, Eston ramp was pretty legendary, to me at least.

TIME BOMB Complete. 1 -3 (1984-6)


Alternative, Political Asylum, Blood Robots, Suicides, Kulturkampf, The Tempest, articles , poems etc

Time Bomb 1


Flowers in the Dustbin, big Skating feature, Coolest Retards, New Blood, Nexus, Last Rough Cause, Upright Citizens, Hex, Generic , cartoons, bits and pieces

Time Bomb 2

late 1986

Captial Scum, Disorder, Legion of Parasites, Depraved, Stupids, Electro Hippies, C.O.R records, eston skate report, article on metal ('no thanks') and more!

Time Bomb 3

Saturday, 14 March 2009

IQ32 - complete. 1 - 3 ( 1982 -83)


There's a bit in issue 1 where Digger is searching for 'Let's Go' by Blitzkrieg Bop, I wrote and flogged him my copy - met up at a gig at the Bunker, started writing and became good friends ever since! IQ32 is Named after the NECROS song, this zine was an education in international hardcore punk. Respect is due.


late 82

interviews with Toy Dolls, Rudimentary Peni, Subhumans, Public Toys, report on U.S hardcore, Dead Kennedys gig review and bits on Uproar, Anthrax (uk!) and Assassins of Hope, among others.

IQ32 - 1


early 83

a lot of interviews here! - The System, Conflict, Abrasive Wheels, Gaye Advert, Mayhem, Total Chaos, an article on native american indians , various short pieces ( on Antibody and Acid Attack) / rants , comics, charts - and a couple of pages on the latest raging u.s thrash of the time.

IQ32 - 2


late 83

Anti System, Disorder, Skeptix, Reality Control, Chaotic Dischord! Blood Robots, Societies Vultures, loads of international hc stuff - U.S / Brazil / Finland , Motorhead live review. Stonehenge, 'Discharred' plus more!

IQ32 - 3

STILL DYING complete. 1 to 3 (1983)

hailing from from South Shields debuted in early '83 interviews with UK Subs, Vice Squad and locals Uproar, Reality Control and Damage, pieces on Toy dolls, Abrasive Wheels, No Cover, The Wall and some cool live reviews too

Still Dying 1

punk as fuck - The Fits, Omega Tribe, Riot/Clone and locals Total Chaos, 3rd Party, Xtract - 'just another punk band' section w/small pieces on obscure bands, big live reviews and 'twottie' !

Still Dying 2

Ints w/ The Adicts, Channel 3, External Menace , the 'just another punk band' section in full flow,live and record reviews and news.

Still Dying 3

Thursday, 12 March 2009

STEPPING OUT complete. 1 to 5 (1982 - 83)

"I used to believe everything I read, but thats all changed cos now I'm STEPPING OUT" The Fall, 1978.

Sept 82- shockingly poor printing c/o the gestetener at walker communty centre features: 16 A5 pages on our own (B.R) and best friends(R.C) band, news on the music collective,'problem page' etc. thrown together in no time.

Stepping Out 1

Oct 82 - even worse print job than issue one, features a couple more bands from music collective - Jet Set Danse and Illegal Sane , review of a trip to see Crass in
scotland, 'eating meat is sick' centrespread, and er.. thats about it - another shortie.

Stepping out 2

Dec 82 - moved on up to A4 size and 22 pages now - local band interview with Mannequin and the Natives and local standup poet Nod, coverage is mostly falling out of the punk bracket musically at least, the attitude however was in abundance, plenty of articles, rants and poetry and an interview with the Damned, check out the cartoon Capt Sensible drew for us!

Stepping Out 3

Early 83 - 32 pages, still using the duplicator , this one at benwell resource centre, home of many northeast zines, you had to burn the page image onto a carbon sheet, the ventialtion was poor in the printroom and you would usually emerge with some kind of toxic high haha. anyway - this issue sees us casting the net somewhat, there were a few friends helping out by now with different tastes which is reflected here. local band ints with the Abductors and Suspicions Confirmed, and more Nod. northern anarcho bands Alternative Heretix BC and The System. Sex Gang Children, Durutti Column and an exclusive with Alexei Sayle! Malcom Mclaren interview too - no shit! we were hob-nobbing around the set of 'the tube' by this time haha. Hunt Sabbing report , Greenham Common. New Years Eve 1982, while many other teenagers were out getting smashed and getting lucky , what were we doing - devizing the 'tuck charts' !
Stepping Out 4

Summer 83 - 32 pages, proper printing, various colours. Final issue and finest moment. 'Jefferson Moonflower' (not his real name) was fully co-ordinating the zine by now, he'd somehow got a loan/ grant so we could step up our game, 600 copies! when it all fell apart we had the bank chasing our debt up for years, anyway - some ambitious multicolour layouts and reductions still means you cant quite read all of it - despite that it is still crammed full! locals interviewed: Freak Elecric, Illegal Sane and the editors of Viz Comic, w/ exclusive artwork they gave us! We went to school with them and they were still signing on at this point! also actual down south anarcho band The Mob, Nico (from Velvet underground!), and Akimbo along with zillions of articles, poems, drawings and STUFF.

Stepping Out 5

Looking back the zine might not (musically at least) fit into what people may define as a punk zine (such as Have a Good Laugh, Still Dying, Testament of Reality etc.) Like we give a fuck! haha

Friday, 6 March 2009

Evil Spirits zine

This is for the metal orientated and Croatian speaking visitors and its blatantly stolen from Alex's Audio-Heaven blog:Evil Spirits was a metal zine from Pozega, Croatia, this issue comes from 1994,the stuff is mostly in Croatian language, and more or less all about Death Metal and Grindcore, Bands featured are Misery, Insane, Desinence Mortification, Sarcastic Terror, Aeon, Cadaverous Condition and many others brutal acts absolutely unknown to me. It is in .jpg format,link is from Audio-Heaven
spend a few seconds and say thanks to Alex, saying thanks costs nothing and makes others feel nice

Evil Spirits zine

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Service update:

I have added issuu online Pdf versions for these three previously posted zines (click on link to check out the original posts):

Final Curtain 14 (UK, 1986)
Ooer 2 (UK, 1988)
11 Years On 9 (UK, 1987)

It'd be interesting to hear if anyone reads these things...the stats seem to suggest so but you never know how many of the +250k page views are made by Google trawl, spammers and other fellow digital travellers...

Monday, 2 March 2009

Sub # 7 (Sweden, 1980s)

Here is yet another Swedish fanzine from the 1980s as posted by Mikael Sörling on his fab-blog Turist i Tillvaron:

"I remember buying an issue of Sub #7 after some gig in Linköping and thinking the zine was so cool. Partly for the unusual format (A4 length) but more importantly for the meaty contents: interviews with Appendix, Anti-Cimex***, Amebix, Tuomittujen Tuhla, Slam and Subhumans. Well-written and interested interviews all of them. I am not sure but this may have been done by one of the Really Fast-brothers?"



Original post can be found here.

***Slobodan adds: This is the "Yet Another Anti-Cimex" interview that can be found in Sika Apara 2 (Swedish 1990s zine) - in fact Sika Apara simply had the two pages of Anti-Cimex from Sub # 7 pasted in. Compare and contrast, nice photo of Jonsson by the way, less so of Jocke. For English translation see in comments (already translated for someone else a year ago).

Sub 7:

Sika Apara 2:

Close up of that photo:

Fyfan vad bra!

TESTAMENT OF REALITY No. 10 (Darlington, UK, 1985)

TESTAMENT OF REALITY No. 10 (Darlington, UK, 1985)
Interviews with Toxic Reasons, Phantoms of the Underground, Stand 13, Evil Mothers, and more..


Skate Muties from the 5th Dimension #4, #6, #7, #8 & #9 (UK, 1980s)

Readers of PUNKS IS HIPPIES will remember our previous postings of SMF5D and BUGS & DRUGS, here's some more ones. In fact, here's issues 4, 6, 7, 8 and 9 in one handy download (about 90 mb).

Time Bomb #3 (UK, 1985)

TIME BOMB #3 (Sunderland, UK, 1985)
Capital Scum , Legion of Parasites, Electro Hippies, Stupids, Disorder...and skateboards!

You know what to do.

YAHOO 6 (Scotland, 1985-ish)

YAHOO 6 (Scotland, 1985-ish)
This cool Scottish zine has interview with Mau Maus, Abuse, Reality, and stuff. Also a cool Japan Scene report which is basically Roger Armstrong from Dead Cops/SIC/No Lip answering some questions about the scene. Well worth reading.


Infection # 4 ("incorporating issue 5"!) (England 1984)

INFECTION 4 came from down South of England in 1984. This issue, which incorporates issue 5 as well (a nice touch), has interviews with Faction, Total Chaos, Instigators, and lots of live reviews (including The Plague for e.g.).


Kloak Stank #1, #2 & #9 (Sweden, 1980, 1980s)

Here is another bunch of Swedish fanzines from the 1980s as bloged by punk celebrity (ha ha) Mikael Sörling on his fab-blog Turist i Tillvaron. As usual I (Slobodan) have simply translated his original blog post and rendered it in here without much editing nor flair. Enjoy!

"Kloak Stank Fanzine was kicked into action towards the end of 1979 and the first issue appeared the year after. The editors had interviewed bands such as Usch, Alien Beat and The Rude Kids. And in the review section there's opinions about Kriminella Gitarrer as much as about Noice. And in reading gig reviews we get to come along to concerts at Rågsveds ungdomsgård and Musikverket.

Issue 2 came a few months later and Magnus Jonsson and Carl-Michael Jendesten had managed to make a really knock-out magazine. Bitch Boys, Livin' Sacrifice and Baiters are interviewed, but most fun is the "live-talk" with Thåström and Gurra from Ebba Grön. Thåström reveal for example that he loves Donna Summer!

What happened in between issues 3-7 I don't know, but something must had happened. Kloak Stank went from a fun fanzine to become an almost fantastic punk magazine. Issue 9 is exemplaric. Here it is written about Lords of the New Church, Bad Brains, Paul Weller, Killing Joke, Black Flag, Chron Gen, Picnic Boys, Chelsea, Strindbergs as well as an artivle about American hardcore. Quite simply superb line-up. That editor Magnus Jonsson moreover is a big fan of CRASS does not make it any worse. Kloak Stank is one of the top five Swedish fanzines to ever have existed.

PS: A punk called Palle from Malmö has sent a letter to Kloak Stank #9. He would like to give his views on the riots that happened at Södergatan (autumn 1981?). Palle writes that the media "as usual had exclusive photos" and that an anonymous police had explained in an article that "one must hit them at their sensible body areas to ensure that they can still feel the pain the day after and it should not be a little pain.". Hmm, sounds familiar...

By Mikael Sörling, blog: Turist i Tillvaron.

DOWNLOAD Kloak Stank #1, 2, 9


1983 Co. Durham

Sears, Instant Agony, Sadistic Slobs, Acid Attack, Icon AD, poems, gig reviews etc.



Legendary zine from Sunderland, this is issue 3 from 1982. with au pairs, outrage, sussed, crass, various articles etc

This link is working!. This too! Alt. link.