Thursday, 26 February 2009

My Rules Photozine

This is Glen Friedman's photozine, This was the one and only My Rules issue, it came out in 1982 and delivers nice shots of Circle Jerke, Dead Kennedys, Black Flag, Bad Brains and many many others.
According to some rumors on the web,1000 copies were made and some of them ended up on e-bay for 75-120$. On the other hand Maximum Rock n Roll #13 from 1984 says here that 7000 copies were made...

online pdf version here.

Sunday, 8 February 2009

New Direction #1

This is a Canadian sXe ‘zine from the early 90’s and includes interviews with Colourblind, Chokehold, The Detonators, DC Beggars and (pro skater) Mike Vallely. It was nice re-reading the interview with The Detonators, in my opinion, a rather underrated band. A friend of mine gave me his copy of their 1983 debut LP not long ago and I’ve been spinning it a lot. Now where the hell can I find their second and third LPs?

Download here

Friday, 6 February 2009

Raising Hell, Issues 11, 13 & 14 (Pdf & Issuu version)

Download issue 11

Download issue 13

Download issue 14

Or click on previews below to read the Pdf online via issuu. Note that you can also download all PIH zines at issuu by clicking on 'download'.

Thanks Kjell for scan/upload.

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Moshable #6

Moshable was probably the biggest Danish fanzine/ magazine covering punk, metal and garage rock. It began in the mid 80’s and ended in 2000 after publishing issue number 20. This one includes interviews with Gorilla Biscuits, Rigid Domain and More Fiends, as well as an article about Dario Argento and record reviews. It was funny to read G.B. (politely) dissing Warzone; it’s almost hard to believe how a mediocre band as Raybeez’s managed to create such a controversy among many European HC/ punk scenes. Ah, the ‘zine is in English.

Download here

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Counter Clockwise #1

Counter Clockwise was one of the few fanzines expressing the views of the German/ Dutch communist straight edge scene of the early 90’s. For many people in the punk/ HC scene, the idea of a commie sXe scene was too much to take: I remember discussing with some UK punks who could not believe that Manliftingbanner were for real, they were convinced it was a joke band “taking the piss” out of straight edge and communism. In any case, the first issue of this German zine is in English, with the exception of an interview with the Bund Sozialisticher Arbeiter. It includes interviews with Jailcell Recipes, Majority Of One, Edgewise and Feeding The Fire. I just listened to the FTF 7” (released by Red Wax, a label run by the guys from MLB) and it still sounds good to me.

Download here

Monday, 2 February 2009

Anti-Passiv #1, Sweden, 1984 (Jpg/issuu/pdf)

Mikael Sörling posted this zine at his blog, this is how that post reads in English:

Anti-Passiv was made by Glen Nilsson from Linköping, Sweden. The first issue came out in 1984 and boys from Crude S.S. graces the cover. Glenn intevriewed a bunch of 'hard' bands such as : Sune Studs Och Grönlandsrockarna [!!!], Existenz, Tatuerade Snutkukar, Avskum, TST, Kurt i Kuvös, Sabotage 81, DNA, Crude S.S. and The Bristles.

The best is perhaps teh conversation about American punk with Sören, Jens, Ägget and Raimo from Tatuerade Snutkukar. As you can read, it was not only Tatuerade Snutkukar concerts that ended in chaos...

What do you think about American punk?
Sören - Well yeah some of it is good I guess.
Jens - Completely shit.
Ägget - It's not completely shit.
Jens - Yes it is.
Ägget - Shut up.
Raimo - What are you arguing about?
Jens, Ägget, Sören - None of your fucking business you fucking lazy arse.
Jens - So-so.
Sören- What so-so, it is good is it not.
Jens - Yeah but...
Sören - Shut up you douchebag.
Ägget - Yeah that's right, you don;t fucking have a right to say anything you bastard.
Raimo - But do you always have to dis Jens?
Jens - I can talk for myself you smarty pants.
Raimo - Oh yeah, the gratitude!
Sören - Come on already quit it.
Ägget - Stop pouring beer over me you pigs.

[My bad translation admittedly, but you get the gist of it, lol / Slobodan]

Anti-Passiv #1 (1984)[JPGS]

Anti-Passiv #1 (1984)[PDF]

Or click below for ISSUU online PDF reader (no need to download):

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