Friday, 30 January 2009

Raw Punk Sub # 01

Well, i found this on the web, i don't know anything about it but it looks ok and worth to be here:Raw Punk SUB is zine issued sometime in 2007 in Brazil. In the eight pages you can find interviews with The Minc from Russia and Colera and the usual records reviews,Texts are in Portuguese,


Sunday, 25 January 2009

Butcher 'zine #1

Welcome to 1990, a time where confusion reigned and people into “kvlt” metal bands such as Mayhem were not afraid to admit their appreciation for The Exploited and Verbal Assault. Well, at least the editor of this Norwegian ‘zine wasn’t. The first issue of Butcher ‘zine includes very short interviews/ features in English with the aforementioned bands, as well as No Comment, Samael, Agathocles, Agressor, Kazjurol, Deathrow, Cadaver, Sheer Terror, Necrodeath, Treblinka, Mortem, Separator, Bolt Thrower, Skeletal Earth, Pacman Image, Nightmare Visions, Grinding Disgust, Destiny, Witches, Xysma, Schizo, A.O.K., Concrete Sox, Wench, Børre Bløderne, Grave, Carnage, Assorted Heap, Rotting Christ & Death. Since it includes an interview with Euronymous himself, does it mean that I’ll be able to sell my copy for mad money in the lucrative Black Metal ‘zine collector market?

Download here

Saturday, 24 January 2009

ruido crudo zine

hi tony! here seba from argentina. here i send you a zine i´m making. if you can put it on your great blog!!thanx a lot!

here is a little inglish description (i don´t speak english so good, so please correct it):

"ruido crudo is a raw punk zine, in spanish lenguage from argentina. this zine is dedicated to punk, crust, d-beat, etc..this is the issue #1. and you will find here: interviews (besthoven), (crimes against humanity records), (ni fronteras ni banderas zine), reviews, vegan//vegetarian recipes, crust punk and more!!!. .!"

please let me know if the file have any problem. cheers!

Bugs And Drugs #4

Here’s issue 4 of Bugs And Drugs, so download and complete your collection! Anyone knows if there were more issues made?

Download here

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Look Again #2

This is the second issue of Look Again, a New England-area HC/ metal zine from 1990. It includes interviews with the Cro-Mags, Maelstrom, Corrosion Of Conformity, Sam Black Church, Kreator, Blind Approach, Atomicaust, Ironchrist, Nuclear Assault, Watchtower, Methedrine & Evildead, plus record and show reviews.

Download here

Monday, 19 January 2009

Beat Of The Street #1

This is the first out of four (I think) issues of Beat Of The Street, a magazine put out by people involved with Link Records. It mostly covered the same ground as their label’s releases (oi!, punk, ska, psychobilly) as well as mod, northern/ 60’s soul and hardcore. This issue has articles on The Business, Guana Batz, Toy Dolls, columns and record/ shows reviews.

Download here

Cerebro Obtuso, 3, Ecuador 1992

This is Cerebro Obtuso, issue 3, a fanzine from Ambato, Ecuador made in the early 90's -I think this is from 1992 /Isabel

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Fanaticism Leads To Destruction

This is the first and only issue of the first Israeli hardcore-punk 'zine ever written. Written in English and published in 1991, it contains interviews with Noon Mem (one of the few Israeli punk bands active during the 1980's), Cowboy Killers, Media Children, Society Gone Madd!, H.D.Q., Mega City Four, Pitch Shifter, Salem, Kismet H.C., Oi Polloi, The Fixtures, Wounded Knee and many more. Keep in mind that it was done by a 15 year old kid living in a rural area, so don't expect a complex analysis of the political situation at the time.
Fanaticism Leads To Destruction

Monday, 12 January 2009

Final Curtain 14, UK, 1986

Last year I asked Paul (who now lives in the US) via his Myspace page if he could send over some scans of FINAL CURTAIN for PunksIsHippies...but...well I guess he said couldn't be arsed. Actually he said that he thought his Myspace page was as good a place as any to host scans for friends etc. Paul, if you read this, I hope you don't mind me posting this here (particularly in view of how much these zines of yours are selling for at eBay, the rare occasions they are in auction). Oh and if you do read this, Paul, I still want to see more of your photos of Anti-Cimex in the UK in 1986...


Ooer No. 2, UK 1988

Another issue of Ooer from UK, the one after this, No. 3 was posted before at PunksIsHippies but that link has gone off (someone reup it please -it's your chance to give something back to PIH!). This one has AMEBIX interview, and I may be wrong but most Amebix interviews are with Rob the Baron, this one is with Stig and is funny. Electro Hippies are also interviewed and as you know that is another band that can do no wrong.


Leave a comment, give me some feedback or else you won't get no more fanzines! ;)

11 Years On No. 9 August 1987

Fresh off the scanner, see above for details. Leave feedback in comment.


Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Fruktad, 4, 1984, Sweden

Fruktad was a explici anti-oi fanzine made by Carola and Jörgen Dahl (who also sang in Svart Parad) from Vikmanshyttan, Sweden. In this fourth issue from 1984 it was written about Bedrövlerz, Baader Meinhof (the band from Hedemora, Sweden), Anti-Cimex, DNA and Öronstörning. Absolute best is when they ask this question to Anti-Cimex: "What do you think about that so many people hate you because they thinki you are Discharge-ripoffs?". Times certainly changes...

And there was also published in Fruktad a list of faves, under the grand entitled "Anti Oi! - Fearfull noise". This is it:

1, Kramp - Semester i Sibirien
2, Asocial - Sjuk tortyr
3, Anti-Cimex - Desperate hours
4, Distrust - Utslagnas samhälle
5, Mob 47 - Res dig mot överheten
6, Huvudtvätt - Diskad
7, Disaccord - Ett bränt barn skriker
8, Bedrövlerz - Utsatt
9, DNA - Disciplin
10, SSG - Vår dagliga död.

Imagine. That list is still good today...


Original source

Sunday, 4 January 2009

Nolie No. 1, (Belarus, 2005)

Hi, Tony!

Here's promised zine scans from Brest city, Belarus.

It contains such info as:

1. Columns about totalitarism in Belarus, skateboarding, feminism in mass media
2. "RIGHT TO LIVE" article [legal statement of anarchist in 1906, St. Petersburg]
3. some words about live gigs (see page "img124.jpg")
4. WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? interview
5. VIALKA bio+ interview
6. SYIH bio + interview
7. PLAGUE MASS (band from Austria)
8. reviews of tapes, CDs, EPs (but mostly tapes)
9. comix GITLER CKAPUT, nazi die!

Feel free to edit this info as you like. I'll hopefully scan and send you another one (ukrainian) some day. My friend currently works on new zine about world punx+our scene & i help him from time to time.

Merry Crust-MASS & Happy Burning Year!