Friday, 16 October 2009

Skithelg 1 (Sweden, 1986)

From Turist i Tilvaron:

"Skithelg ['Shit-Weekend'] was made by Pille and Acke from the band Cruel Maniax. I think this debut issue which came out in April 1986 was the only issue (Pille also made Cruel Magazine). This zine from Fagersta, Sweden, contains interviewes with DNA, Mob 47, The Past, Gods of Masturbation and Cruel Maniax of course. As well as information about vivisection and some poetical attempts."

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Please leave a nicely worded and flattering comment if you would like segments translated into English!

Edit: Mob 47 interview translated in comments to this post.


rayss said...

hey thanks for this great blog
i wish i knew swedish
sorry i am too lazy and braindead to learm more languages
can you translate the interviews
especially mob 47
i saw another zine with a mob 47 interview on someones blog where you got into a conversation about lyrics
well here is my info i got from booklet that came with mob 47 cd on distortion.
per lundstrom in a freind of mob 47 he wrote lryics only for the first demo and 7'' which was somgs from the demo
after ake wrote the lyrics
per lundstrom was also in agony with ake
agony is on the stockholms mangel tape and cd reissue.
i will be happy to scan the booklets and cds and add them to my blog if you already dont got em.
also i think i got a cruel maniax tape somewhere i should add to my blog, i am putting as much as i can but as you know it takes time and effort for this.
thanks again
ray ss
san antonio,tx

Slobodan Burgher said...

1. How and when was Mob 47 formed?
Mob 47 formed summer -83, when the set-up was Mentis-vocals, Åke-guitar, Jögge-bass and Chrille-drums.

2. Say something about each member?
Åke 23, plays guitar and makes the songs, is a huge fan of Hardcore, like bands such as LÄRM, D.R.I., RAPT, GANG GREEN, NEOS, B.G.K. etc.
Jögge plays bass and is a carnivore in music, but prefers to play "röj". Chrille is drummer, and works at the System (värt som ägg).

3. How often do you rehearse?
Approx 1 time per week.

4. Line-up in the band today?
Tommy-vocals, Åke-guitar, Jögge-bass and Chrille-drums.

5. Are you in any other bands besides Mob 47?
Yes, I play drums in one other band that is named SlLENT COMMAND and we have quite an own style that I can’t place anywhere. Earlier I (Tommy) played in another råmangel band by the name CRUDITY that was going quite well until the guitarist quit and began playing slow shit.

6. Are you inspired by any other band?
Well you get inspired by most of what you hear, but as far as Mob 47 goes we're probably mostly inspired by mangel from USA, Finland, Italy etc.

7. Why do you play exactly 'punk'?
Usually I don’t call our music for 'punk' but 'Hardcore' or mangel because I am so tired of the very punk movement.

8. What do you think of Sweden?
I think Sweden is a good country. We have social security in the form of many welfare benefits, a privilege for us Swedes that is a given but that in some other countries is unthinkable. Surely there are things that could improve here as well, but even so I think we have it fucking good here compared to countries suffering from starvation and wars.

9. Anarchy is it something for you?
No, absolutely not. Is there anyone who have thought about how to launch it in a considered manner? Because for this thing to work, everyone needs to think anarchistic which I think is an impossibility. There will always be people that want power and subordinate other people.

10. What do you do when you are not playing the band?
Listen to music sleep, rehearse with the other band etc.

11. How do you want your music to be interpreted?
It should be interpreted as powerful and FAST AS FUCK!

12. What band do you like?
Varukers, B.G.K., Poison Idea, Gang Green, Crucifix, Mellaka, Inferno, Neos, Con

13. Politics, are you interested in such?
Our lyrics are to some extent political, but no one of us are aligned to any political party, nor cared much particularly about that.

14. Have you made records and such?
We have made a 9-track EP, and then we have songs on compilation records P.E.A.C.E., Cleanse the Bacteria, Really Fast Vol 2.

15. Have you had any concerts how many?
We have had about 20 concerts.

16. Anything to add?
Ös på allra tappra HARDCORE diggare.

rayss said...