Saturday, 3 October 2009

harha astia

From Finland - a punky weird comic - don't know why i've got this, can't read fact I used to get a few sent to me probaBLY FROM tOMMII of Boing Being record label from Finland

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Terska said...

"The Hallucination Container"

page 3:

[...]The stories were formed by combining dreams and hallucinations with things that are more mundane.[...]

4 Disturbance Hotline
6 Compelled
12 The Method Of Dr Mauno-Kekkola
15 Scientific Experiment Goes Awry
16 The Worthless
18 In A House That Was Left Grey
20 The Adjustment Project
23 Monkey's Pancreas
26 Children Of Dagon

In "Compelled", two war veterans criticize this long-haired "wimp", saying things like: "This country would've been occupied if people like that had been on the front", "He doesn't care about the fatherland". The fellow is then abducted into a spacecraft where he confronts aliens who force him to take part in intergalactic warfare. When he eventually comes back to Earth and meets the veterans again, they scream: "Did we fight for our independence so you could just lie on the street, you loafer".