Friday, 9 October 2009

Factor Zero # 0-2 (Brazil, 1980, 1981)

"Hi Slo, here's David Strongos from Factor Zero Blog. I like your blog a lot and just downloaded lots of fanzines. Congratulations for your work, man! Now, what's the point. I made a fanzine in early 80's, called Factor Zero. It was the first brazilian punk zine. I've lost the originals and all my copies, but recently a friend sent me a copy of the only 3 issues I've published. You can see (and get the links to downloads) this at Factor Zero blog or at Havera Some De Fita blog. If you have interest in publish about Factor Zero in your blog, I'll be very happy...Sorry for my poor english, Thank you! / Strongos"

Slobodan note:
This amazing early Brazilian fanzine is naturally in Portugese so I am not going to even pretend I understand. OHLO SECO and COLERA are in there. AWESOME. Also foreign bands, like check out the Discharge piece (I never saw those photos before by the way), or the UXA piece. Fucking nice.

Direct downloads
FACTOR ZERO # 0 (1980)
FACTOR ZERO # 1 (1981)
FACTOR ZERO # 2 (198?)

Issuu online reader:


Miskatonic said...

Those Discharge pics are from the NME intervew in 1981

Slobodan Burgher said...

Really? I have that issue somewhere. Well that was embarrassing. Thanks!