Monday, 11 May 2009

Let's Burn 1-4, Sweden 1984-85.

Mikael Sorling:

Max Thornell was only 14 years old when he put out the first issue of Let's Burn fanzine in 1984. A year later the young punk from Växjö had managed to put out another three issues plus a bunch of compilation tapes. Let's Burn was focused on Swedish bands and wrote about known bands such as DNA, The Bristles, Kurt i kuvös, Raped Teenagers, Slam, Avskum, Absurd and Existenz. But Max spiced it also with (for me) unknown hooligans such as for example the Bollnäs-band Gunnar & The Gangster (anyone heard of them?) and a share of British punk like The Expelled, Antisocial, Cult Maniax, Broken Bones and - very surprisingly - The 4-Skins. But he also wrote about punk from Finland, Belgium, Brazil and Germany. And many articles about vivisection.

If you are new to Let's Burn you will perhaps know Max from a series of tugh bands that he's played with over the years: Max & The Chainsaws, Jesus Exercise, Dom Där, Morte Paura, Siniterror, Satanarchy and Furbowl are only a few of the bands. Today he's with death metal group Hearse.

Let's Burn #1 (1984)
The Expelled, DNA, Upright Citizens, AB Hjärntvätt, Terveet Kädet, Förortsbarn, Five go mad in Europe, Gunnar & The Gangsters, Trojne,

Let's Burn #2 (1985)
Sötlimpa, Slam, Cult Maniax, Avskum, Incharge, Svart Framtid, Antisocial, Strawd Dogs, The Beliers, Rövsvett, Rattus, The 4-Skins, Nervkollaps,

Let's Burn #3 (1985)
The Bristles, Kurt i kuvös, Broken Bones, Raped Teenagers, The Beliers, Undead, Absurd, Dead Scouts,

Let's Burn #4 (1985)
Existenz, Really Fast Records, Insolencia Publica, Patrull Grisskit, Dom där, DTAL, Upright Citizens, grekisk punk, Zyklome A, idolbild på Tatuerade Snutkukar,

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