Monday, 20 April 2009

SYURA ("Scene of Carnage") vol 1

SYURA vol 1 (Japan, 1980s)
Translates as "Scene of Carnage" (?). Awesome looking Japanese fanzine from the mid 1980s (I think), I wonder if it reads as cool as it looks. Who cares? Check out that Star Club "SS" flag!

Download pdf.



Anonymous said...

for those who don't know, Zin Francois Angelique was the vocalist of Madame Edwarda, who were a great band, but most of you punks probably recognize it as "the weird band on the B side of outsider comp" she is currently in a band called zeus machina, and plays decent goth industrial rock stuff.


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure Zin Francois Angelique is a man. Although he sure likes to pretend he's a chick in recent years.

Elias Aquino said...


Anonymous said...

Great zine!
But the link is dead... Can you plzzzz re-upload on