Sunday, 8 February 2009

New Direction #1

This is a Canadian sXe ‘zine from the early 90’s and includes interviews with Colourblind, Chokehold, The Detonators, DC Beggars and (pro skater) Mike Vallely. It was nice re-reading the interview with The Detonators, in my opinion, a rather underrated band. A friend of mine gave me his copy of their 1983 debut LP not long ago and I’ve been spinning it a lot. Now where the hell can I find their second and third LPs?

Download here


Anonymous said...

FUCK YES! CHOKEHOLD! best hardcore band of the 90s!


Anonymous said...

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AdamBomb said...

You can get Balls To You for cheap at I'll post A Thousand Points of Punk soon on this site: