Monday, 12 January 2009

Ooer No. 2, UK 1988

Another issue of Ooer from UK, the one after this, No. 3 was posted before at PunksIsHippies but that link has gone off (someone reup it please -it's your chance to give something back to PIH!). This one has AMEBIX interview, and I may be wrong but most Amebix interviews are with Rob the Baron, this one is with Stig and is funny. Electro Hippies are also interviewed and as you know that is another band that can do no wrong.


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Nils said...

thanks dude! electro hippies are the best proto grind band like asin totally evar :D

Anonymous said...

Never stop posting, this is one of the greatest blogs i have read!!!! Total Support!

Arthur from Brazil.
Laboratório-184 Zine.