Sunday, 25 January 2009

Butcher 'zine #1

Welcome to 1990, a time where confusion reigned and people into “kvlt” metal bands such as Mayhem were not afraid to admit their appreciation for The Exploited and Verbal Assault. Well, at least the editor of this Norwegian ‘zine wasn’t. The first issue of Butcher ‘zine includes very short interviews/ features in English with the aforementioned bands, as well as No Comment, Samael, Agathocles, Agressor, Kazjurol, Deathrow, Cadaver, Sheer Terror, Necrodeath, Treblinka, Mortem, Separator, Bolt Thrower, Skeletal Earth, Pacman Image, Nightmare Visions, Grinding Disgust, Destiny, Witches, Xysma, Schizo, A.O.K., Concrete Sox, Wench, Børre Bløderne, Grave, Carnage, Assorted Heap, Rotting Christ & Death. Since it includes an interview with Euronymous himself, does it mean that I’ll be able to sell my copy for mad money in the lucrative Black Metal ‘zine collector market?

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Hey, good Blog! I'll continue readin u, ok?
Kisses from the north of Spain ;)


Vaya, ¿en Suecia?
Mira, te pongo aquí las letras que tengo, por si te interesan:
Mucho macho
Pain for profit
Dress code, Superbo
Man-rape blues
Public Suicide

También tengo una imagen que me costó un poco encontrar (si no recuerdo mal), te la podría pasar si te interesa.

Venga, besos.

Balthasar Bjornkvist said...

Hola y gracias por tu respuesta!
Si, por supuesto que me interesaria ver las letras/ imagenes de Chronic Sick.
Si puedes, mandalas a mi email:
Bjornkvist (at)
Gracias y dime si hay algo (letras/ mp3) que andas buscando, quizas te pueda ayudar...
Un abrazo!

Zer said...

Zerrrrr! Awesome, I have thing to read until 2023, thanks.
I put my own zine online :
It's all in French.

Anonymous said...

Hi, great site! Any chance for a re-up of Butcher zine? Thanks!