Tuesday, 23 December 2008

No Future # 1

No Future is a new zine from Greece created by Bak who runs Into The Pit photoblog. Here is a nice review taken from Words and Stuff web-zine:
"This is something new. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a punk zine from Greece focusing on crust and grind or as it self described on the cover "Skull Crushing D-beat Holocaust zine". In this first issue you will find interviews with Dir Yassin and Cut Your Throat, articles about Myspace, christianity, companies that do testing on animals and the article "Anarcho-punk, the ALF and the miners’ strike - a cautionary tale from the 1980s" and of course music and zine reviews. The layout -as expected- is dark and gloomy as it should be. There have been some minor mistakes on the layout and the printing (which is otherwise very good, no photocopies here) but this was the first attempt and I’m sure that the next issue will be improved. Let’s hope there will be a follow up".
The title of zine could be taken as No Future #1, there is a #2 issue (No Exit #2), Bak also runs Skull Crusher Distro.

MMR Welcome to Cruise Country Photozine

Welcome to Cruise Country- All european photozine, the legendary european photozine put out by Trust & MRR can be downloaded by clicking here.

Also see Operation Phoneix for a breakdown of the pages.

9 YEARS ON, UK, 1980s

All 3 issues uploaded in one compressed folder. Click here to download. With thanks again to Kjell!

Norway potpuri


Red Tag #1(pdf versjon) (Alternative link)

Siden du ikke ser i dagslys (pdf versjon)

sjokk #6 84

Til folkets beste


With thanks for Kjell!

Friday, 19 December 2008

Subcore # 1, Norway 1987

That's right COLERA interview. Also frigging BULLDOZER interview. Wow. How fucking amazingly cool is that? Anyway, SUBCORE was a Norwegian zine in English and this is issue 1 from 1987.


Also, there is a forum discussion for Norwegian fanzines online at 800 Grader which you may find interesting, lots of linkage and such. Moreover, for industrial and noise fanzines check out Shock Corridor, an archival project not unlike PIH...Finally, on a personal note I am pleased to reveal that I have acquired (for free) a photocopier and shall commence a new newsletter sometime in 2009, stay tuned for more info on this.

Thanks once more to Kjell for another fantastic fanzine, which hopefully will be now be eternally conserved digitally.

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Skvaller # 3, Sweden 1984

Skvaller # 3, from Jonkoping, Sweden, has Produkt Assar on the cover and interviews inside with T.S.T., The Alternative (UK), Special Duties, Asta Kask-Micke about his studio, The Adicts, Upright Citizen etc and as the name of the fanzine implies gossip about bands! All in all a quite good example of a rather wellmade Swedish early 1980s zine...too little Discharge for my liking but nice nonetheless ha ha.

Now download.

Thanks goes out to Kjell for this one and the last 10 or so zines posted.

Spanner in the works # 2, UK 1986

Electro Hippies interview!!! All the prompts you need to know, now download!

Click here.

Rundgang # 5, (Sweden, 1986)

6 kronor? Boasts interviews with G.B.H., Toy Dolls and from my point of view more importantly Attentat. It is in Swedish, but if you ask politely I might translate/transcribe selected sections of zine.

Click to download.

Kill All Poseurs 1, USA 1987

Intevriews Slow Death, The Guilt Parade, the Crucifucks...cheers and beers to Kjell!
Click to download.

Fight Back 4 (UK, 1986)

Pushead cover, Ripcord, S.O.D. (Swe) and Amebix interview (+more) and only 20 p! Thanks to Kjell for yet another fantastic contribution to PunksIsHippies.

Click to download.

Endless Struggle # 7 (USA, 1988)

Pretty much what it says on the box. With thanks to Kjell for scan & upload.

Click to download.

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Asocial (again!)

Here is a fresh scan -and I think I am right in saying this one is slightly better quality- of a previous posted Swedish fanzine called Asocial. PIH strives to serve.


Previous posts. Here. And here (issuu).

Black & White # 4 (UK, 1984)

Black & White # 4 (UK, 1984) came with a split flexi containing Youth Brigade and 7 Seconds (scan of cover included with scan of zine, but not the music). Free flexis with fanzines was a great great underrated feature of pre-internetdays. Ohhh nostalgia...

Monday, 8 December 2008

Another Norwegian "zine"

This is more towards metal and was a sort of mailout/zine thingy from the network Komkol (from the likes of Tore H. Bøe, Lasse Marhaug, Red Harvest etc). Check it out.


Again thanks to Kjell.

EDIT: Here is the 2-page appendix to the mailshot/zine (see image below). Click here to download this as well.


and this is my zine....english and bahasa indonesia
enjoy it
cheers and beer
Jarwo Itus


or click issuu preview below for full size online reader:

Another one...

Forgot to include this below, ha ha. Click to download.

Three Norwegian zines

Kort Har.. 2 (1995) - "Skinhead zine called Short Hair and proper footwear" includes some stuff on Specials and Cocksparrer."
Girlsville 1, 1998 -"A zine for girls and music"
RagnaRock # 2 (1979) - "Oldie and goldie from 1979, includes amongst others Pink Dirt. Note how even Rolling Stones is included in definition of punk."

Download: All in one.

From Kjell. Check out his select Norwegian punk and HC discographies blog.

Friday, 5 December 2008

H8Z # 3

this is issue # 3 of Belgium's H8Z (stands for HATE 8000 ZINE, 8000 = is the postal code of the part in Belgium the editors were from) which was a Straight Edge zine published in 1995 that was done by people that were part of the CONGRESS, LIAR, etc. crew. this issue features interviews with RINGWORM and MERAUDER from the U.S. and RANCOR from Belgium besides that it has columns, a guide to kickbox-dancing (they were "famous" for their violent dancing there, but scarred by GEHENNA! hehehe), reviews, etc. click on the cover to download!

Thursday, 4 December 2008


this is issue # 19 of the great SHORT, FAST & LOUD zine which came in the size of a 7" with a FLAGITIOUS IDIOSYNCRASY IN THE DILAPIDATION / INSECT WARFARE - split 7'' and had interviews with SAYYADINA and VIOLENT HEADACHE in it! click on the zine's cover to download the zine and on the 7" cover to download the 7"!

*ATTENTION: as I haven't had time to install my pdf converter the zine is uploaded as jpg-files! I'll change that as soon as I can!*

* EDIT: here's the pdf version! *

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Crust War 7 (Japan)

Direct download link. Or as usual, click on Pdf-preview below to go to Issuu which is an online Pdf reader -handy when you're at work or school and can't download large folder with scans!

Oh, and if anyone fancy translating the zine to English please be my guest! Feedback are as always welcome, use comments or else use the damn messageboard that no one uses.

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Cheers Zach!