Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Short Fast & Loud 6 (Summer, 2000)

Direct download link. Read online by clicking on embedded Pdf sample below (for fullscreen version).

Appreciate it Zach.

Monday, 24 November 2008

Short Fast + Loud #5

New: Short Fast + Loud, issue #5.(direct download link) (or click below for issuu online pdf that you can read online)

Previously on PunksIsHippies:

Short Fast & loud 7 (direct download link)(or click issuu below to read Pdf direct online)

Short Fast & loud 11 (direct download link)(or click issuu below to read Pdf direct online)

More issues coming. Stay tuned. Thanks Zach.

Saturday, 22 November 2008

Bolji Zivot

Taken from Audio Heaven blog:
This fanzine is completely in Serbian language, and contains a lot of interviews, to name a few ; Hard-Ons, Hellbastard, RKL, Desecration, then some concert reviews (as Lethal Aggression/Youth Of Today , SNFU, NoMeansNo), various columns and city-reports and as usual the last 5-6 pages of demo-vinyl-fanzine reviews. One of the neatest fanzines from the ex-Yu, again and unfortunately for the rest-of-the-world visitors, completely in Serbian language.
Your choice.
PS:the year of release is wrong on front cover.Who cares.

Download it and say thanks to Alex

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Distort Hackney 1 and 2

My (Slobodan) fanzine Distort Hackney can now be read online (click covers above) or you can download it (link below).

Issue one has Deathcharge, Amebix, Sub Alert, Shit Lickers etc. Issue two has Disorder, the Wankys, Chaos Channel, D-Clone, Chaos Destroy etc.

Click to download zine (large file at nearly 200 mb, it's to be suitable for printing)

Thursday, 13 November 2008

We don't have any bananas!!

Turist i Tillvaron Blog writes:

"Banan" is my absolute favourite fanzine throughout the years. Fanzine was made by Helena Johnsson from Åkersberga and contains a fantastic mix of everything from band interviews to personal thoughts to squats to stories about extinct animals. "Banan" was love and attitude in one. A superb zine! Download and read!

Banan #1 1985
Disarm, The Past, RIF, Asta Kask, Cruel Maniax, Ur Funktion, Fear of War, The Bristles, Dr Anti-Skval etc.

Banan #2 1985
Asocial, Oslo, RIF, Disaccord, The Fits, Svart Parad, Raped Teenagers etc.

Banan #3 1986
SSS, Varukers, Stupids, DTAL, SAS, GBH, G-anx, developement of Swedish punk etc.

Banan #4 1986 (special thin summer issue)
Puke, Potential Threat, Rea Respirator, SSS, tons of reviews etc.


Monday, 10 November 2008

Los Violadores

The Zine/blog in post below also hosts some old fanzines, such as these two issues of Los Violadores. Looks very cool. Direct download here, or go to blog post.

Exilio Interior

Hi Tony! This is my new fanzine, Exilio Interior. Issue nro. 1: Interview with Setiembreonce (Uruguay), Barrakas (Costa Rica), Loquero (Argentina), texts about Leuzemia (Peru) and crisis Politica (Venezuela). Comic, and more! In spanish lenguage

Exilio Interior blog



Friday, 7 November 2008


the contributor who is even lazier than Malisha Old 666 is back at PUNKS IS HIPPIES after forever or something like that! and as I didn't come with empty hands here we go again with the first issue of the zine Χωρίς Κανόνα # 1 (= Horis Kanona) which translates to: Without A Rule - or, as its editors christened it, 'No Rule'. it was published by the bad mannerd foster-son of one of the not only best known but also best Crust-mp3-blogs you can find in the whole wide web! as it's published in Greek I can't read/don't understand a word of it! so all I can tell you is: it's from Greece (big surprise huh?) and was just published! if you want more info on the zine you might find some if you klick on cover!

Edit: and here's the Issuu-version for those people who are too comfortable to download scans directly:

Thursday, 6 November 2008

oleh2 dari kediri bootstraps zine #1

"hello this is helmy from kediri -indonesia
i'm playing guitar on band called hantamrata and almost brothers
n also running small rad DIY records n distribution called suhatkor recs
and this year i make zine called bootstraps zine
feel free to contact me"

Read Online (via Issuu)
Download (Mediafire)

Monday, 3 November 2008

Sweden 1980s

Survivors issue 1 came out in 1985. Includes The Bristles, Sötlimpa, Pöbel Möbel, Asta Kask and Dr Anti-Skval. Download.

Black And White United number 2 from 1984 includes Mob 47, Ernst and the Edsholm Rebels, Existenz, TST, Terveet Kädet and Asta Kask. Download