Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Sika Äpärä Repost (Issuu)

Sika Äpärä 1 (here), 2 (here) and 3 (here) have all been posted on before. But here is now the Issuu version so you can read it online (or look at pictures if you're more into that). Zine includes interviews with Cliff from Anti-Cimex (but nowadays sings in Driller Killer), Dissober, Discharge and a bunch more. In Swedish.

Thursday, 16 October 2008


Previously posted en masse here, click for info and direct download links.

666 1/2 (UK, 1980s, Issuu)

An PIH upload from December 2007, click here for info and original post where you can download the scans/pdf, now reposted as Issuu version. Like the new logo? You know, shootin' up the world...Anyway, thanks.

Not Very Nice 3 (Issuu repost)

I asked for feedback and was told not to upload old zines at Issuu, which is not very nice, but I did and do anyway, which is very nice as it happens because based on the Issuu statistics hundreds and thousands of you do go and read the zines other words, instead of me excusing all the time for being late in posting new zines and new scans (not to mention my own zine, 2 years deleayed already!) I am just trying to be nice to you. Ok that was a bit loony.

Anyone have issue 1 & 2 of NVN? Love to read 'em...hear there's interviews that are worthwhile...and...well...This was posted here with the latest issue (4) here...

Monday, 13 October 2008

Issuu repost of 2 Swedish fanzines

We wrote about these once before. Click here.. But here are the online pdf / issuu versions:

Originally posted at Turist I Tillvaron blog.

A bunch of Swedish zines - issuu repost

Apropo Mikael Sorling's recent repost of a bunch of Swedish fanzines at his blog Turist I Tillvaron, I thought that I might as well create some Pdfs of the same and upload to Issuu. Hell, only takes a few minutes but the ability to read these online is worth the tiny effort involved...Describtions of the zines (as well as download links if you don't want to read 'em online) can be read here (in English) or here (in Swedish) - or alternative English translation here (using Google translation). If you need other language translation then use Google yourself. This is public service. Lol. Not ebeautiful background colours, chosing the appropiae ones for each of the zines took me soooo long time...

"Fanzine frossa" at Turist i Tillvaron

As we've been saying many times before there's tons of Swedish fanzines at the Turist i Tillvaron blog. Two new ones were posted this weekend, the following is translation of those posts. As usual I'd be happy to translate from Swedish if any one is particularly interested in reading in English interviews of any of the bands interviewed (use comments, ask nicely and maybe I'll help out, hah).

Napalm #1, Linköping, Sweden, circa 1982-1983

Described in the leader on page two this is "A fanzine made by punks for punks. The fanzine is political (that is, syndico-anarcho) but does not want to be aligned to any parties." However in the first issue of Napalm is predominantly concerned with vivisection and NSMPD (Swedish/Nordic anti-vivisection group)[...]. There's interviews with Kurt i Kuvös and Destroy. Reviews are glorifying Black Flag, TSOL, Disorder and Discharge. Readers are encouraged "avoid buying records if you have the opportunity to tape them instead".

Download zine here. First posted here.

Anti-System #1, Hudviksvall, Sweden, 1985.

First number of this Swedish fanzine from 1985 made by Andreas Lönnqvist, Lanchy Orre och Poffen Frimodig (recognize these names?). Avskum is interviewed and answers are kept short, local band Artificial Suicide is questioned, Italian legends Wretched talks about how much they like Swedish punk, Svart Parad is talking about their visions (!) and BGK thinks GBH and Exploited are rockstars. Also contains soem comics and reviews.

Download here. First published here.

Visit Turist i Tillvaron now! Here's a somewhat useful English-automated translation of the blog...

Radiation Sickness 3

Damn is a bit shaky in the mornings. Oh well, patience. Anyway, here's RADIATION SICKNESS # 3 contributed by Tom from Nerdy Anime Panx Unite

Download the scans. Or read Issuu version online.

Issuues reposts

My Rules photobook from the early US scene in Issuu version can be seen here. Original post here.

Punks Not Dead issuu version magazine can be seen here Original here.

Repost by Mikael S.

Friday, 10 October 2008

R'lyeh Rising #6 (Issuu Version)

Here's the Issuu version of R'lyeh Rising #6. This zine is from Portland, USA, and later turned into Warning (search this blog). You can find scans of issue 7 there as well.

Monday, 6 October 2008

Post Mortem No. 1 (UK, 1980s)

"Written on same typewriter that was used for Raising hell" this fanzine called POST MORTEM, issue 1, year unknown, is as you can see fading quickly and for a second I considered tempering with adjustment / contrast but then thought that'd be cheating. It includes Amebix one-page interview, Electro -FUCKING-Hippies interview, Incest Brothers and some other stuff. Interesting to see the article about ID-cards, which suggests that it is not a modern New Labour invention ID-cards...Incidently this is the first time in a long while that I have scanned a zine myself. Lets hope I get going with all these damn zines that are stacking up everywhere...Meanwhile please do send more shit to me, post zines on your blogs (I'll surely find out about it and steal any scans hoho anyway), and most importantly KEEP READING PUNK FANZINES. Already I have heard that in some places in the world (Ireland to be precise) people are no longer into buying zines. WTF? Are they crazy or what? Hm...Anway, the issuu version will be here tomorrow as I can't make pdfs from home...nor can I open .rars at work which for the curious visitor will explain why some new posts have issuu versions and others don't! ---> FYI I'd love someone to help out with stuff like this, get in touch goddamnit!


As promised, here is the issuu version (why I repeatedly fail to write issue with a capital "I" as in Issuu I am not quite sure, but one of these days I'll make sure to do it proper).

Tristess 1 & 2 (Sweden , 1979, 1980)

Another fanzine from Mikael Sorling's Turist i Tillvaron blog. As usual the following is my translation and reworking of his original Swedish post:

"Rumour has it Peter Kagerland is writing a book about punk. In 1979 he published the first faninze in Linköping, Sweden, called Tristess. The first issue had among others IQ 55, Stoodes, Blitzen and Ras. Peter's reviews looked at Bitch Boys, PF Commando and Massmedia. Liket Levers classic 7" "Levande begravd" is described as "quite good" while Angelic Upstarts 7" "I'm an upstart" is "one of the best singles I ever heard". To read the many concert reports / reviews is probably the best. Issue two came out the following year and had even sharper contents: Spy, Åke och Bakgrundsfigurerna, Nasty Boys, Ramblers, Mackt and Zpamhead."


Born 20 Years To Late # 5 (Canada, 2005)

Nerdy Anime Punx Unite! blog has this freshly scanned oldie but goldie fanzine. The title makes me think of a Swedish band who had a song about wishing to be born 20 years earlier, to have been able to go to Black Flag concerts etc. Anyway, Tom writes that Born 20 years too late is now a full size zine, and #8 came with a cool DIY compilation CD. This has interviews with Onslaught (UK), Alternate System, Hotbild, Cthuwulf, Effigy and The Partisans. Urgh.

Download link.

Click on the miniviewer to go offsite, once there click on fullscreen option for best viewing.

Friday, 3 October 2008

Cowmag Sweden

Swedish reinvigorated fanzine Cow Mag has a new website at where you can download the first issue of the zine. Just saying. For you Swedishers out there. Click on fanzine and scroll down for image that corresponds to the one above.