Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Game of The Arsehole (Newsletter, USA, 2000s, Issuu repost)

Reposting of Stuart Schrader's newsletter. Great stuff! All issues as one Pdf via issuu (all in all 50 pages...if you can take that then fine). Enjoy! This was first posted at PunksIsHippies here.

Damaging Noise Newsletter (full run issuu repost, USA, 2000s)

Here is another issuu repost, this time its Seanophile's DAMAGING NOISE newsletter's fullrun of issues but all thrown in together as a Pdf. Here is the old post.

Agitate # 1-5 (UK, 2000s, Issue repost)

This is an issuu repost. All first 5 issues of this newsletter in one pdf via issuu. Click here to go to previous AGITATE posts at PIH. Fanzine rules. Fuck the mainstream music press. This is life.

Distort 14 & 16 (Oz, 2000s, download or read via Issuu)


More Distort Zine from Australia. See issue 15 by scrolling down blog. Distort Issue 14 features Black Flag, State, Subversion, and Cold Sweat. Distort Issue 16 features Draft Dodger, Clock Cleaner, Fucked Up, Poison Idea. Great writing cool layout. All you need!

Download Distort 14
Download Distort 16

Or read the fuckers live at Issuu, click on samples below.



Brutal Chaos #4 (Sweden, 1983)


Here is another Swedish-language post by Mikael Sorling rendered into half-arsed English by me:

"This is Mats Bodenmalms classic fanzine. Number 4, which should have been published early 1983 had Kaaos, Zmiv, Lärm, Neos, Disorder, Brazilian scene report, Eu's Arse, GBH, Minor Threat, Dirt, Crude S.S. and Anti-Cimex. Additionally there are reviews of many records. The single by Sabotage 81 (Sweden) is properly slaughtered "Brutal Chaos have trouble expressing its fucking disappointment of this pop production" and states simply that the record is "guaranted shit". On the other hand, bands such as Absurd, Riistetyt and Kaaos are worshipped. In other words, "mangel" was the rule of the day."

Thanks Mikael for another great fanzine post!

Brutal Chaos #4 (download link)


How We Rock # 14 (UK, 1996)

"Just 8 months after I promised this - here it is. How We Rock #14. Really great zine, unfortunately I've seen just this issue. Since my PDF software is giving me shit this is just JPEGs plus mp3 of Above All flexi that came with it, so that's why it's this large. This zine is done by straight edge guy, but it covers all aspects of hardcore/punk/crust/whatever.

Cheers from the lazy contributor.
- Malisha Old 666 "


Herez da link!

Monday, 29 September 2008

LA FUERZA DE LOS DE ABAJO ZINE # 23 (Argentina, 2008)

"Fanzine dedicated to hardcore punk ska oi, for almost 11 years on the streets, trying to further disseminate this whole move. To all those who want to collaborate not hesitate to contact. Bands, labels, fanzines send their material to be reviewed, accepted exchanges."

Direct download link.


Clcik on issuu sample below to go to fullscreen mode.

Sunday, 28 September 2008

Be Bad Be Glad No. 5 (Issuu repost)

Issuu repost. Bristol squat gluesniffers crews from Disorder et al. Bleedingly fantastic historical artifacts.

First by published by PUNKSISHIPPIES here (3 & 4 also available).

Saturday, 27 September 2008

Protest Zine 10 (UK, 2000s)

Hello again, finally uploaded the last issue done of the zine. Have yet to scan in the others. Issues with Anti Fascist Action (Ireland), Visions of War, Massmord, Distrust, Destroy zine, Coitus, Kylesa and lots more.

Keep up the great work, I'm a big fan of this site. cheers

Download the zine.

Note: this upload is the print version, which is good for you as you can download and the print it yourself, sort out the doublepaged printing somehow...Issuu version coming later...cheers!

Friday, 26 September 2008

Crust War 4 & 5 (Japan, 2006, Issuu Repost)

Another Issuu repost for y'all. This is Crust War fanzine from the guy from Gloom and with help from other celebrities such as Kawakami from Disclose et al. In Japanese but with great pictures. Note that the Crust War 5 Skitslickers/Shitlickers feature and interview (with Jonsson), by Kawakami, is partly a Japanese translation of a Swedish-language retrospective interview from Sika Apara.

Download full scans via the original PIH post, here for issue 4 and here for issue 5.

Click on preview below to go read online (note: fullscreen option really works beautifully!).

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Profit Blaskan #7 (Sweden)

Yet another fanzine courteously Turist I Tillvaron Blog, this one is slightly special since it is indeed the fanzine made by Mikael Sorling who blogs at the same. This is number 7 and this is how Mikael describes it (in Swedish, my translation below) in his original post:

"This was the first issue to be somewhat though-through and in addition it was broader on the horizons than previous issues. I interviewed awesome "negative-punks" The Fuckers fron Berlin, had Quod Massacre (damn what a great band they were) quoting at length their text on the situation in Yugoslavia, tricky Swiss powerpunks Gnä Gnä revealed that they had family-ties to Sweden, Spanish HHH told about the Spanish local scene. Sweden was represented by Rent Snor i Näsan, 16 Blåsare Utan Hjärna and Libresse. But interesting today is perhaps the interview with Uproar-Babs (the first time that the mohican-hairdo picture was published, for the record). Finally, Hellrats-Jocke had made a comic-supplements that went with the zine."

NEW LINK: Profit Blaskan #7

">First published here.

EPA #1 (Sweden, 1984)

Here is another rendition of a blog-post from Turist i Tillvaron blog:

EPA # 1 was made by Mart Hällgren who is most known as the singer from Swedish trall-punk legends DE LYCKLIGA KOMPISARNA (DLK). This is not his first fanzine, previously he had made two issues of Gröt Fanzine that came out around 1982-83. For the thrid issue he decided to change the name to E.P.A., which in Swedish means "Eva Preparerar Adam (inför fotograferingen i paradiset)" that translates as "Ewa prepares Adam (for the photograpies in Paradise)". Lol. The debute issue came out in 1984 but this was probably the last issue of EPA.

E.P.A. #1 includes Anti-Avans, local scene report from Spain, Abrasion, Global Carnage, comics and anti-vivisection articles.

Click on sample below to go to Issuu where you can read this online (full screen recommened):

EPA #1 (direct download, Jpgs)

First posted here.

Friday, 19 September 2008

Ask # 1 (Japan, 1980s, Issuu repost)

Another Issuu repost, first posted here (and then later reposted as Pdf, heh, talk about dedication!) this Japanese hard core zine is from 1985 and includes stuff on Lipcream, Laughin Nose and others.

Warning #1 & #3 (Portland, USA, 2000s, Issuu version repost)

Issuu repost of Warning fanzine from Occupied Portland, USA. Great crust zine from the 2000s sometime. Previously posted here (and elsewhere). Click on samples below to go to Issuu page, click full view for best readability.

R'lyeh Rising #6 & #7

Look at the images above for all the prompts needed to grab this. Portland zine that preceeded the Warning Zine(see re-post above). Thanks to Zach & Tom for sorting this out.

R'lyeh Rising #6.
R'lyeh Rising #7

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Reaxiones Adversas zine (#1, 2, 3, 4)

Reaxiones Adversas zine (#1,2,3,4,)

7inchcrust wrote in a message at the PUNKSISHIPPIES MESSAGEBOARD:

"this is in spanish so i understand not any f*ing word: i suppose it must be a distro from Uruguay, the guy who runs it posts punk records, books and four issues of Reaxiones Adversas zine but not in the usual pdf or jpg format., there is a page maker link in #1 issue,i guess it must transforms these tiff's into pdf.."

Interesting? Check it out on the following links:

Issue 1 (direct dl link)
Issue 2 (direct dl link)
Issue 3 (direct dl link)
Issue 4 (direct dl link)

Monday, 15 September 2008

More Radiation Sickness!

But the Croatian zine, not the American posted below! Hah, sorry but I could not help myself. Anyway, the following zines were posted on the cool Audio Heaven blog. For the first two zines (but applies to the thrid as well, more or less), Alexcro writes:

"Unfortunately,for all non-ex-Yu visitors,this zine is completely in Croatian,and what is even worse,some interviews are done in the local slang,so even if you know some Croatian,there is no chance to understand what is written."

Fucking great what?!

Master Zine / Radiation Sickness (link to original post)

And here is another Croatian fanzine, from 1994, again this is in Croatian and includes what I have decided to call "local scene" coverage (note: this is repectfully meant, ok) plus an interview with Agathocles.

Inner Sanctum, 1994, Croatia (link to original post)

Luckily for those who are neither in command of their Croatian nor Croatian slang, Audio Heaven has also posted some more accessible English language fanzines; namely, an American one called Brain Damage that heralds from classic metal years 1984-85. I mean just look at the covers and check out these bands! CELTIC FROST! VOIVOID! Omg, we'll soon have people like that Swiss guy commenting about the resurgence of NWOBM...arhghg, metalheads are hippies, too! ;)

Brain Damage, Issue One, USA, 1984
Brain Damage, Issue Two, USA, 1985

Again, this is a repost from Audio Heaven blog, many thanks!

Radiation Sickness Issue #1

Here are two zines scanned and uploaded by Tom from Nerdy Anime Punx Unite! blog. The first one has After the Bombs and Deathcharge (one of the best D-beat bands ever, I like 'em that much I even interviewed them myself for Distort Hackney issue 1 -which should get to PunksIsHippies sooner or later). The second one has everone's favorite band Lebenden Toten and Forca Macbra and tons more. No further comments needed, you know this is a great zine already!

Direct download links (pdfs)
Radiation Sickness Issue #1
Radiation Sickness Issue #2

Issuu links (in addition to samples below which you can click to go to zine):
Radiation Sickness Issue #1
Radiation Sickness Issue #2

Another Radiation Sickness issue is coming in a second...

Regression issue 11 (Australia, 2000s)

Here is another contribution by Kjelli who runs the Norwegian Punk & Hard Core Blog (with the great URL "NoPunkHC", just noticed - it's brilliant! anyway...). He writes:

"...I got this zine awhile back with a collection of Australian punk & oi bands. The zine was released with a double-CD that was sold-out already when I ordered it so instead of the real thing I got a CD-R with a Pdf-file plus the tracks as Mp3."

D.I.Y. in action! Anyway, the zine's got plenty of local and international bands, including local heroes Nailed Down (well, they're on the Cd so they get a page with lyrics and a photo, which is good enough for me).

Click here for download of pdf.

Or here for Issuu version (or click sample below).

Raped Ass # 1, Sweden 1983

Here is another zine from Mikael Sorling's Turist i Tillvaron blog. The following is my translation of his original Swedish-language blogpost.

25 years ago "Ägget" and Tomas Jonsson released an almost briliant compilation cassette called Raped Ass, perhaps one of the best 10 Swedish compilations ever. The list of bands included is impressive: Nyx Negativ, Avskum, Destruktiva Liv, Kurt i Kuvös, Rolf & Revoltörerna, Sötlimpa, Missbrukarna, Asta Kask, Strawdogs, Sune Studs & Grönlandsrockarna, Moderat Likvidation, Svea Rikes Hjältar, Forbudt Ungdom and Sabotage 81. All in all 39 punk-hits.

As if this achievement was not enough the compliers of the cassette also cut and paste together a fanzine that came with the cassette. In the fanzine Ägget and Jonsson wrote about The Fits, Dirt and Moderat Likvidation among others. And in the review section Crass is celebrated, Abrasive Wheels and Misfts as well, but Misfits were in for some criticism for their "satanistic lyrics". But most interesting is when Jonsson himself writes about his band Anti-Cimex.

Download the complete zine in JPGS.
Read it online via Issuu.

Issuu preview:

Friday, 12 September 2008

Riot 5 (UK, Issuu version, report)

Previously published here at Punks Is Hippies, but here is the Issuu version. This is one of my personal fanzines, as I have said before it has all the great bands of the period and layout is prestine. Check it out...

Inferno Punx (Japan, Issuu version, repost)

Previously posted here at Punk Is Hippies, this MCR Label photo-book (sold-out, though tends to pop up on eBay frequently) has tons of great bands from Japan such as Chaos Channel, Gloom, Crocodile Skink etc.

Public service notice: your opinion counts!

Hi all, so the last few days I've been considering what improvements can be made to the site. Tags could help when looking for zines froma specific year or country but tags can also confuse as tagging each zine with its name goes counter to the whole idea of having accessable tags...

More importantly, I am experimenting with Issuu where you can upload Pdfs and then the website templates it into a scrollable online magazine. It can be quite useful even if some people will continue to download jpgs or pdfs to print out or whatever...not many of you visitors leave any comments so frankly I have no idea what people do with the content uplaoded and posted on PunksIsHippies. Anyway, the downside of Issuu is probably that it will be all adverts and shit so I am not sure about whether it will be appropiate...the alternative would be to make the same thing in html (as a magazine project that I was involved with a few years ago did, see here) but then we need to have a large server space to host all the fanzine jpgs.

Anyway, here is the last zine posted here converted into the magazine template shit that Issuu offers. Let me know if you like this, or if indeed it is worthwhile...

It seems you can post embedded versions too, though I haven't figured out how that works yet (lol), but one option for the future of this site could be to continue what we do but also have each zine uploaded to Issuu. Here is how the embedding looks like:

Get your own - Open publication