Saturday, 30 August 2008

Intestine Stew Zine vol.1 + 2

"Ultra shitty, free/hand written/black and white" noisecore fanzine.

Volume 1.
Volume 2.

"Enjoy the shit that this is, feel free to print your own copy at home to treasure or spread it around. ;)"

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

JalurBebas Fanzine, issue 12, from Indonesia

"hai, im Ringo from indonesia..i make a zine...its name 'JalurBebas' ...this is for you..."


Public service notice.

Yeah, I know it's a waste of cash, the website is a bit slow in updating, some uploads have expired, the blog format is almost entirely inappropiate for the purpose set out in mission statement etc etc etc. But you know, for vanity reasons or other, the domain URL is now renewed.

A GREAT THANKS to the two individuals who together donated 1% of the costs, meaning I only had to cough up with £9 for another year. Jokes aside, thanks a lot for the support.

The rehaul of PUNKS IS HIPPIES is in the pipeline, failing that there'll be some fresh scans of cool old obscure punk hardcore DIY fanzines posted soon.

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Punk & Fågelfri, Sweden, 1984

Interviews Strindbergs, Ernst & Edholms Rebels and Crass. Plus much more. Swedish language.

Click here.

Originally posted at the brilliant new blog from Mikael Sorling.


This Swedish fanzine from 1983 probably only came out in one issue. It was made by Jalle Holmgren who played in Crude S.S. and other bands. The bands interviewed can be read on the cover (image above) which incidently is one of the most minimalist fanzine covers I have ever seen in my life. The zine is in Swedish language but as I have said before I will translate limited parts or interviews into English to those that ask very very nicely.

Click here

First posted here.

Monday, 25 August 2008

Epa Isidoro, anarcopunk fanzine from Caracas, Venezuela

Hi Tony! Other zine from Venezuela:

"Epa Isidoro, anarcopunk fanzine from Caracas, print in 2004. Los Crudos history (Chicago), interview with Apatia No, comic, disc reviews and more... Horror movies design with spanish language".

Thank you... i send more stuff later.

Salud y anarquia



Monday, 4 August 2008

Service update

Right, as some of you may have noticed by the little silly poll in the sidebar or by typing in your browser, the URl just expired. Well, I'll just renew it when I come back from a trip abroad (end of August). If you'd like to donate a penny or two then your welcome (PayPal to, but if you don't feel like it then whatever it's not like its a must nor that the future of Punksishippies depends on it...Anyway, here's wishing a great continued fuckedup summer to all of you.

/Slobodan Burgher