Friday, 27 June 2008


as the posting of SHORT, FAST & LOUD # 11 scored 3 comments I thought I´ll give it another try! and as Rob started the VOORHEES saga on his YOU BREED LIKE RATS blog I decided to continue here. besides the longest VOORHEES interview I´ve seen so far you get interviews with RAZOR`S EDGE, SATAN´S PIMP RECORDS, DATACLAST, Y, and more.

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Le Wasted Life (from France)

Hie guys,

Me and a friend are doing a french DIY punk zine called Wasted Life. We have released 4 issues yet. All issues can be freely downloaded in pdf on our blog :


(Click here for the post with the zines!)

If some of you can read french, it could be interesting for you !
Enjoy ! Keep on the good work guys !!

They lie we die #2 (Canada, 1986/7?)

Another contribution from Kjelli (see below). This is a Canadian fanzine called THEY LIE WE DIE and it is the issue no. 2 from probably late 1986 or erly 1987. Noteworthy it has interview with Angor Wat, A.P.P.L.E and English Dogs and some others...


Ett stort tack Kjelli for faan - och en bunte flaskor av ol.

Norwegan fanzines?

Before you go any further go and check out this new blog about Norwegian bands and their records. Then come back here and check out the fanzines that Kjelli, who is the blogger behind the afore mentioned blog, contributed to PunksIsHippies.

First is this offsite link for Dønk-zine, a Norwegian fanzine, where you will be able to download for free the zine's three issues to date (or use direct link below).

Dønk-Zine #01 from November 2006
Dønk-Zine #02 from May 2007
Dønk-Zine #03 from December 2007

The next zine is not really a zine but a zine and a catalog in-one from the "Knallsyndikatet" (a Norwegian collective) which contains stuff like info on ziner, radio, tapes and vinyl label stuff and bands like Angor Wat and more stuff. Pretty cool I must say.

Click here to download PdF

Then, the next bunch aren't actually Norwegian fanzines at all, but Danish. Namely, the remaining HA! Fanzine issues (the first was posted below, here).

HA! Zine Issues - 2,3 & 4

More info and direct downloads here.

Saturday, 21 June 2008

More Laja

Here's more of Terveet Kadet singer's comics etc (Translated too!).

Also a quick note to all you who sent me zines the last few days, been away from computer but will deal with all this early next week. Until then happy continued midsummers weekend to all you zine freaks.

Thursday, 19 June 2008


found these gems here! it seems as they are not complete:

So here you have scans of P.O.W. Magazine issues 1-3. 1 and 2 are from the "Punk On Wave" era, when the magazine was pretty much just a punk zine ran by Sakevi and a bloke from Lip Cream? Or was it Laughin Nose? Unfortunately I only have scans of the front, back, and spine of issue 2.

the person who scanned these is trying to prevent other people from seeing them for some strange reason. I don´t see the fuss as these are just scans, data nothing compared to owning the real things. it just seems greedy to keep them for yourself!

The third issue is from when the magazine got taken over by Sakevi and became the strange, arty "Performance Of War".



done by Gonzo the LEBENSREFORM singer, this is what you would call an egozine! I liked HORIZONS without being part of the NORTHCORE-scene [in the end of the 90ies some bands & active people from the north of germany called themselves/were called NORTHCORE]!

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Ha! Zine (from Denmark)

Another contribution from Norweigan Kjell, this Danish fanzine called "Ha!" offers worship and reviews of a B.G.K. concert, MDC and Negazione records, texts and thoughts on punk, alcohol, Denmark scene report, interview with Dunderhead...Perhaps the blogging Danes, i.e.Toxxy or Robert Johnson (ex-PunchDrunk blog, RIP) know something about this...???

Download here.


Tuesday, 17 June 2008


I´m not 100% sure but I think the last issue was issue # 11. would be great if anyone could contribute any of the missing 5 issues! LACK OF IDEA(L)S was a egozine from Germany that was done by a guy called Martin Niemitz (if you got the BULLSHIT DETECTOR Vol. 4 comp. you can see his face on the cover) dealing with personal thoughts and Martin´s adventures in the wonderful world of D.I.Y./PUNK/HARDCORE while the zine was mainly written in German some parts (in most cases the interviews) are in English. interviewed were HELLKRUSHER, NO COMMENT, etc.


SHORT, FAST & LOUD # 11 from Spring/2004 well, I guess this needs no introduction? people that play in bands like you-know-who or run record labels like you-know-which joining forces to publish a zine that deals with exactly what the title makes you think it would deal with! the last few issues were a little weaker but it´s still among the best 5 zines that are around in these days! as this was the woman´s issue it came with a cd comp. that featured mainly female fronted bands!

TILT # 8

TILT was a Belgian zine that was done in the 90ies by a guy called Brob who, besides doing TILT was active in the Smurf Punks Collective too. those collective booked the shows for the Vort´n´Vis way back when! TILT was a 78 pages thick D.I.Y. zine, written in English with had not only band interviews, record & show reviews - it always had a lot of political stuff too which was/is my main point of critisism! if I want to educate myself about political subjects I´ll read a book! period! I don´t need some zine guy to shove his political views down my throat and/or tries to bore me to death with fill-in-whatever-discussion-you´ve-heared-countless-times before! I got quite some TILT zines as I always liked the zine somehow but decided to start with # 8 cause of the VOORHEES interview in it! in case you don´t know: VOORHEES rule! other featured bands are ACME, FABRIC, GRAUE ZELLEN and other.

P.E.A.C.E compilation booklet

Someone asked for the full booklet. Here it is. As uploaded by Norweigan Kjell at the PE board. Cheers!

Rövsvett's singer Löken's fanzines.

Here's another stolen, albeit somewhat edited and translated, fresh fanzine blogpost from Mikael Sörling's Swedish language punk blog Södra Promenaden. Don't leave any thanks below, give him all the appreciation you can. However, as always I may help translate any of the contents from the zines, tell me what you need translated into English in comments and I'll hook you up. No problem.

Fetvadd (roughly "Fat calves") was a zine made by Löken (="The Onion", lol) who is famous as the singer of one of Sweden's longest living and angriest fucking hard core bands, a.k.a. the Poison Idea of Sweden, Rövsvett, as well as by a few other friends. The zine had reports on international scenes, comics, reviews and naturally band interviews. Anyways, what you get here is the second issue of Fettvadd.

Mardröm (= "Nightmare") was (probably) Löken's very first fanzine. In this zine he writes about bands known from the Really Fast compilation, including Destroy and Nasty Boys. Concert reviews includes Dead Kennedys, Theatre of Hate and Exploited. Discharge is singled out for particular worship. What you get is issue one.

Download here.

*Text above based on Sörling's original post HERE, jag hoppas du inte har nagot emot att vi knycker av dig sa har oförskamt! :) - A TIP FOR YOU NON-SWEDES VISTING SORLING'S BLOG AND WHOS AFTER THE MUSIC, USE THE TAB "MUSIC FOR YOUR PLEASURE"!

Monday, 16 June 2008

Vapaus! #1 (Croatia)

"Hi, here you can download my first issue. Vapaus! is the main fanzine and it's about Finnish raw hardcore punk form 80s, but also from today. The Letter Of The Fucking Assholes is more like newsletter and it's about Sweedish raw HC from 80s. You can read interviews with Kaivosurma, Massacre, Sekunda, Kuolema, Terveet Kadet, Jukke (Sotatila, Kamaset Levyt, Riistetyt), Mob47 and Disarm. There's also a lot of other shits inside so download this 60pages of hardcore punk crap. It's on Croatian so if you don't know this raw language contact me and I'll send you few interviews in English. Praise the God of Chaos!¨

/Jurko Kataklizma


First published at KAAOS JA VAPAUS blog, be sure to check it out and give thanks!


Saturday, 14 June 2008

Protest zine issue 666

This issue of Protest zine issue 666 is a few years old. So it's now online as a free download here.

Interviews with Discharge, Extinction of Mankind, Gurkha, Easpa Measa. Reviews, articles on hitching etc.


Thursday, 12 June 2008

Crisis Point No. 1 (UK, 198?)

Here's a zine that I bought in a collection of old UK zines. Scanning the pages I considered whether I should keep the real life colour of the pages or convert into greyscale. Considering how precious this zine what with pages almost falling apart, print really vague and so on, I decided in the end to keep it the way it is. I like the idea of conservation of shit like this, it kind of gives legitimacy to the zine archive (in a way that is, I know, in stark contrast to fact that the website is based on a blogspot template but you know, we're working on it...).

I know there is a 3rd issue as well so there should be a second one too, but apart from that I know jackshit about the zine. Anyway, this first issue of the zine has interview with SUBHUMANS, Culture Shock, Oi Polloi, Maniac, Hung drawn Quartered (?), as well as some other stuff including amusing little charmy History of Discharge and something on CONCRETE SOX (don't you just love it when zines have stuff inside that is NOT advertised on the front; that's a prompt for you to download EVERY single zine here because you will NEVER know what you are missing if you don't!!! Seriously, think about it) and, yes, much more. The print is indeed very vague at places which is due to the weight of time and who knows perhaps hap hazardous storage...


(Please note: Ultra large folder at more than 100 mb - but if you want this then that should not be a problem)


Death By Insanity no. 1 (USA, February 1982, "Second printing")

Includes DECRY, CIRCLE JERKS interview and more plus reviews. From February 1985. Anyone want to add anything? USE COMMENTS (or don't).


Filthy Trash 1 & 2 (UK, 1985)

Here's the first issue of UK zine FILTHY TRASH. What with such a iconic cover I shall say no more and in an attempt to encourage reader feedback please write a line or two in comments if you know anything about the zine.


Second issue was first posted here with the wrong cover image in the blog post (not in download folder) for some reason (for direct link click here) but here's a second chance.

Sika Äpärä no. 3

The zine they all want to be. Named after a song by Rytmihäiriö (Perhaps? I am probably mistaken, could be that the band took the name after the zine, can't remember) the name is in any event Finnish and means something I forgot (lol)...

(Update) My friend Saska wrote me to say:

"It means "pig bastard" directly translated. You should use it if you want to seriously offend someone." (also see comments, Terska confirm this)

This zine is almost a whos-who of Swedish punk and hard core of the 1990s. Total Discharge and Finland obsession, coped with anti-PC humour that is in some ways still shocking today (actually the extent they go to shock is an obvious sign that nothing is meant by it).

I am sure there's material in the three issues that the dudes managed to puke out for a PhD thesis or two on the subject of punk history. The extent of the influence on Swedish d-beat and beyond can NOT be underestimated (I am sure people older than me will laugh but I am serious). YES I am thinking of Warvictims, before them there were the likes of Dissober, Disfornicate and many many others that simply would NEVER have existed had it been for this zine (along with the Finnrecords label that went hand-in-hand with the zine and of course all the bands and shit from the two Jaris.

Infact all the inside jokes shared with members of each band interviewed makes anyone reading it want to be on their side - I think it's almost like some sort of passive aggressive bullying schoolyard shit going on her - here lays I think the lasting impression of the zine...Me and my friend stole liberally when we did our zine in the first half of the 1990s...but we were perhaps not the most blatant ripoffs, at least we had some own jokes thrown in as well whereas some of the other shitty zines well actually that is probably my ego talking...


Here's Sika Apara issue 1 and Sika Apara issue 2. I think links still work...

Here's an interview with the boys that is automatically translated for you non-Swedish speakers...

Here's SwedishPunk.Com's entry on the zine.

If you ask kindly I will translate any of the stuff from this zine to English, use comments...

(And on a technical side I could not -in true Sika Apara spirit- be arsed to crop scans so what you get is a massive folder that'll suit those who fancy printing this shit as this is real life scale 1=1 twice as large as the real McCoy)

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Sonic Death (official Sonic Youth fanclub fanzine)

Sonic Death (official Sonic Youth fanclub fanzine) - a bunch of issues in one handy download!

Can also be downloaded from the band's official website, by following THIS LINK that will take you to the zine archive.

This was yet another handsome contribution by Isabel - THANK YOU!!!!

Thurston Moore meanwhile allegedly has got a legendary fanzine collection that according to people who knows him (who told me) is of some serious collector's status...

Udarac Drito No. 2 + 3 - Fanzine (1989)

"Here is the zine I made in late 80's, written in Croatian but it may be interesting to some of you. 16 A5 pages, high quality scans from original master, so you can see how it was glued all together a good old cut and paste way, or even make your own copy. Originally only 60 copies made.

Including interviews with President Fetch (Denmark), Rectify (UK), 16 B.U.H. (Sweden), Strelnikoff (former Yugoslavia, Slovenia), Have A Nice Day (former Yugoslavia, Slovenia), Bloody George (former Yugoslavia, Macedonia), Naked Raygun info, Satan Panonski poster, column by Ivan Glišić, flyers, etc...

All interviews made through postage mail, you know, DIY old fashioned way. If anyone has more 80's former Yugoslavian zines and is able to upload it, let me know, there was a lot of it. Hope you'll enjoy this one."

Udarac Drito No. 2 + 3 - Fanzine (1989)

First posted here (Make sure to check out the rest of this blog for more cool stuff)

"Republished at PUNKS IS HIPPIES with explicit permission and by order."

SUB POP (Collection of Columns from 1983 and 1984)

SUB POP (Collection of Columns from 1983 and 1984). Another welcomed contribution from the lovely Isabel.

Excusado (Columbia)

Excusado is a Latinamerican fanzine, published in Bogotá D.C., Colombia. Below is some info I got from Wikipedia:

Excusado Printsystem - In 2002 started splashing of stencil on the 7th Av (Bogotá, Colombia) and it was as well as its circle of influence overcame the limits of the Graphic Design Academy of the National University of Colombia. From there the interventions were increasing and the technology progressed, the fields and modalities of action were multiplied. Today EXCUSADO PRINTSYSTEM is an integral project with solid work, proper channels of diffusion (fanzine and website), participations in numerous projects and the experience of having produced a graphical festival of anthology: DESFASE “The First Assault” what they term “visual experimentation through direct street action”, the country’s first exhibition of street art which brought together artists from Colombia, Brasil and Spain. “We have three tenets: make no profit; create public spaces where anyone can share their thoughts and images”


See also blog here.


NOT VERY NICE zine Vol 4 (Spring/Summer 2008). Interviews with BEIP, SPIKE PILE DRIVER, and NOISE.

More Not Very Nice here.

Monday, 9 June 2008


deals with PUNK ROCK from Berlin! big surprise, huh?
in German and stolen from Mark´s blog!

Sunday, 8 June 2008


ladies & gentleman the Pope proudly presents the 1st double posting! no, that´s nothing you need to be excited about - that just means it will be posted here and on AM I MEAN?! plain simple! but back to the the content of this post: CONTRASCIENCE 5.5 and the LIMITED OPTIONS...SOLD AS NOBLE ENDEAVORS - comp. 10'' that came with it. maybe it was the other way round and the zine came with the comp. anyway... the comp. is a mixture between fast & hard (MK-ULTRA, SWALLOWING SHIT, DEADSTOOPIGEON) and more melodic tunes (MAN AFRAID)! the zine however deals with just one topic: the army/military! still a topic worth getting a little informed about!