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...and will be back to contributing some nice zine scans soon(er or later)! but in the meantime... well, in case you have read it on my blog already I´ll tell you again and in case you haven´t read it on my blog already I´ll tell you anyway: there´s a "new" blog out there called YOU BREED LIKE RATS which you should check out as Rob offers you more than just mp3 rips! he serves you interviews too! some old ones (some even stolen from PUNKS IS HIPPIES) and some new ones like this with Daryl Kahan who was the singer for CITIZENS ARREST, TASTE OF FEAR, FORCED EXPRESSION,... now, go and check it out and always remember: only stupid bastards don´t leave comments!

Thursday, 29 May 2008

Swedish zines

This is probably the most oxymoron thing of the day: a mirror post of Swedish zines posted at Mikael Sorling's blog Sodra Promenaden but with English translation in blog post despite zines being in Swedish. BUT....seeing some of the bands included in these zines you may want to have a look anyway, who knows there may be some hitherto unseen photos of your favorite bands etc. And if you are very polite I may offer to trasnalte some of the interviews...

Banan #1 1985
Made by "Helena J." from Åkersberga this zine includes a mix of things from interviews with bands to personal views to squatting and articles about exctinct animals. Band interviews includes: Disarm, The Past, RIF, Asta Kask, Cruel Maniax, Ur Funktion, Fear of War, The Bristles, Dr Anti-Skval etc.

Skottkärrans Ande #1 1984
Also from Åkersberga this zine, "The Spirit of the Handcart", was made by Peter Hirseland more famous outside of Sweden, perhaps, for having played in political crust legends Svart Snö. Content: Stockholm punk scene report, Ernst and The Edsholm Rebels (E.A.T.E.R.), Moderat Likvidation, Varukers, Anti-Cimex, Riistetyt, Mob47 etc.

The Triffids #1 1985
This is the only issue that the zine had and one of the editors were Per Granberg the owner of the today famous Swedish "trall-punk" label Birdnest Records. Content:
Bedrövlerz, Crass, The Past, Subhumans, Vibrators, Disorder and more.

Ettnollett #2 1984
"101" was made by Nicke Boström from Luleå whop had previously done a punk zine called "Pack". "Ettnollett" is stilla round today...Content: Disorder, West Germany punk scene report, Conflict, Kramp, Mob 47, Sweden punk scene report, Black Flag, Zluggo Pop, Wretched and lots more.

Trassels # 1 1983
This zine was made by members of Asta Kask and includes articles and views on Vietnam, neo nazis, nuclear weapons and an interview with Sötlimpa.


Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Fresh Hate No. 2 (UK, 1985)

Interviews Riot/Clone, Reality Control and more (inc a long review/report from an Icons of Filth interview). All for only 10 pence! The print is very light and text is very small so I have kept the 100% scans for you guys and gals with small eyes. Print this shit and enjoy. This was made by a gentleman called Chris from Bath...

Fresh Hate No. 2


Black Dove, UK 1986

This is more down my street. From England circa 1986, I guess, this includes interview with Varukers that mentions curious incident at a Discharge show, interview with Taf from Disorder apropo the move to Norway, and interview with Stalag 13 plus some rubbish slagging Broken Bones as sellouts for charging £3.50 in Basingstoke (In comparison, The Cramps in 2006 cost £35!).

The hand writting reminds of something I have seen before and I can't be arsed to check and I would not want to speculate too deeply...use comments to enlighten me please!

It is written that a riot at a CONFLICT gig lead to a bunch of arrests, including the editor of this zine and any profits from teh zine goes to paying the law....

Support PUNKS IS HIPPIES by reading this zine for free and commenting below.

Back Issue No. 3 (UK, 198?)

As you can see I am totally scanning zines like a robot tonite! Well this one is another English early 1980s zine from London, since this came from same colelction as the two previous posts I would assume this is from circa 1980-1983 or there abouts. Anyways, I did not read it too closely to be fair. Anyway, it includes interviews with the Damned, TV personalities, Girls At Our best, Athletico Spizz 80 and the legendary "avant garde douche band" Swell Maps (which is actually pretty cool)...overall this is again not really my choice of content, being somewhat on the new age I mean new wave border of punk. HOWEVER the interview with FLUX OF PINK INDIANS totally carries this zine for me (plus the swell maps interview and some of the columns or reviews or whatever). I speculate whether this was sponsored by a certain recordshop in Notting Hill...

Back Issue No. 3 (UK, 198?)

Ps. yes, i am moving the blog over to wordpress however I have run into some complex considerations to do with classification etc and this means it will take some more painstaking delicate sorting and re-arranging before it can go live, needlesstosay i don't have much time free what with the baby and my own fanzine etc...but don't will be kept in the loop, menawhile feel free to help out on this blog! ds

So What No. 2

This is made by some dude called Andy who lived in Uxbridge, a suburban wasteland just west of London (today it is part of London proper). I actually worked in Uxbridge for almost a year and a half, commuting there everyday and being so desperately bored I started doing my other blog at Only In It For The Music. But that was in 2005. This zine comes from 1982 and it's got interviews with Newtown Neurotics and Stiff Little fingers. Not exactly my cup of musical tea, that's for sure. But my personal taste is obviously irrelevant here. This is all about pleasing you douche bags who don't leave enough comments, contribute und zu wieter. Actually, there's good intelligent writing throughout this zine and as you will see on cover there's also reviews which may be of interest to most people...

So What No. 2 UK 1982

Also, for the people who wonder how long it actually takes to scan a fanzine I say this: please note the time of publishing the previous post and the time of publishing this post. Both posts were published back to back and the time between them includes scanning zine (perhaps 15 minutes max) retouching or resizing scans, moving to folder, archiving (5 minutes), uploading to Mediafire (which took perhaps 5 minutes), and finally writing this text (20 seconds lol).

Now you do it.

Cool Notes No. 3 - UK 1982

This zine is part of a collection of zines bought specifically for this website. It appears to be from Leyton, the East area of London, England, UK, and made in 1982 (I think). On the front (as you may be able to see) it states: "produced by a paranoid schizophrenic with help from a self confessed Ipswich Town supporter (same thing really eh?)", the first part of this sounds like a joke but having just read the zine I am not too sure...not to make fun out of the mentally disabled, not at all, but this is one of the most self-important shits I ever read! It's all in the vein of "At least I am doing a difference" (the change is a reference to the fact that he did this obviously very important zine) while at the same time there's plenty of counter arguments to (wrongly) perceived views. It really reads like a text book example of someone who is not quite there....

...anyway, despite this / because of this, the zine reads as a sociological artifact of living in London in 1982....and it's got a Subhumans interview...

Cool Notes No. 3 (UK, 1982, 26 pages, 2 colours, insanity at large)

...erm, finally, on an admin note, this was an experiment in terms of scanning. I scanned in colour and then changed the image size in photoshop to height 6 cm which on my screen was large enough and the text was still quite readable. Now, I am not sure if this was a mistake or not. If someone could kindly download and read the zine and let me know if I need to make scans larger from now on or whether to keep this template....

Monday, 12 May 2008

noise grind core zines

Some of the emails I get are so funny. Like, why don't you get a URL? Well, have you tried I also get people asking why all the links have expired, well that's a outright lie: sure, 10 zines out of some +200 zines posted here needs to be uploaded, but since noone is asking for it I though I might as well wait until the new website is ready.

Until then, here's a bunch of GRIND & NOISE zines that I found posted at some forum. I am sure the original uploader won't mind. Sorry for the duplication in some of the links below.

LINK 1: Chaotic Noise #3, Destroy The World #5, and Mutilated Carcass #4.


LINK 3: PHALLIC ENDOPURULENCE fanzine issues 1-3 ["Mike Duncan's old fanzine from the early 90's. Scanned from the original master pages.']

LINK 4: Chaotic Noise #3, Nyktofobia #7, Savannatarashi #1, Sister King Kong #3 + stuff from Mutilated Carcass #3 and Scab Mag #3

Thanks, please remember to leave a comment here or in the messageboard. Or else I might as well start posting my own DIY homemade hard core porno fanzines...

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

RIOT (UK) issues 5, 6, 7 & 8

Paul got in touch after finding his way to Punks Is Hippies and asked me if I wanted a stack of zines that he had laying around collecting dust. Now, whereas I obviously welcome all and any help with this blog/website/project I think that ultimately the real thing - the paper version of a zine- is the best format to read zines and I would therefore encourage people to keep hold of their old zines and rather give scanning a go themselves (it is actually not that tricky when it all comes down to it, takes about 10-20 minutes for a zine when you know what to do).


"Anyway I have got the issues of Riot that I have, scanned and RARed and hopefully on Rapidshare so there should be a link in here for you to try, if it works( it does for me) please post it on PIHblog for all the other zine freaks. I will try and start the Problem Childs next, they are pretty big beasts so it may take a while!"

"THE LINK! Just looked through these again, Mr Riot had avery good thing going on here, what a shame it had to stop..."


For me personally, this zine always hold a special place for me, not only was RIOT beautifully handwritten with prestine layout but "Joe Riot" was rather early I think when it came to some of the bands he writes about. An important voice back before the internet - punk historians take note: don't forget the zines! (Me as an historian myself, sort of, intended this site to perhaps become something like a resource to be used too by people writing punk monologues.)

Finally I am just going to say that as Papst Benedict keep saying, that this zine (perhaps) proves the point that PdFs are best for viewing online. Perhaps it's an individual zine thing?

And bytheways, I have begun today to migrate this blog to Wordpress because of its enhanced design capabilities over blogspot. But instead of importing all posts and reposting them there I am manually moving each zine, making subpages and a more structured website so it will be some time before it will be able to go "live". Some additional features at the new site will be a proper index group after country, name, bands interviewed etc. There will also be some space (I hope) for the more additional things that I mentioned in the beginning, such as transcripts of interviews, translations of foreign stuff, enhanced links and generally this I hope will make it a valuable resource for all and sundry. Needlesstosay, you will be informed as and when you need to update bookmarks etc (if you use the URL then you don't need to do anything).

Here's a preview sampler of the next version of Punks Is Hippies:

Thursday, 1 May 2008

BOMBSITE (Liverpool 1977)

hi guys

We used to run a punk fanzine in Liverpool 1977 named Bombsite. I run a blog site with stories surrounding our band Why Control and fanzine experience. There is a PDF download of issue #2 on the site [direct link, click here] for anyone interested in the period...

WHY CONTROL 1977 (blogspot)

Interesting stuff, nice site.