Tuesday, 29 April 2008

After the Bombs # 1

After the Bombs #1. from PDX
interviews with Bambi (Discharge), Fish (Skeptix) and Peter Boyce (Antisect) . it was issued in 2004
get it and read it

Saturday, 26 April 2008

Maximum Rock n Roll Photozine II

Here's the second Maximum Rock n Roll photozine, "Welcome to Cruise Country" in co-operation with Trust zine from Germany.Napalm Death, BGK, Concrete Sox,Extreme Noise Terror,Antisect,Deviated Instinct and many others in 76 pages.

i dont now how many of you out there visit Punksishippies messageboard but if you do then you might have seen the topic about Operanation Phoenix website: There is a zine archive with issues of Maximum Rock n Roll, Flipside, Suburban Voice and 10 Jesus Wants You To Know zines. Unfortunately you have to download each page one by one in pdf format,.Maximum Rock n Roll Photozine I and this one here, are there too but here's a change to get it in 15 mb, its better than downloading each page separately

Maximum Rock n Roll Photozine II

Thursday, 24 April 2008

Va P.E.A.C.E / War (booklet)

I know. You have this already. But now you can also have the booklet / fanzine (thanks to the snickering jolly douchebags that hang out at PE forum). I post this because a) I am lazy and b) read the GiSM mission statement of political beliefs; hilarious!

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

To celebrate Punks Is Hippies 30,000 unique visitor barfday...'s some more zines!!!

What you get today is two issues of the early 90's grind/noise/death/punk zine Global Abuse, and the latest issue of Vermynoze Putrida (Fofao/BESTHOVEN zine).

Here are the links:

Global Abuse #1 + #2

Vermynoze Putrida #31


Sunday, 13 April 2008

Damaging Noise no. 1-8 (Full run)

Do you know how lucky you are that PUNKS IS HIPPIES exists, for you to be able to come here and casually grab lots of free zines?

This is the complete run of DAMAGING NOISE newsletter / fanzine made by the one and only Sean "Seanocide" "Noizepug" Hogan (are you trying to become Snotlewd with your cool names or what? LOL). Intense fascination with music, vastly elaborated tracts on obscurities and commonbodies alike -mirrored perhaps only by the likes of Kugelberg and whatshisface. Ok I am exaggerating but whatever, this damn Seonocide dude is a genius -here he takes the same format of GAME OF THE ARSEHOLE and twists it to a fuzzbox. You will imagine that there is a grey tunnel at the end of the dark light (or some other type of obvious biased nonsense).

Added bonus 3 page article on Japanese noisepunk as well as a 2-pager CHAOS CHANNEL interview.
You need this.

Saturday, 12 April 2008


Via Cosmic Hearse, here's the Black Plague fanzine, "the official voice of the reclusive Les Legions Noire, and you won't see interviews with some of these bands anywhere else. Featured within the pages of this infernal tome is Vlad Tepes, Mutiilation, Belketre, Black Murder and more. Don't worry it's in English, but should probably be read by candlelight."

Remember kids, contributions to this website is so damn cool you might shit yaself thinkin aboutit.

Thursday, 10 April 2008

Drunk Nach Osten zine #1

"Drunk Nach Osten zine #1 is all in English, .pdf file & contains interviews with DISTRESS/KOMATOZ (Russia), FxPxOx/THIS HOME IS PREPARED (Macedonia) and ADIEXODO (Greece); Tour reports of KURWA APARATA and FESTA DESPERATO/RISPOSTA; Prehistory of Czechoslovakian punk (translation of the book "Kytary a rev", to be continued), lyrics, reviews...- put out in autumn 2007.

It also has a downloadable version of the 37 track cdr that came with the print issue. All bands feature in the zine, and are all from Eastern Europe and a fine mix of styles (no pop). 100% D.I.Y. and well worth reading / listening."

Thanks to IrishDave for his magnificent research and obvious unbeatable description which have been quoted in full.

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Maximum Rock n Roll Photozine

Slobo feels unhappy because of all these slow upadates of Punks is Hippies and i promised him an update in a few days. But i not gonna keep my word and i m updating right now a few minutes after my message in PIH Messageboard.
so here's "If Life is a Bowl of Cherries-Maximum Rock N Roll photozine": 76 pages full of black n white pictures:Dickies,Wipers,Crucifix,Vandals(Bliahh!!!these shitheads shouldn't be there),B.G.K.,Die Kreuzen,Black Flag and many many others

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