Thursday, 27 March 2008

Crust War Vol. 5

Crust War Vol 5

Contains a Skitslickers/Shitlickers feature and intervju (with Jonsson) by Kawakami from Disclose (RIP). Anyone care to translate some Japanese? Get in touch.

Thanks to Zach for scanning and uploading.

Saturday, 15 March 2008

Destroy 6.5 (UK, Punk, Crust & Jap)

This is a big file but we all have broadbands and besides if you want Pdf then you can get it yourself. This zine has lots of potential which I think it sadly fails to live up to; still a cool one (and I hope my zine will be like this but much better, lol).

Immigrant zine # 1 & #2

A text taken from their webpage:
"Immigrant zine is an independent non-profitable music fanzine outta planet earth.We released a experimental issue (issue #0) in December 2003. Since then,we have released 2 more (official) issues, one in September 2004 (issue #1) .and the other one in April 2005 (issue #2)".
#1 has interview w Kanal Attack community,Plague of Happiness (Ska punk from Malaysia!), Deal's Gone Bad (ska),The Now Denial and Kykneio Asma(Swan Song). There are may gig and record reviews
#2 has 64 pages,interviews w No Hope for the Kids,Burial, P.O Box and Spacement Records, many gig reviews and tons of record reviews
Most articles are in english and thats a plus to all you out there who don't understand not a single word in greek language, there is an excellent article about the canceling of Vandals show in Athens right after their return from Iraq in winter of 2004 (unfortunately this is in Greek..)
as conclusion:great work by some people ideals with attitude.

there is a last issue, #3 (December 2005) and hopefully i will scan it one of these days..
Immigrant zine # 1
Immigrant zine #2

Friday, 14 March 2008

Not another Messageboard!!!????

Well, you decide. I just set this up as a way to build information, get in touch and all that nonsense. If this works out nicely I'll integrate it with the website that I am supposed to be writing; if it turns sour, then I'll just delete the whole damn thing.


Saturday, 1 March 2008

KAOTIK HERO no. 6 (Japan)

Hey man. I scanned a cool free one-sheet zine I got from Japan
recently. It's all in Japanese, but it's about the Xcentric Noise
record label. Just thought you would be interested in it for the blog.

Here's the link!

Ok, peace!