Friday, 29 February 2008

O.D # 5 & O.D. # 6

Two more issues of the Vancuver Canada, based O.D. zine: Vol # 1 Issue # 5 came out in July 2005 and Issue # 6 one month later.
Issue # 5
Issue # 6
the link of the bunch of greek zines a have uploaded a few months ago is dead. all zines will be up as soon as i can one by one. seems the large size (72 Mb) of all zines in one folder kept some of ya away of it..

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Request Post

Anyone's got any of the 7 or 8 or so issues of RIOT FANZINE? Get in touch. I wanna read that shit again. Health Hazard, Chicago beerfests and sqautties in dreadlocks playing stoner grind crust before it turned into d-beat. First bunch of issues were painstakenly handwritten, the layout was like something straight off the back of some Amebix vinyl. Great stuff.

Irony is that I of course had pretty much the complete run of Riot, tucked up somewhere in my parents house. Last Christmas I asked if my mum had seen my old fanzine collection:

-Yes, she had seen it.
-Well, where is it then?
-I threw it in the recycling box but I kept your school books...


Here's a review from somewhere:

RIOT #7 / 32pgs.Joe always seems to put out a great 'zinefocusing mainly on the musical side ofpunk with interesting interviews and reviews up the ass. This issue's got Health Hazard, Econochrist, Dead Wrong , Crossed Out, Chris Dodge, Hellnation, Drop Dead and Hiatus. Nice, clear photos and a couple columns hold everything together in one hell of a great 'zine. Keep it up! FB (RIOT, JOE RIOT, 21 EBNAL ROAD, SHREWSBURY, SHROPSHIRE SY2 6PW. £1 +A5 SAE PUNK)


another one of the stolen zines! this one is in English and has 72 pages of GRINDCORE / HARDCORE / NOISE!

Sunday, 24 February 2008


in this episode of lifestyles of the rich and shameless you will see how the pope found some old HARDCORE / NOISE zine on the web, transformed it to a pdf file and reposts it here without any shame! this is a nice zine that comes with a Chris Dodge interview among other goodies! more stolen zines will follow!

Thursday, 21 February 2008

Why Must We Die For Your Palate

This 14 page booklet zine about animal rights was given with "Why must we die for your palate"(vivisection part i) 7",an animal rights comp ep released by Dire/Action Records in 1995 (one year later was followed by "Why must we die for your science"(vivisection part ii) 7" (Dire/Action and Spiral Records)

Why must we die for your palate?

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

OD zine vol 1, issues #3 & #4

my first post here, greetings to Punksishippies team mates and many thanks to Slobo for inviting me :)
Here's O.D. zine from Vancuver,Canada, #3 and #4 from spring and summer of 2005
no more to say..its the embarrassment of first post... :(
OD webpage
O.D. zine vol 1,issue #3
O.D. zine vol 1,issue #4

No excuses for lack of updates, and this is a filler for sure...

Dirty Skate Mags of Yester Yore is a San Francisco skatezine exhibition that may or may not be still on if anyone is around the neighborhood and into that kind of shit. Here is a blogpost by someone who went with some cheerful pictures. News stolen from pigpin uk's blog. This actually reminds me that I have seen some websites where you can download full scans of skatezines from the 1980s; the links however I have forgotten (if I find them I'll paste 'em in comments). Do I daresay that some of these zines are of at least peripheral interest for punk historians?

Wednesday, 13 February 2008


PIH contributor Masken is shredding his collection of fanzines on Tradera -Swedish version of eBay, international sellers should check it out for Swedish / cheap stuff as items there don't show in normal eBay.

Click here to see the stuff for sale! and buy the lot of him and then scan it for us!

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

O.D. Zine Vol one Issues One And Two (2005)

o.d. zine vol 1 issue 01

o.d. zine vol 1 issue 02.

From 7InchCrust who hethertho has managed to stay away from getting a full contributor's status - however I am pretty certain that issue 2 above may not uploaded correct but what the hell do I know it's too late and I have been on speed all day.

INSIDE FRONT # 8 (enhanced)

the best zine I´ve ever seen! done by the CRIMETHINC guys & girls that´s why Brian from CATHARSIS does much of the writing! a must have! other issues will follow!
I´ve reupped this one as my divshare download limit is reached once again and as Hr. Burgher wanted me to include the cd that came with it, which I did this time! as you might know the cd has 2 tracks by those stupid fucks called ONE LIFE CREW which I wanted to exclude but as I forgot to do that I´ll tell you that when their guitar player was on tour here in europe with another band (sorry, I forgot their name) and was criticized for their shitty lyrics by a friend of mine he tried that tough guy shit threatening my friend that he would beat him up etc.... my friend however is no coward so he slapped the table, screaming: "ok, you and me! here and now!" and now guess what happened? the little wussy backed out in fear! he was to scared to try my friend in a one on one! that´s how tough these idiots are if the odds are not in their favor 5 to 1! now if you wanna listen to such idiots - DO IT! as you deserve no better!

Sunday, 10 February 2008

Ooer #3

Here’s issue 3 of Ooer, a British fanzine published in 1989. It includes interviews with Ripcord, Carcass, White Flag, Doom, Heibel, Rhetoric, H.D.Q., Insurrection, The Disturbed and Revulsion as well as some short political articles.

Ooer #3

Friday, 8 February 2008

Raising Hell #15

Another addition to the Raising Hell collection posted some weeks ago. This particular issue features some great bands as BGK, Civilized Socety?, Oi Polloi, Electro Hippies, Dan and A.O.A. as well as an Amsterdam scene report plus some the usual letters, reviews and anti-system articles.

Raising Hell #15


as you might know: I hate zines as jpg-files as it´s no fun to read stuff that way! so here is another I converted shit to pdf-files post! it´s the first 5 in one file!

Thursday, 7 February 2008

Bugs And Drugs #3

Not much to say really, if you liked the previous ones you'll enjoy this one as well.

Bugs And Drugs #3


I guess I speak for all of our merry crew if I say this:

fell free to scan zines in every language!

this shall be a zine archive and as you might have noticed there are zines written in german, japanese,... which isn´t readable for most /all of our visitors! but that doesn´t matter in my opinion! we´re trying to give an as broad as possible overview of our culture past and present! non english and or german have a past too! why should they be excluded? if I can´t read it I still might enjoy the artwork or whatever!
I´d especially like to see zines from countries with a muslim population! as there are / were bands from such countries there should be zines too!

b.t.w.: as I found this stack of zines (actually I found 3 times as much but some years in my cellar did some of them not really good) and I planned on trading some of them to Hr. Burhger against records but as I don´t think Slobo should be the only one who spends money on an archive that should be for everyone I decided I´d contribute them to the archive for free if masterblogger Hr. Burgher has a place where the zines can be stored without fucking up! and as he is being a father soon his crib is not exactly what I´d call a wise storage place! any suggestions?


malisha old666 of RÖCKIN NOIZ blog contributed this:
As you suggested, I've used that new scanner of mine and scanned you 3 Arnie zines that I have. I went to my fathers' for the zines as they are all lying there somewhere and from the good ones I've only managed to find these (the rest was in Croatian, so it's not much use for 99% of people who come here (I guess)). I wanted to scan "How We Rock" because it was really excellent zine (even though I had only one issue), but no luck.
Anyway, hope you'll like these.

took care of this in spite of being not Hr. Burgher and like to ad this: fell free to scan zines in every language! this shall be a zine archive and as you might have noticed there are zine written in german, japanese,... which isn´t readable for most of the visitors! but that doesn´t matter as we´re trying to give an as broad as possible overview of our culture! if I can´t read it I still might enjoy the artwork or whatever!


to be honest: I don´t know what this is all about as it´s all in japanese. it has a hiatus interview, some artwork and some what the fuck do I know?

Sunday, 3 February 2008

Garbled Times #1

Here is a link to the first issue of Garbled Times, a British ‘zine from 1990 which includes interviews with Disarm (UK), Filthkick, No Security, Goober Patrol, Corporate Grave, Decadence Within, Virus Insurrection and Earache Records. For some reason, it reviews all the Earache releases until then besides the Filthy Christians LP, which happens to be not only one of my favorites on the label but also a band from the town I live in now, so that’s minus points for them. But besides that, it’s an OK zine. Ah, as suggested here, I’m using 4Share instead of Rapidshare, let’s see how that works.

Garbled Times #1

Saturday, 2 February 2008

Agitate 5 & 6

Agitate # 5: Click 'Ere

Agitate # 6: Click here.

coming up:
Profane Existence # 40,42 & 44

/ 7 Inch Crust

Agitate 4

Here we go for #4: Bombs Away! / 7InchCrust