Monday, 6 October 2008

Tristess 1 & 2 (Sweden , 1979, 1980)

Another fanzine from Mikael Sorling's Turist i Tillvaron blog. As usual the following is my translation and reworking of his original Swedish post:

"Rumour has it Peter Kagerland is writing a book about punk. In 1979 he published the first faninze in Linköping, Sweden, called Tristess. The first issue had among others IQ 55, Stoodes, Blitzen and Ras. Peter's reviews looked at Bitch Boys, PF Commando and Massmedia. Liket Levers classic 7" "Levande begravd" is described as "quite good" while Angelic Upstarts 7" "I'm an upstart" is "one of the best singles I ever heard". To read the many concert reports / reviews is probably the best. Issue two came out the following year and had even sharper contents: Spy, Åke och Bakgrundsfigurerna, Nasty Boys, Ramblers, Mackt and Zpamhead."


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Osmar said...

great album!