Monday, 13 October 2008

"Fanzine frossa" at Turist i Tillvaron

As we've been saying many times before there's tons of Swedish fanzines at the Turist i Tillvaron blog. Two new ones were posted this weekend, the following is translation of those posts. As usual I'd be happy to translate from Swedish if any one is particularly interested in reading in English interviews of any of the bands interviewed (use comments, ask nicely and maybe I'll help out, hah).

Napalm #1, Linköping, Sweden, circa 1982-1983

Described in the leader on page two this is "A fanzine made by punks for punks. The fanzine is political (that is, syndico-anarcho) but does not want to be aligned to any parties." However in the first issue of Napalm is predominantly concerned with vivisection and NSMPD (Swedish/Nordic anti-vivisection group)[...]. There's interviews with Kurt i Kuvös and Destroy. Reviews are glorifying Black Flag, TSOL, Disorder and Discharge. Readers are encouraged "avoid buying records if you have the opportunity to tape them instead".

Download zine here. First posted here.

Anti-System #1, Hudviksvall, Sweden, 1985.

First number of this Swedish fanzine from 1985 made by Andreas Lönnqvist, Lanchy Orre och Poffen Frimodig (recognize these names?). Avskum is interviewed and answers are kept short, local band Artificial Suicide is questioned, Italian legends Wretched talks about how much they like Swedish punk, Svart Parad is talking about their visions (!) and BGK thinks GBH and Exploited are rockstars. Also contains soem comics and reviews.

Download here. First published here.

Visit Turist i Tillvaron now! Here's a somewhat useful English-automated translation of the blog...

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