Monday, 6 October 2008

Born 20 Years To Late # 5 (Canada, 2005)

Nerdy Anime Punx Unite! blog has this freshly scanned oldie but goldie fanzine. The title makes me think of a Swedish band who had a song about wishing to be born 20 years earlier, to have been able to go to Black Flag concerts etc. Anyway, Tom writes that Born 20 years too late is now a full size zine, and #8 came with a cool DIY compilation CD. This has interviews with Onslaught (UK), Alternate System, Hotbild, Cthuwulf, Effigy and The Partisans. Urgh.

Download link.

Click on the miniviewer to go offsite, once there click on fullscreen option for best viewing.


Tom M. said...

i contacted Jo, the writer, and sadly the zine is now finished... will be missed.

Sean said...

I totally forgot I did that interview!

Anonymous said...

can u post the link back??
its dead already..
cannot download

Slobodan Burgher said...

you can download zine from issue, click the preview