Monday, 15 September 2008

Regression issue 11 (Australia, 2000s)

Here is another contribution by Kjelli who runs the Norwegian Punk & Hard Core Blog (with the great URL "NoPunkHC", just noticed - it's brilliant! anyway...). He writes:

"...I got this zine awhile back with a collection of Australian punk & oi bands. The zine was released with a double-CD that was sold-out already when I ordered it so instead of the real thing I got a CD-R with a Pdf-file plus the tracks as Mp3."

D.I.Y. in action! Anyway, the zine's got plenty of local and international bands, including local heroes Nailed Down (well, they're on the Cd so they get a page with lyrics and a photo, which is good enough for me).

Click here for download of pdf.

Or here for Issuu version (or click sample below).

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