Monday, 15 September 2008

Raped Ass # 1, Sweden 1983

Here is another zine from Mikael Sorling's Turist i Tillvaron blog. The following is my translation of his original Swedish-language blogpost.

25 years ago "Ägget" and Tomas Jonsson released an almost briliant compilation cassette called Raped Ass, perhaps one of the best 10 Swedish compilations ever. The list of bands included is impressive: Nyx Negativ, Avskum, Destruktiva Liv, Kurt i Kuvös, Rolf & Revoltörerna, Sötlimpa, Missbrukarna, Asta Kask, Strawdogs, Sune Studs & Grönlandsrockarna, Moderat Likvidation, Svea Rikes Hjältar, Forbudt Ungdom and Sabotage 81. All in all 39 punk-hits.

As if this achievement was not enough the compliers of the cassette also cut and paste together a fanzine that came with the cassette. In the fanzine Ägget and Jonsson wrote about The Fits, Dirt and Moderat Likvidation among others. And in the review section Crass is celebrated, Abrasive Wheels and Misfts as well, but Misfits were in for some criticism for their "satanistic lyrics". But most interesting is when Jonsson himself writes about his band Anti-Cimex.

Download the complete zine in JPGS.
Read it online via Issuu.

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Slobodan Burgher said...

Page 3 and 4 in English:

Anti Cimex

Everything started with a band called BOHMAN BRINNER and this band consisted of Jonsson bass, Mangan drums, Jocke guitar, Nillen vocals. This band rehearsed pretty much but never got a gig. Everything got messed up and we simply had to kick out our drummer Mangan who was the reason why we had to miss countless damn rehearsals. The same weekend a friend from Skövde was visiting this friend was called Charlie and that would be our new drummer. We also got at the same time a new rehearsal space at Charlie’s’ home. We began to make new songs and after a while we had about ten songs that we ourselves thought were good. Now we began to think about making a record and we soon had the time in a studio 66 in Skövde. There we recorded the songs – Svaveldioxid, Heroindöd, Anticimex, Drömmusik, since we had never been to a studio before the result was pretty bad but primarily now we had made a record. We pressed the record in 500 ex and it is now sold-out, we sold it in Sweden, Finland, Brazil and few ex went to England. We are also asked to press up more ex of the record but it will probably not happen because we have changed the line-up after the record and because of that it does not feel as fun. On the other hand we have recorded another EP that is much better and rawer than the first and that record will be named Raped Ass and is sung even in English because of the reason that we will sell the record in Italy, Brazil, Finland, Holland etc. and if we had had all the songs in Swedish then we could not been able to share our message that does not only matter for Sweden but for all countries.

[note the text on the side: “Punks Is Dead If Punk Is Dead”]

Anti-Cimex has done:
Anarkist attack EP
En product från dagens skitsamhälle Cassette
A coming compilation LP
Kloak Skrål 1

5-track EP by the name of Raped Ass released on (A) records

Jonsson vocals
Jocke guitar
Charlie drums
Conrad bass

[Newspaper cuttings, top to bottom:]

Protest Protest Protest
Protest if you want to

We demand justice

LostWorld said...

hi can u reupload, plz !!
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Slobodan Burgher said...

Lost World,

You can download PDF by following the Issuu link and clicking "Download". This was not possible before but I have just edited that so you can.

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