Monday, 15 September 2008

Radiation Sickness Issue #1

Here are two zines scanned and uploaded by Tom from Nerdy Anime Punx Unite! blog. The first one has After the Bombs and Deathcharge (one of the best D-beat bands ever, I like 'em that much I even interviewed them myself for Distort Hackney issue 1 -which should get to PunksIsHippies sooner or later). The second one has everone's favorite band Lebenden Toten and Forca Macbra and tons more. No further comments needed, you know this is a great zine already!

Direct download links (pdfs)
Radiation Sickness Issue #1
Radiation Sickness Issue #2

Issuu links (in addition to samples below which you can click to go to zine):
Radiation Sickness Issue #1
Radiation Sickness Issue #2

Another Radiation Sickness issue is coming in a second...


maplestory said...
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rayss said...

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