Monday, 15 September 2008

More Radiation Sickness!

But the Croatian zine, not the American posted below! Hah, sorry but I could not help myself. Anyway, the following zines were posted on the cool Audio Heaven blog. For the first two zines (but applies to the thrid as well, more or less), Alexcro writes:

"Unfortunately,for all non-ex-Yu visitors,this zine is completely in Croatian,and what is even worse,some interviews are done in the local slang,so even if you know some Croatian,there is no chance to understand what is written."

Fucking great what?!

Master Zine / Radiation Sickness (link to original post)

And here is another Croatian fanzine, from 1994, again this is in Croatian and includes what I have decided to call "local scene" coverage (note: this is repectfully meant, ok) plus an interview with Agathocles.

Inner Sanctum, 1994, Croatia (link to original post)

Luckily for those who are neither in command of their Croatian nor Croatian slang, Audio Heaven has also posted some more accessible English language fanzines; namely, an American one called Brain Damage that heralds from classic metal years 1984-85. I mean just look at the covers and check out these bands! CELTIC FROST! VOIVOID! Omg, we'll soon have people like that Swiss guy commenting about the resurgence of NWOBM...arhghg, metalheads are hippies, too! ;)

Brain Damage, Issue One, USA, 1984
Brain Damage, Issue Two, USA, 1985

Again, this is a repost from Audio Heaven blog, many thanks!


Slobodan Burgher said...

Note: I'd love to Issuu the two Brain Damage zines but I can't open .rar files on this computer...but give me a few days...or alternatively leave a comment if you NEED them posted at Issuu...


Tom M. said...

mindfart has to be one of the best band names ive heard in a while. looking forward to it

maplestory said...
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