Friday, 26 September 2008

Crust War 4 & 5 (Japan, 2006, Issuu Repost)

Another Issuu repost for y'all. This is Crust War fanzine from the guy from Gloom and with help from other celebrities such as Kawakami from Disclose et al. In Japanese but with great pictures. Note that the Crust War 5 Skitslickers/Shitlickers feature and interview (with Jonsson), by Kawakami, is partly a Japanese translation of a Swedish-language retrospective interview from Sika Apara.

Download full scans via the original PIH post, here for issue 4 and here for issue 5.

Click on preview below to go read online (note: fullscreen option really works beautifully!).

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Narcisse said...

Hi, did you try instead of issu ? They have a lot more functions than issu like video and audio within the publication, background change, unlimited and free access, various language selection, and so on... Tell me what do you think about too ! Thank you.