Wednesday, 9 July 2008


The ashen zine is a raw punk publication dedicated to the punk culture (music, aesthetics, expressions and philosophy) and to the philosophical thinking, being fully written in english for access of everyone in punk community.
Here, you will can find interviews with raw punk, d-beat and crust bands, reviews of the interviewed bands´s records, old and dead band reviews, several aphorisms, texts and the chaos and despair to which all we are condemned.
The interviewed bands are bands that I listen and like, and in this first number, you´ll can enjoy interviews with Warvictims (raw d-beat maniacs from Sweden), Audio Kollaps (grind/death/d-beat brutality from Germany) and Demarche (raw punk as fuck from Czech Republic), plus a review about Shitlickers (raw punk legend from Sweden).
I did try to develop a zine with the better quality possible for a free publication, considering my current resources. My understanding of the english language is limited, so, surely, there´s will some errors in this matter.
Well, people interested in printed copies of this zine can get in touch by e-mail, sending your address or download it via blog in electronic format (pdf). Feel free!!!
Please, before of you request printed copies, download the zine via blog. If you enjoy of what you readed so I can send to you printed copies. Thanks and cheers!!

DAN - Ashen zine



dunjchi said...

hello fellas!

awesome blog
I have one fanzine for you:

keep up the good work, cheers! :)

Papst Benedikt XVI said...

thanks a lot!

dunjchi said...

no problem at all. as soon as I find more of fanzines, I'll scan them to you and post here in comments :) keeping this fabulous blog alive ;)