Tuesday, 6 May 2008

RIOT (UK) issues 5, 6, 7 & 8

Paul got in touch after finding his way to Punks Is Hippies and asked me if I wanted a stack of zines that he had laying around collecting dust. Now, whereas I obviously welcome all and any help with this blog/website/project I think that ultimately the real thing - the paper version of a zine- is the best format to read zines and I would therefore encourage people to keep hold of their old zines and rather give scanning a go themselves (it is actually not that tricky when it all comes down to it, takes about 10-20 minutes for a zine when you know what to do).


"Anyway I have got the issues of Riot that I have, scanned and RARed and hopefully on Rapidshare so there should be a link in here for you to try, if it works( it does for me) please post it on PIHblog for all the other zine freaks. I will try and start the Problem Childs next, they are pretty big beasts so it may take a while!"

"THE LINK! Just looked through these again, Mr Riot had avery good thing going on here, what a shame it had to stop..."


For me personally, this zine always hold a special place for me, not only was RIOT beautifully handwritten with prestine layout but "Joe Riot" was rather early I think when it came to some of the bands he writes about. An important voice back before the internet - punk historians take note: don't forget the zines! (Me as an historian myself, sort of, intended this site to perhaps become something like a resource to be used too by people writing punk monologues.)

Finally I am just going to say that as Papst Benedict keep saying, that this zine (perhaps) proves the point that PdFs are best for viewing online. Perhaps it's an individual zine thing?

And bytheways, I have begun today to migrate this blog to Wordpress because of its enhanced design capabilities over blogspot. But instead of importing all posts and reposting them there I am manually moving each zine, making subpages and a more structured website so it will be some time before it will be able to go "live". Some additional features at the new site will be a proper index group after country, name, bands interviewed etc. There will also be some space (I hope) for the more additional things that I mentioned in the beginning, such as transcripts of interviews, translations of foreign stuff, enhanced links and generally this I hope will make it a valuable resource for all and sundry. Needlesstosay, you will be informed as and when you need to update bookmarks etc (if you use the URL then you don't need to do anything).

Here's a preview sampler of the next version of Punks Is Hippies:


Zach said...

Awesome! I have issue 8 of Riot and it is so great that I always wanted to check out more.

Also, I think PDF's are fine, but is there some way to make them in better quality/resolution? There were a few parts in the handwritten issues of Riot that couldn't read because of the stark scanning combined with the semi-low quality.

Slobodan Burgher said...

I just check it again and the only place where the text is unreadable is about half of the ENT interview - apart from that I think it's all rather good quality. The zines were all in A4 which mens you can zoom them quite a lot.

Sorry, I don't have the originals so I can't re-scan the ENT interview, I could ask Paul for it...

I too kept perpetually checking back on my old Riot copies...well nice...

zeroid said...

Hello, I'm the geezer wot dun this, will do a better job when oi get a chance:)
Seriously, what are the best settings for doing decent scans, I'm still pretty much just working my scanner/software out (Canon lide 30 and Canoscan Toolbox s/ware). I'm thinking I can do Grayscale/400-600dpi then tinker around in Photoshop with sharpness/ contrast etc.Any advice welcome!
Slobo, I'm happy to redo these when I get the chance, will put the Problem Childs on back burner for now - I've read these zines so many times I pretty much know word for word what's written, forgot others might not make stuff out so easy!
As for now - beer in the garden in the sun.....

Slobodan Burgher said...

Well embarrasingly I should be able to give some definite specifications for scanning but frankly haven't got a clue...I basically just scan in black and white and then decrease size of pages from 100% to 50% or so (usually more than enough, pdfs will compress this even further)...

Anyway, how about if you simply scan the Extreme Noise Terror interview pages again? The rest is perfect methinks and no need to scan again.

Also, as I am re-populating the new websites with everything that has been psoted here I noticed that there's already a bunch of Problem Child zines - more precisely, issues 1, 2, 3 & 4 - so obviously don't bother scanning these again!

Beer in garden sounds well nice, I am stuck in office with coffee but will probably sneak out for a quick drink at lunch, here in Camden Town it's summerland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Papst Benedikt XVI said...

huh, I had 1 issue once but lend it to the wrong guy! now I got 4...gonna read them while going home from Frankfurt today!

Jurko Kataklizma said...

cool blog... can you do me a favor? Can you check in your 'zine archive if you have some fanzine with bands from exYugoslavia? Also if you have some zines from ex YU? If you have some could you please upload? Thanx :)

Slobodan Burgher said...

Hi there, no sorry we don't have any ex-Yugo zines at PIH, yet.

If you have any please don't hestitate to upload them!