Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Black Dove, UK 1986

This is more down my street. From England circa 1986, I guess, this includes interview with Varukers that mentions curious incident at a Discharge show, interview with Taf from Disorder apropo the move to Norway, and interview with Stalag 13 plus some rubbish slagging Broken Bones as sellouts for charging £3.50 in Basingstoke (In comparison, The Cramps in 2006 cost £35!).

The hand writting reminds of something I have seen before and I can't be arsed to check and I would not want to speculate too deeply...use comments to enlighten me please!

It is written that a riot at a CONFLICT gig lead to a bunch of arrests, including the editor of this zine and any profits from teh zine goes to paying the law....

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