Friday, 7 March 2008

O.D. #7,8,9,10,11,12

Some more issues of the Vancouver based O.D. zine
O.D. zine Vol # 1 Issue # 07
O.D. zine Vol # 1 Issue # 08
O.D. zine Vol # 1 Issue # 09
O.D. zine Vol # 1 Issue # 10
O.D. zine Vol # 1 Issue # 11
O.D. zine Vol # 1 Issue # 12


basement records said...

hello there.. i'm shammir from Malaysia ..

here my email :

you do the crust demo blog things right ? ? its awesome..

i would like to make bootleg tape (DIY dubbing) for the demo ironic - bit there still people that don't have internet and computer here in malaysia - or maybe don't listen to mp3 oc they don't have MP3 device,etc .. i need your help and permission, it really appreciated it ..

yes, its bootleg !! but i want it to come out as a great bootleg tape, like cover will digitally photostat .. or PC pinter

tape label with sticker ..
i can't make it 10 years ago .


John Spithead said...

Hi there, I'm enjoying the blog immensely. How can I send you a scanned copy of a fanzine for the site?

Slobodan Burgher said...

Hey there, thanks for your comment at PunksisHippies. To send a scanned zine all you need is to make a folder with scans (jpeg or pdf) and then create archive of folder (i,e, rar or zip) then upload the archived folder at a fasthost such as or (etc), this as I am sure you know already will give you a link which you can pass on to people for them to download. You may email me (Tony) at slobodanburgher(a) or just drop the link in comments with some description of what it is at That's it. Easy as drinking cider!

7inchcrust said...

hi Shammir
the Anarcrust demo was recored in late 80's, the band exists no more and as you probably red in Crust-demos blog, this band is a mystery:none has any info about them so there is no change to connect with them, i have nothing to do with permission and such thing,so go your own way and make this boot which is not a way to get rich, everybody knows that.. :)
i can understand what you say about people with no internet and i believe it would be cool to make a boot tape but i can't help you:i dont have the original cover artowrk and never seen it around (in that case you could make a artwork your self)...

Tony i m going to reup some greek zines starting with two issues of Immigrant zine and a third one is on the way to scan :)