Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Request Post

Anyone's got any of the 7 or 8 or so issues of RIOT FANZINE? Get in touch. I wanna read that shit again. Health Hazard, Chicago beerfests and sqautties in dreadlocks playing stoner grind crust before it turned into d-beat. First bunch of issues were painstakenly handwritten, the layout was like something straight off the back of some Amebix vinyl. Great stuff.

Irony is that I of course had pretty much the complete run of Riot, tucked up somewhere in my parents house. Last Christmas I asked if my mum had seen my old fanzine collection:

-Yes, she had seen it.
-Well, where is it then?
-I threw it in the recycling box but I kept your school books...


Here's a review from somewhere:

RIOT #7 / 32pgs.Joe always seems to put out a great 'zinefocusing mainly on the musical side ofpunk with interesting interviews and reviews up the ass. This issue's got Health Hazard, Econochrist, Dead Wrong , Crossed Out, Chris Dodge, Hellnation, Drop Dead and Hiatus. Nice, clear photos and a couple columns hold everything together in one hell of a great 'zine. Keep it up! FB (RIOT, JOE RIOT, 21 EBNAL ROAD, SHREWSBURY, SHROPSHIRE SY2 6PW. £1 +A5 SAE PUNK)


zeroid said...

Hello Slobo, nice work you and the other guys are doing here... I have Riot zine 5-8 that i can let you have, I was just looking through a load of old zines the other day, Joe Riot had pretty good taste APART from not liking the first Abc Diabolo lp so much...have no scanner else I'd try upping them. Anyway reply through these comments or to here smithp1234AThotmailDOTcoDOTuk

Sean said...

I had two issues "back in the day " (uh oh! Dave Phillips will think I'm BRAGGING!!!), one had a Crossed Out interview. He's the guy I got into saying "horror prices" from.

Magriça said...

why this name?
i'm punk and hate hippies............ is totally different
the name is ironic?

Slobodan Burgher said...

It's from a Japanese band called G.i.S.M. who had a song called "Punks Is Hippies". The name is used not only in homage to the band but also because of teh fact that it is grammatically incorrect (punks is plural, so should be "punks are hippies").

No big deal.